30 Bananas a Day!

i KNOW it is so bad

but it is also a crazy addiction!!

i KNOW i am CRAZY when i eat salty things.

can anybody say something about salt so i do not want to touch it ever again?

and please don't say "eat more celery or spinach or tomatoes".

i will not eat any animal because i don't want that an animal has to die for me but if i eat salt i do not harm anybody unless myself (which is of course also

important but anyway i do eat it ...)

the house where i live is full of salty things, so i have to deal with it every day

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+1 Dewey!

Thanks ednshell,

Me thinks in the future, this shall be much plagiarized:D

Peace, PK

hahaha, same for me, but I overcome it many times, only metter of will... and not eat it by accident offten, than the craving rise up again.... greens help as transition.

thanks for adding this informative post.

it is not that i eating too less fruit: 28 bananas and10 oranges a day of fruit is not too less

salt IS (i think) the WORST of all addictions. i did quit: bread, animal products (especially cheese and butter), chocolat, sugar, alcohol, enz especially salt is hard to go.

i am working every day on it. it is not that you KNOW something that you CAN do it like this! and living in a house where there is always cooked food (with salt) is different than living in a house of only fruit and greens.

i know i will succeed and i will go for it right now again.

thanks for all your support.

Anytime :)

I know exactly how you feel, I live in a house with 3 people who consume Meat, Cheese, Bread, Sugar, Chocolate, Salt and Alcohol on a daily basis. I'm around it every day. It doesn't bother me one bit :) I know that what I am doing is right, it feels right.. it makes me happy. I control the food that goes into my mouth, not the other way around ;)

try to not put salt to your food for month and then you won´t crave it

The topic no one I know is comfortable talking about- addiction! A good, solid, positive affirmation, directed specifically at this issue, for you, for example when you see salt and start the craving process, I have found that if I can tell myself something positive, stated in the present moment, it can bring me back to reality quickly. So, being as honest as you can be, tell yourself what you want to hear, stated in the present moment, that you think might shock you out of your salt adoration. "I release salt from my diet because my children need and love their healthy mother", something like that. All addiction, to me, is really the same, stupid thing, so I thought I would offer my two cents' worth. Want two more? I am reading a book from 1929 called 'The Art of Thinking' ( I forget the author). He mentioned that, sadly, humans have essentially always been prone to criticism rather than appreciation, that throughout time, we have been prone to criticize, whether it's the world around us, ourselves, whatever, rather than appreciate all the good things in our lives, or in this case, our diets. Maybe that could be part of a positive affirmation if you start beating yourself up for being hooked on a foreign substance! Hope I didn't overstep any boundaries, I figured, you asked, I will type up whatever I think might help! I love 30 BaD!! Good Luck.

oh no you didn't overstep any boundaries. i am just pleased you like to help me and speak your heart. thank you

Don't buy salty things, don't have them sitting around the house tempting you, and take some time to read a whole book about how salt is bad for you, and will point out the illusion of every thought of it being essential. Then learn how to season your food without. Your sense of taste and appreciation of what you taste will increase beyond your wildest imagination within a year. It may take you that long to break the ADDICTION. Salt also causes sugar cravings within 20-30 minutes of consumption for those like me with a "sweet tooth". That is why it is at least 4 times easier to give up sugar and salt at the same time than just sugar. If you have a lot of salty things around the house, you also have a lot, and I mean a LOT of hidden sugars in all those salty foods, and probably a lot of pure sugary things to satisfy the sweet cravings the salt triggers.

The best book is "Without A Grain Of Salt", though it may be hard to find. It may be 20 years out of print since "nobody" wants to read about how their favorite addiction is so bad for them. That means you may have to borrow a copy or buy a ratty old paperback for $50 on Amazon to read this fantastic book.

 sometimes eat sundried tomatoes (without oil) and make a sauce out of them with tomatoes and the effect is always amazing.

I found that by simply reducing the amount of salt I consumed help my salt cravings diminish greatly. When I first started 811 a few months back, salt was a huge deal. So I started by not adding it to foods that already had it and by only using (salad dressing for example) condiments with the lowest sodium content. After a while my tastes changed and foods that I eat (like that same salad dressing) taste so intense and overly salty now, I can barley stand it. Just cut back and from there work on cutting it out completely.



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