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I would like to hear from you guys...what is the best way to fight off wrinkles and keep my skin nice and healthy.


Currently, I am outside anywhere from 30mins to 2 hours exercising or laying out...I usually put on a hat/cover my head once I feel my face getting hot. I am not sure how much damage the sun is really doing, or how much sun my face needs. I used to fake bake because it helped to dry out my acne. I haven't used any soap or moisturizer on my face for close to a year now and I don't use sunscreen.


I've always been paranoid of my face aging and I remember using anti-wrinkle creams in highschool for prevention lol. I even try to sleep on my back so I don't smoosh my face into weird positions. I'm 22 now and I don't want to get any older! haha


Any natural tips would be awesome, and I would like to hear from people that have truly benefited from their methods. Is staying hydrated enough or should I moisturize?

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Hello Gabrielle, I had as a teenager really really bad acne, then I switched to the vegan diet and everything disappeared, and now on 811 , well my face is so smooth. I dont use anything for my face, eating clean fruits and vegetables, a lot of water and I take often a bath in sea salt. This really works for me. But eating clean and drinking a lot of water is key and for the win. On your pictures you have a really good skind and you look vibrant and healthy, too.

Beste wishes Stefano

I wish I could say the same for when I went vegan. My acne got so much worse, and I still can't place what triggers the breakouts. I used to blame the soy, but since 80/10/10 its still bad. I cut out the avocados a couple of weeks ago and that seemed to help but not completely. I even stopped wearing makeup for the most part since June to see if that would work. I know it will go away eventually with the diet though, so I'm not stressing over it.

Yes, I think if you are keeping it clean for a while it will go away and then it does not come back so easily because you are free from the old stuff. You have the right attitude and dont forget that you are beautiful.


Dry skin brushing helps to stimulate the lymph system. Works wonders for smooth skin, not sure if it helps for wrinkles on face though since you aren't supposed brush your face.

I agree with Connor, dry skin brushing works wonders since you are taking off all the dead skin your body produces (I believe the skin renews itself every 24 hours or so on the top layer; don't quote me though!)


I drink the coconut water thats been flash pasturized once in a while, but you probably mean fresh. Why do you suggest this?

Ha I wonder if that really works. I forgot to mention I do some face exercises, but I don't really know if those help or not either.

Continue getting 20-30 minutes of direct sunlight on the skin a day.

Drink 2-4 quarts of water a day.

Get enough calories, at least 2500 a day.  Less than that brings risk of malnutrition and skin issues.  

Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day?

Eat at least one mono meal of oranges a day.  High in vitamin C which is great for collagen and skin repair and building.  

Eat 1/2 -2 pounds of lettuce greens a day.  

Benefits of Lettuce Greens

Do not confuse lettuce greens with cruciferous veggies like kale and spinach which are high in oxalates and bad for skin.

Oxalate Health Impact

Eat simple meals for good digestion, but a rainbow of fruits over the course of time.  

Peace, PK

Edit here...

Other high oxalate foods that are bad for skin and promote acne are basically almost everything else including animal products, dairy, grains, most cooked foods, legumes and beans, tubers and potatoes, and most nuts and seeds.  

Most people here can eat very small amounts of nuts and seeds with no problem though.  

Thankyou PK!

So more oranges and greens =]

And, you wouldn't suggest putting anything directly on the skin?


I personally do not recommend anything on the skin besides water and or the occasional use of baking soda if needed for teeth and or hair conditioning.  Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and naturally occurs in most water sources.  Adding a little extra can help condition hair if one likes it light and bouncy.  

The reason is that the skin is like a second lung and or third kidney.  The skin needs to breathe and detox and sweat as needed. When oils are added to the skin, then toxins and sweat cannot be released through the pores.  If products with chemicals are used, then these might be absorbed by the skin.  

Depending on the condition and health of some individuals, there might be a feeling of dry skin and or lips the first few days when products are discontinued, but then the body heals and learns to self regulate.  

I think most of the basics have been covered in this discussion such as early nights, lots of water, enough calories, and oranges and lettuce greens to the rescue!

Peace, PK

agreed i wash  entire body with baking soda in my shower incl. hair as well.



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