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I would like to hear from you guys...what is the best way to fight off wrinkles and keep my skin nice and healthy.


Currently, I am outside anywhere from 30mins to 2 hours exercising or laying out...I usually put on a hat/cover my head once I feel my face getting hot. I am not sure how much damage the sun is really doing, or how much sun my face needs. I used to fake bake because it helped to dry out my acne. I haven't used any soap or moisturizer on my face for close to a year now and I don't use sunscreen.


I've always been paranoid of my face aging and I remember using anti-wrinkle creams in highschool for prevention lol. I even try to sleep on my back so I don't smoosh my face into weird positions. I'm 22 now and I don't want to get any older! haha


Any natural tips would be awesome, and I would like to hear from people that have truly benefited from their methods. Is staying hydrated enough or should I moisturize?

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Hello ;]


Here are my tips for keeping healthy, young skin....  I have seen an incredible difference in the texture and vitality of my own skin by following these methods. I hope you find them helpful!


1. A low fat [raw] vegan diet. The best thing I believe you can do for your skin, hence why its first.

You want to keep your organs functioning as efficiently as possible. Eating too much fat and devitalized processed food, slows all body functions down, including your bodies ability to make new skin cells. Eating low fat, [preferably raw] vegan diet has the opposite effect, while supplying the body with plenty of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. The minimal effort it takes for your body to digest these foods frees up energy for your body to use towards regenerating instead. I like to eat foods with lots of vitamin C in them as it encourages collagen production. Pineapples, citrus, and berries all are good sources. Fruits/veggies with vitamin A and E are particularly great for the skin as well. 


2. Vigorous exercise.

To the point of dripping sweat every day, it comes with no other subsitute. This type of exercise forces nutrient and oxygen rich blood to reach the trillions of cells that make your body up. This causes an increase in cells vitality and overall ability to function. Eating a perfect diet is not enough if you don't get your blood flowing. I've seen 70 year olds that look in their 40's just because they take care of their body through vigorous exercise regularly!


3. Atleast 8 hours of sleep every night.

The body does the most skin regenerating between the hours of 10pm and 5am, So it's ideal to go to sleep before 10 if you can....


4. Stay hydrated. 

Eating enough water rich fruit is number one in this, however I do drink distilled water, the type naturally found in fruits and vegetables and considered the purest type of water. It is superior to spring or purified water because it does not contain the inorganic minerals that are actually unusable by the body, acting like heavy boulders causing a build up over time. This actually helps create hardened arteries and calcium deposits. Distilled water reveres the effects these inorganic minerals have in the body and helps flush them out, as well as any excess toxins floating around in the bloodstream. You can find distilled in your local grocery store.


5. The sun.

The sun helps draw out toxins from your body/skin whilst bringing light molecules into your body. Its amazing to think that all life on earth exists because of the sun. When outside the sun causes the brain to release endorphins while its light rays touch the skin. Spend a day in the sun and by the end of it look in the mirror to see the glow on your face. The less fat and toxins you have in your body/bloodstream, the longer you can stay in the sun without the negative effects. Keep in mind the sun is not the culprit of an aging face, the fat and toxins in the diet are, the sun just exacerbates an already existing problem. However it is wrongfully blamed as the cause of the problem!


6. Moisturization.

Now this alone coupled with a poor diet is not keep your skin looking young, but it can be a useful supplement to an already  healthy lifestyle. I personally like to use organic unrefined extra virgin coconut oil on my skin every night.. It's the only reason I buy oil at all anymore. Coconut oil gives the skin a nice glow and helps keeps it smooth and supple. I don't recommend putting anything on your skin which you can't eat, including all anti aging products. I actually believe these products really age you faster to assure you come back to buy more down the road. It's the sneaky tactics of drug companies!


7. Find your passion and live your purpose.

This should probably be number one aswell, but decided to put it last because it seems to automatically happen when you start taking care of your body. This will undoubtably keep you young in the body and mind.. do what you want to do and have fun in the process. Let go of any fear or doubt and start living in the now. You will be glad you did!








Thanks for the great reply Alexa =] I have all of this down except the coconut oil part. I used to have a jar, but I left it behind when I moved. How much do you put on your skin at night?

Ha I definitely stopped eating kale and broccoli when I found out I didn't have to, so its not any of those.

daily massaging your stomach with fruits helps.

for me i think this diet(mainly banana) has helped me drop a few years i am 27 yrs and ppl comment i look in my early 20s. i still eat some cooked but majority is this so i am getting results which will need to persist with.

re- if i stay in the sun though i do get a tan, so i stay in shaded areas mostly. i think 20mins sun is about right and if i get sunlight have it towards the sunset/sunrise periods ideally.

stress can be a factor so i encourage meditation i do meditation(not yoga) just stillness variety.

Since moving to Florida I get a lot of direct sun towards the middle of the day...I think I need to invest in some more hats ha and I do enjoy meditation.

yep u can also use black umbrella that is the best

I spent a good deal of years learning how to make my own herbal products for dry skin, eczema and chapped lips.  Now I have all these supplies, and everyone I know makes requests for my 'stuff' and I don't use any of it anymore, except for first aid boo boos on my kids.

I would say that HCRV, happiness, sweating/vigorousness and hydration are the keys to soft skin.  But as a 46-er I'm ok that there are some laugh lines on my face.  Better than smokers lips for sure!

Mary, I myself have read a few books on natural beauty methods and homemade recipes in the past, but I never got into making much of it. Its good to hear you have great skin just from the diet and don't need them anymore.

I use organic virgin coconut oil on my skin and have for a long time even prior to being raw. I'm 46 and my picture is from 2011 I think.  I think the other thing is just to eat right, exercise, and avoid stress. Also good dental hygiene is important.

Hi Gabrielle,

How is your skin looking these days? I recently got on the high carb low fat thing. I've been vegan for 3 years, but really want to kick the acne to the curb for good!

Its still not perfect, but it is probably 80% better than when I was just vegan. Since the New Year, my acne is almost gone and some days I don't need any cover up. I notice it gets bad if I cheat at all though, so I'm trying my best to stick with it. I don't know if it is related, but I also haven't used nail polish on my finger nails since the New Year...At first I was just being lazy, but then it just started to seem weird and unnatural. I wonder if touching my face with nail polish had anything to do with it...who knows. 



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