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Hey guys,

I have a problem: I'm a very anxious person by nature... I always have tons of thoughts and fears on my mind and it shows a lot on the outside: I always look nervous, i sometimes have acne, i scratch my head, bite my nails and sometimes I hold my breath without even noticing it!!

I'm afraid of death, afraid of being judged by people, afraid that someones get hurt in my family, afraid that my boyfriend leaves me, afraid of getting sick, afraid of not finding a job etc etc... Ok, now you will say "IT'S NORMAL, everyone on Earth has this problem" but I don't think that it reaches this level for everyone.

For me it has become very problematic since it stops me from doing a lot of things. I've tried a lot of things this past 5 years: changing my diet, meditating, seeing a psychologist etc... but I can't get rid of this f****** anxiety :(

Any advices/ idea? Do you have the same problem?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, I practice meditation a lot (and I run about 3 times a week) but I've never tried yoga so maybe it will help! I will try this candlelight yoga you're talking about! Thanks a lot for the advice!

My anxiety was caused by a food allergy (gluten).  It gave me constant anxiety, restless leg syndrome (achy leg muscles), and so on.  I always felt overly self-conscious, always had that anxiety feeling you get when a deer jumps in front of you on the road, pretty much just felt bad about everything all the time.  No medicine or psychologist helped...because it was a food allergy.  I kept eating the thing that triggered a chemical imbalance in my body, which caused all of these weird problems.  Once I stopped eating it for a week or two, the problems disappeared.  Within a month, I was cured.  If I eat it again, the symptoms come right back.  Oh, and I was always tired all the time.  Constantly tired.  Fatigue followed me around every single day, never felt caught up on my sleep.

Easy test is, do you feel better if you don't eat?  Like if you fast for a day.  That was one of my big indicators - if I forgot to eat during the day due to being busy, I usually started to feel better.  I know exactly what you are talking about with all of your symptoms - it basically takes the common fears that every human has & amplifies them to the point where they are constantly on your mind.  Like in cases where you should be preoccupied with schoolwork, or your job, or an upcoming date, you're constantly worried about stuff like you mentioned - not finding a job, someone in your family getting hurt, etc. - things that sure, would normally cross your mind, but instead get into your head LOUDLY & repeatedly, which you don't have control over.

My working theory is that the food allergy (or other underlying cause, such as a disease) triggers some sort of adrenal response & gives you a low-level of that fight-or-flight adrenaline all the time, so you're just kind of constantly tweaked out all the time.

Wow... I've never thought that my anxiety could be caused by some food allergy but maybe it's the case! I don't consume much gluten and I'm almost 100% vegan but I will try a little water fast and see how it goes... Or see an allergy specialist maybe.
Thanks for the advice! My anxiety is exactly what you describe: "it takes the common fears that every human has & amplifies them to the point where they are constantly on your mind." Quite a burden...

Yeah, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's gluten, it could be anything.  In my experience, anxiety is caused by one of two things:

1. Food allergy

2. Disease

Everyone has the common set of normal human fears.  When something is off (let's say for the sake of discussion that something is squeezing your adrenal gland, which causes an over-abundance of adrenaline to circulate in your body), then all of those normal fears get amplified & are on your mind ALL the time.  And they especially get amplified in what your body perceives to be stressful situations, i.e. leaving the safety of your own home.

Myself and several people I know had a lifetime of anxiety until we removed the allergens from our diet.  I also had a friend who it turned out had multiple sclerosis, so for him, it was an underlying disease that was causing (again for the sake of discussion) that adrenal gland to over-produce.  And that results in constant worried thoughts, negative feelings, depression, and so on.

It is on a whole different level than what "normal" people are used to; only people who have severe anxiety can really relate to what you're saying.  Seeing doctors & taking medicine don't fix the core problem, which is that you have a trigger that is squeezing your adrenal gland, making it it fill your system with adrenaline (again, just kind of a usable metaphor for what is happening).   You have to identify & treat that trigger.  For me, that trigger was gluten.  I live a completely normal life off gluten, and if I eat it, all of that anxiety creeps back up on me - it's absolutely horrible!

It warps your mind because it amplifies passing thoughts into repeated realities to your brain.  A small & stupid example: working around critical people is hard when you have anxiety, because it causes you to unwilling repeat conversations over & over mentally and grow the negative feelings associated with it - you are bad, you've done wrong, you're going to get fired, you messed up.  That's absolutely not a normal reaction!  Haha.

Anyway, I had a boss who was kind of critical.  I used to drive past two gas stations to go to work; one was busy & hard to get into, but cheaper, and the other was an easy in & out, never crowded, but like ten cents more expensive per gallon.  I used to go to the more expensive one because it was less stressful for me, but then I'd be worried that my critical boss would drive by, see me filling up for an extra $3 for the convenience, and call me out on it.  A completely imagined scenario because he never did & screw him, I can choose how I want to use my money anyway, but it would (ridiculously) roll around my head for an hour or two, making me feel bad & stressing me out.

That sounds absolutely nuts from an outsider's point of view, but if you have anxiety, then you know exactly what I'm saying -  those passing thoughts get turned into uncontrolled feelings of anxiety that go on repeat mode & just make you feel bad.  It doesn't make any sense, but because you can't control that, shall we say, low-level adrenaline flow within your body, that's just your reality.  I had a serious struggle with anxiety my entire life from childhood until I went off gluten.  It's night & day now.  I can stand in the middle of a crowd without feeling overwhelmed.  Criticism (or imagined scenarios) doesn't stick with me all day.  I don't feel bad about everything all the time.  I don't have that constant feeling that something bad is going to happen all the time.

Bottom line, your body is not designed to operate like that.  Something is triggering it.  I'm sure that there are a variety of reasons out there as to why for different people, but in my own experience, it's either an undiagnosed food allergy (and keep in mind that testing is not accurate...there is no accurate gluten intolerance test, only for Celiac's, and I know people who have anxiety from many different foods, such as corn) or an undiagnosed disease.

Happy thoughts, yoga, reading, etc. won't do squat if your core issue is too much adrenaline flowing through your body (again, just a visualization for discussion purposes).  It's a chemical imbalance, in that case, and you have to find out what is causing it.  Something as simple as removing an ingredient from my diet completely changed my life.  I can't even tell you how much different and better my life is now.  School, work, and public places are completely non-stressful; I am "normal" now.

So anyway, I know exactly how you are feeling, and it's not normal at all - your body is designed to feel good and be happy, especially when coupled with a solid night's sleep, a clean diet, and daily exercise - all of those things just make you feel better & better.  You're not supposed to go into auto-dwell mode over simple, inane things or over imagined scenarios.  Chronic high levels of anxiety ruined my life because I wouldn't do a lot of things that I wanted to do because it was so overpowering at times.  My recommendation would be to get pre-occupied with a quest for finding out what is triggering it.  I don't know what it is for you, and I hope it's an easy fix (like avoiding a certain food), so best of luck to you!  I feel your pain!

Thank you so much! I completely relate to all of that!

Everytime a little something irritates me, I can't stop thinking about it all the time! For example, if I don't reply immediately to an e-mail, I will feel bad about until I do it! Because I'm afraid that the person who sent me the e-mail gets mad at me for not replying.
Or if I forget to close a window at home, I'm going to think about it a lot because I'm afraid that it starts raining... Shit like that!

I'm on the first day of a 3 days water fast now, to see how I feel without any potential "stimulants" in my body. I'll let you know how it goes!
After the fast, I will try to reduce my intake of starches and gluten and see how my body reacts...
I will also try yoga and keep on exercising! Hope it will get better and better!
I think I also need more silence in my life, I'm constantly listening to music or being in noisy environments and I think it also plays an important role...

Very interesting!! It makes me hopeful to think that anxiety could be "cured" by simply changing a part of the diet....

Read an Osho book.

I didn't know about this guy but i'll look it up, thanks!!

excercise, diet, tea, books all have helped me. Maybe look into the books awareness by anthony de mello or the power of the now by eckhart tolle. 

something simple like going for a walk when you feel anxious can help and yeah you might have to go for a few walks a day till things settle down but it pays off.

Thanks, yes walking definitely helps... I love to go for long walks and I like Eckhart Tolle's books. Maybe I should read them again (and again, and again... until my mind really "absorbs" them)

Maybe I should read them again (and again, and again... until my mind really "absorbs" them)

thats kinda the trick. I know for me i'm dang forgetful and need the constant reminders to keep myself balanced.

There is a section of the brain that is responsible for this. It monitors your survival situation even in frames where its not just survival of life. It can be self image, finances anything its all linked.

Have you always been like this since childhood. Have you had any traumatic experiences or do you believe its entirely physiology? How long have you had it? Would you say since you've matured into adulthood?



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