30 Bananas a Day!

i KNOW it is so bad

but it is also a crazy addiction!!

i KNOW i am CRAZY when i eat salty things.

can anybody say something about salt so i do not want to touch it ever again?

and please don't say "eat more celery or spinach or tomatoes".

i will not eat any animal because i don't want that an animal has to die for me but if i eat salt i do not harm anybody unless myself (which is of course also

important but anyway i do eat it ...)

the house where i live is full of salty things, so i have to deal with it every day

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you're nuts? :) my husband will only laugh hard about it! he does not want to do that for one second.

without salt food does taste like nothing for him. 

Then leave the house for a few weeks.

Or give him an ultimatum.

It's one thing for him to endanger his own damn health, but he has no right to endanger *yours*.

we have a small kid and no place to go

when i would do that (to leave the house with my child) nobody would understand me (to go away for "a craving like SALT?") they would put me in a psychiatric hospital ("because we need salt" would everybody say and "you are CRAZY")

he says food is no soooo important, it is the way you think ...

me: look at me, i cannot eat anything cooked or i am sick

he: but you are weak and have a very bad immune system

Then take control of yourself and just don't have any. By now it's just sounding like you're looking for excuses. We're not here to enable you or your addictions; we're here to support you. To go back to the ABC of this  lifestyle: EAT MORE FRUIT.

That is tough! I am at the end of a detox and my body dumped a ton of msg and salt. I curb my cravings with greens. Are you doing a pound of greens a day? I recommend green smoothies each day. I do a quart. For dinner i do a humongous salad. When you get enough natural sodium your cravings diminish.

how do you know your body dumped a ton of msg and salt? how long was your detox? it is like mine is going on forever and that's why i eat crap again because i feel not good and than BAM!

i know i have to eat enough greens but i did not, it is so hard for me to eat that on the moment, it is like bbeiucjxnjazyytyteya!

I am on day 77 of a 92 day juice feast. You can smell what comes out of your body. You need to clean up your diet first.

Honestly i think you need some home front support my dear. A website can't give you that.

maybe you' re right for the home support but i can tell you this forum has already helped me a lot,

the support from some people helped me several times. i cannot expect from a SAD-eater that he understands me.

Many of us are faced with temptations everyday.  Just be strong, and think of it this way...


If you cannot make a meal out of it, do not eat it. 


If you want to look picture perfect, no bloating, cellulite, dark circles under your eyes, do not eat it. 

If you want to keep strong bones and have no osteoporosis, kidney stones, and bladder pains, do not eat it.  If you do not want to look three months pregnant, do not eat it. 

Do you want heart palpitations, high blood pressure, feeling like you are angry for no reason?


Once you stop eating the forbidden foods, within 1-2 weeks, your tastes bud cells turn over.  You will start to  naturally not like the taste of salt, and appreciate the natural salts in your fruits.  For me, oranges and tomatoes taste naturally salty.


Why no salt from a medical perspective:



Peace, PK

another good resource here:

Salt Warning
by David Klein, Ph.D.
From Living Nutrition vol. 18

Avoid all salt – it’s a toxic, irritating, corrosive, stimulating, enervating and potentially deadly poison. Yes, even Celtic and Himalayan salts are destructive to your body and health – don’t be fooled by marketing hype! These inorganic substances may be trendy but they are not healthful. In addition to sodium chloride, they contain numerous toxic elements including heavy metals, such as aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury. These wreak havoc in the body, and are very difficult to eliminate.

If you live in a northern region or near the ocean you have probably seen how rock salt and salt spray eats steel members and chrome coatings on automobiles. If you’ve ever had an open flesh wound and exposed it to salt, your senses will have told you how destructive it is. Salt paralyzes the intestinal villi and kills cells – would you knowingly bathe your delicate villi, your arteries, veins and capillaries with such a corrosive solution? Salt brine kills insects and “pickles” vegetables. Do you want to run a solution of that through your brain 24 hours a day? An ounce of salt, taken all at once, spells suicide.

You cannot become healthy if your sense of taste is befuddled by unnatural flavorings. Salt does not bring out the flavor of food; it overpowers your taste buds, deadening them to all sensation other than additional salt, causing unnatural cravings, overeating and beverage guzzling.  

Salt bonds with water, and its toxicity necessitates extra fluid intake. The body’s dilution response causes the cells to become dehydrated, severely impairing health. Salt also throws off the blood’s electrolyte balance (e.g., the sodium to potassium ratio) and acidifies the body, eroding health and impeding healing. Most illness cannot be overcome when salt is part of the diet. The few salt eaters I’ve counseled did not heal their disease conditions until they followed my recommendation of giving up salt--even though their diets were otherwise nearly perfect.

Hypertension (high blood pressure), edema, cardiovascular disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, Alzheimer’s disease, lupus, premenstrual syndrome, gout, cancer and a host of other disease conditions are linked to salt. Can the body handle a little bit of salt? Maybe, but not on a regular basis. Why risk ruining your precious health?

We do need mineral salts–no doubt about it. From where should we get our mineral salts? Plant foods is the natural answer. The liquids from fruits and vegetables contain all of the mineral salts we need, in safe, organic, usable form. For rich, satisfying flavors, obtain produce grown in soil generously mineralized with a rock powder amendment. If possible, grow your own produce, adding such mineral sources as rock powder, azamite, or kelp powder to your compost and soil.

Abstain from salt, clean out, eat whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic tender vegetables plus savory and sweet fruits. Your salt cravings will vanish and unseasoned foods will taste outrageously delicious.

Thanks for posting, Shell. This is one of my favorite articles on salt, and I wasn't sure how to get my hands on it.


If you want to see what salt does to you, look at my eyes. I am 57 yrs. old, but those bags are caused by salt not by age. I have only just started, but I'll post a new picture in a month. I bet the bags will be mostly gone.



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