30 Bananas a Day!

Hi, I did a lot of research, read the 811 book and "the china study", but am new to this diet yet.

The drama

I 've been trying to follow 100% 811 diet but the one thing I can't seem to figure out is how to have enough ripe bananas every day. A the market, bananas never ripe, so I have to go there almost every day to buy bananas at different state of ripeness. I found that's not sustainable - if I fail one day in buying it, I'll run out of bannas some days in the future.


I also heard some youtuber saying he buys by the case. I did that and ended up with a bunch of bananas ripening at the same time. So, no bananas for three or four days, more than I can eat for two days. I started wondering, if I could buy by the case and make the bananas ripe at different times - some earlier, some later - I could have bananas all week.


What do you do to make sure you have ripe bananas every day?

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I'd definitely recommend looking into buying bananas by the case. I like to buy two cases of bananas once a week and I try to make sure the cases aren't at the same stage of ripeness so that they don't all go ripe at once. 

However I usually end up with 2 cases of bananas a week that are at the same stage of ripeness. So what I do is leave one of the cases of bananas in the case for ~ a day which makes them ripe faster. That way those will be ripe sooner than the other case, but this doesn't always work out. I'll freeze a bunch of bananas if I have too many ripe ones, and I'll toss some half frozen bananas into my banana drinks whenever I'm running low on regular ripe bananas.

You can put bananas in paper bags to try and diversify the amount of ripe bananas in your kitchen. Some people toss some of their ripe bananas in the fridge to prolonge their life for a day or two, but I don't recommend this, the bananas are not appealing to me after being in the fridge. :-X

Always having ripe bananas available without having too many is truly a difficult thing to master! I'm still evolving my banana managing techniques. My advice though is definitely buy bananas by the case. It makes it a LOT easier for me to stick to 811rv when I have a ton of bananas around instead of never enough and always having to buy more.

Josh Fossgreen @ rawfoodfreedom has a lot of banana information on his youtube channel. You can check out a video about banana ripening here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT0FGB6jNys

I agree, it's wierd to have bananas in the fridge. What I've heard is people slice and freeze the ripe ones.

Thanks for the tips!

i freeze some ripe ones (30-40)while another box is ripening   never without banana here  

How long do you keep the ripe ones frozen? How long would them last?

maybe one or two days so 60 banana can last three days frozen in my house

i learned here at 30bad that we can freeze them whole then with warm water defrost  they come out white and sweet

so i have 4-5 days fresh 2 or 3 frozen

i have not mastered the skill of slow or fast ripening

frozen tastes good to me

Well, I think there is mainly two ways to extend the period within one can eat the same banana case:

  • Making some bananas ripe faster
  • Making the ripe ones last longer

Better to have too much than not enough. Bananas are cheap, try to learn to not freak out if you end up throwing out 5-10 per case, its only a few bucks.

Try to master the art of telling when they are TRULY ripe. I find a case never really ripens all at once, and ripe ones can usually last 1-3 days depending on how they are stored. 

I've actually been using a space heater to help them ripen faster, I stuff a few of those re-usable shopping bags with bananas, wrap them in my comforter with an opening for the space heater and leave it for awhile then cover the whole thing. Be careful not to put the heater too close to the nana's.

I think its more psychological, honestly. I had the same thing goin' on when I first started, "Hurry up and ripen... no wait slow down I can't eat you all at once!" but as I mellowed out, I realized that I still had a day or two until the ripe ones went bad, and also they go a lot faster than you might think. Seriously, one moment you got a whole box of ripe bananas, then by the end of the day 1/3 of its gone, the next day you only have 1/3 of what you had originally, and after 3 days that stash that you thought would last a week is basically gone. 

Definitely buy a case at a time, they're almost never all at the same exact stage and will never really ALL be ripe at the same time. Like I said, a lot of the time ones that are ripe will still last another day or 2. 

There's around 100 per case, if your eating 30 a day, thats really only 3 days. You just gotta get used to determining what ones need to be eaten NOW, what ones can last a day, and what ones can last a few more days. Even if you don't eat 30 a day then you still have time.

Haha! I JUST did a blogpost on this like 2 days ago! http://thegaychickwiththeblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/buying-enough-ba...

I do the ripen bananas in a bag thing which works quite well for me. I put portions in a plastic bag, add one or two apples and close them air tight. This way I have a good handle on it :-)

We found a store that does not have a ton of traffic also they do not like their fruit/bananas to look druised. Every night they bag up bruised & browning bananas and put them on sale. We come along about 8:00 and cash in. The store name is Randall's and Kroger is also in the same family.

Buying by the case doesn't get me any pricing discount where I live so I buy about 5 bunches of bananas every couple days.  I have my hubby pick them up on his way from work, or if I'm in town I do it, or if friends/family are coming I always ask they pick some up.  This way I always have enough ripe to eat and others that are ripening.  I eat 8-16 every day.

In my grocery store, they put banana display in the cereal aisle, and those are always more ripe there (because not many people buy them there) so if I'm in a pinch I always check them out first for the ripest.

Also the warmer the spot the faster the ripening, top of the fridge is a good spot.

Thank you all for you tips.

Now we have three strategies to have ripe bananas all the time:

 [1] Accelerate the ripening process (plastic bags, hotter spots in the house)

 [2] Make they last longer (freezing)

 [3] Buy every day, or couple of days



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