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Hi Everyone! 

So I was at walmart today.. and yes I normally don't buy food at walmart because I don't like what they're about, but I decided to walk through the produce section anyways.  The guy working there was placing new green/yellow bananas on display, and placing the dark yellow/slightly spotted ones into a box. 

I asked, "what do you do with the ripe ones?"  He said.. "We throw them out."  WTF   I said.. "can I take them!?!?!" He said he had to ask the Produce manager, but he thought I could likely get them at a discount.  He came back and said.. "No sorry, we can't sell them too you.  It's to risky should you get SICK from one of the ROTTEN bananas." lol. 

He then said to find the Store Manager, and she could override the Produce manager.  So that's what I did, I found her, and explained the situation.. she said sure NO PROBLEM!  So they sold me the whole box/case for $5.  As the guy was filling it up I asked about the Organic bananas, he said sure take those too.. so he put the yellow organic ones in my case. 

So.. if you're on a budget, like me, this is a really easy way to get CARBS for CHEAP.  I eat organic whenever possible, but I'm not one to turn down really cheap conventional ones if it means I have fruit to eat. 

I also asked him.. "How often do you have a case of bananas to throw away like this?"  I was expecting 1-2x a week, he said.. "Once or Twice a DAY!!!"  THATS A CRIME!!!!  Makes me sad because there are children at local schools that don't get breakfast and have no lunch, how hard would it be to put a case of these RIPE bananas in every classroom for kids to help themselves.. makes me so so so so mad..

Anyways.. hope you liked the tip.. don't listen to the grocery worker, or the grocery manager, talk to the person with the most power and get those bananas before they are thrown out!! :)


xoxo Natalie


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Great idea!  I know of a store in my area that tosses them out frequently too.  I'm going to try this next time I get to the store!  Thanks for the tip!



That's great!  I wanted to share this because this was the first time I actually went a little further.. because I have heard it many times before too.. sorry we don't sell the spotty ones..   but there's always a way!

I have read that their meat comes from some of the worst managed factory farms, lowest grade stuff.. but otherwise it's ok I suppose.  by the way.. figtato, is that figdad? Ukrainian by chance? :)

yeah its a trip they have some sort of adversion to ripe fruit haha. Fine by me I hate having to wait for it to ripen!

Agreed.  that's the one bad thing about buying a regular case, is that they are always green and it takes forever.. this way they are half way there!


Really good point Natalie.  That's how I think too!  There are kids all over who don't know what a pineapple is if they see it, let alone, do they know how to make a meal out fruit, or have access to that amount of fruit!  I haven't been to Wal-Mart in forever but this is not the only place you can do this, local farms throw away a lot as well, at farmer's markets.  I defintely recommend taking advantage of any local resources you have and if you feel like it's too much, feel free to share!!!   Look into foodnotbombs!!!


Yes great point!  I will look into foodnotbombs thanks :)

The vast majority of people don't understand that a banana is only fully ripe once it becomes to spot so as a result we have tons of bananas thrown out unnecessarily. You will find that in dumpsters one of the most commonly thrown out foods are bananas, most of which are perfectly fine to consume.

Produce managers are only reacting to demand. Although bananas are the number one selling fruit globally once they start to spot sales drop significantly. Supermarkets are all about 'moving produce' so if it sits on the shelf and doesn't sell the item is taking up valuable shelf space. I think most green grocers are happy if they have customers that will take spotted bananas of their hands even at a discount since they would otherwise have to dispose of them themselves.

You are absolutely right.. I wish I had known all this when I started into the lifestyle.. I spent a lot.. too much money on cases of food.. at full price.. not anymore!

Thank you so much, Natalie!  I'm headed to Wal-Mart to get some produce after work today.  I will definitely wrangle a produce person and ask about this.


Were you able to get some?  Hope so! :)



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