30 Bananas a Day!

i KNOW it is so bad

but it is also a crazy addiction!!

i KNOW i am CRAZY when i eat salty things.

can anybody say something about salt so i do not want to touch it ever again?

and please don't say "eat more celery or spinach or tomatoes".

i will not eat any animal because i don't want that an animal has to die for me but if i eat salt i do not harm anybody unless myself (which is of course also

important but anyway i do eat it ...)

the house where i live is full of salty things, so i have to deal with it every day

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Don't put it into your food? 

that is not the problem, it is already in the food 

it is cooked food like things my husband use on bread, i see it everytime i open the fridge

when i see them i always have to be strong to not touch it and eat the whole thing out

May I suggest an alternative to putting your greens in the fridge?  If the temperature is right outdoors, you can try putting your lettuce and celery outside.  Or in a cooler box outside.  As long as it won't get too warm or too cold out there, it still keeps for several days.

I started doing this because there wasn't room in the fridge, but a beneficial side effect I noticed is no need to go to the fridge anymore, and because I don't open it, I don't see all that other stuff in there.  Out of sight out of mind!

If you are looking for an excuse besides health reasons, salt is mined or taken from the ocean (depending on what kind you eat) so its consumption has a negative impact on the planet.

If you are still transitioning or want that "salty" thing to shake on your food make some celery salt. To do this you just chop up some celery and dehydrate it until crisp. Next you put it in the blender until it is as fine as you would like. This worked well for my husband and I all, although we weren't really addicted, but it gave us the guilt-free option (and celery is renewable and not mined).

I hope this helps :)

thanks for the celery salt tip

but if salt is taken from the ocean than does it has a negative impact on the planet?

actually, not really... it's not like the sea will become less salty if we take salt away from it...

now listen, luna: i think you should care a bit about yourself and not only about others. 

eating salt numbs your taste buds and makes everything taste bland...

look at the following:

Science has pretty clearly showed us that outside the natural sodium found in food, even moderate salt intake is harmful, leeching minerals from the bones, raising blood pressure and even killing us if we ingest enough of it.
You can read more about the reasons to avoid salt inthis article, but I think the most compelling reason is that as long as you're eating it, you'll never know how good plain food can really taste.
There is an unbelievably delicious level of flavor that the average person never gets to experience because they're constantly eating salt. The more salt you eat, the more your taste buds adjust to it, meaning that you'll require an ever greater amount to get the same flavor. This is why heavy salt users say food without salt is bland. They keep adding more salt to get more flavor, unaware they're losing ground with every kernel of salt.
The truth is that their food may be packed with flavor, but they're unable to notice any of it because their taste buds are deadened by salt use.
Luckily, the body adapts quickly to the removal of salt and other flavor stimulants, and within 30 days a sufficient number of your taste buds will have been replaced that you'll start noticing all sorts of new flavor nuances in your favorite fruits and vegetables.
I remember the first time I bit into a garden-grown tomato after not having one -or any salt - for over a year. The juices coursing over my tongue had more levels of taste than I'd ever noticed before. The flesh seemed smokey and sweet, and every variety offered something new.
Just thinking about tomatoes is making my mouth water. Do you like tomatoes that much? You could.
Completely cut salt out of your diet for a month and see what happens; I think you'll enjoy the result.

Andrew Perlot

hope my words are helpful!

thanks a lot! your words were very helpful, i read the whole article and also ordered your 'savory raw dressings and sauces' to make my salads more palatable and hopefully like this my little girl will be more interested in salads 

sorry i mean i bought the recipes e-book from andrew perlot who's article you've sent me, 

ok, i'm glad you appreciate my reply and also that you don't mistake me for andrew perlot. he is a great man,but it just so happens, i'm not him. i'm merely

your most devoted friend,


thanks that was nice said, you're right. i also have joint pain if i have eaten salt and still i eat it, it sounds so so sooo crazy, i feel like a real junkie. now i am reading the book from Allen Carr 

"Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking", not that i smoke but maybe i can find a link to stop eating cooked food (with is always with salt) because i know it is an addiction in the mind.

if someone can say if you eat salt you harm the planet for this or this reason i think that would be the easiest thing for me to get off the salt

Awesome suggestion! Thanks!

Cut it entirely out of your diet. I did this while I was still eating SAD. If you have it around you a lot at home, ask people who live with you to be considerate and keep it outside of the house for a few weeks, until you adjust yourself.



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