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Hello everyone,

does someone know how to get a B12 shot in France? Do you know a doctor or naturopath who prescribes/ give them?

Or is it possible to buy it in a pharmacy without prescription? 

Also, do you know if it is possible to have an urinary MMA test in this country?... because apparently that is the most accurate test to test for B12 levels in the body. 


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Hi Loane,

You can buy B12 without prescription. It comes in 6 bulbs? (ampoules), made by Sanofy or Gerda and costs 2,37€.

You can just swallow them or inject them.

I don't know why you want a shot and not swallowing it. I personally take drops because I don't like to get injections, nor to go to the doc.

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Thank you very much for your answer Nicolas.

I will look at thoses "ampoules". I think we say phials, or vials, not sure...

The drops you are taking don´t look that expensive either. But it is an American site? so you will get some expensive shipping costs and even custom fees, don´t you?

I was interested in getting a shot because people seem to have the best experience with it. It seems to be more efficient.

The drops are the least expensive solution.

They indicate 118 servings (= days) but it will last me even more because instead of taking 26 drops once a day, you can have the same B12 absorbed by taking only 2 drops twice a day!

Shipping costs are about $9-10 and there is no custom taxes as long as you don't buy more than 35€ of merchandize. You can also buy other cheap organic stuff to reach $30 and use the $10 coupon.

So, for about 20$ (<15€) you have enough vitamin B12 for the year!

I saw some people saying shots are better and other saying oral ingestion is better. I think oral absorption is okay for most people and shots should be reserved to people who can't efficiently absorb it.

Thank you for all this information. It sounds very interesting.

But I don´t understand, why do you say: "instead of taking 26 drops once a day, you can have the same B12 absorbed by taking only 2 drops twice a day!" Why do you say that? What makes you think so?

Also, are you sure that if we don´t buy more than 35€ of merchandize we won´t have to pay custom taxes? Is it indicated somewhere? I ask because I have ordered some supplements from the US a few times and unfortunately I had a very bad surprise when the parcel arrived. The taxes were very expensive!

I get these informations from a video of Dr Mickael Greger. The fact is that we need about 4 mcg of B12 a day and the absorption follow this rule: 1.5 mcg + 1% of the remaining intake every 4-6 hours.

So, taking 2 drops = 40 mcg and the absorbed quantity is 1.5 + 0.4 = 1.9 mcg

Do it twice a day (for breakfast and diner) and you have your 4 mcg!

It is complicated to get informations on custom taxes (every website gives different advices: <45$, <150€, >22€, ...) but from my personal experience, I didn't paid taxes nor VAT on my 2 orders on Vitacost and it was about 20$ for the first one and 35$ for the second one.

wow that´s complicated.

So you say we need only 4 mcg a day? so why are people taking 1000 mcg or more a day??

Also you say that if we take 2 drops, so 40 mcg, only 2 mcg is absorbed? Is the rest lost?

thanks for the info about the taxes :-).

I can't answer for them but I guess they take too much precaution and 1,000 mcg of B12 is far to be lethal. So, it is okay to take that much B12 but you have to now that 99% of it will directly be excreted.

From 40 mcg, we can get 2 mcg, but for 1,000 mcg, we get only 11.5 mcg. That's why you need a big dose if you want to take it once a week or once a month.

Ok, it´s really strange that people would take it once a week or once a month if only 1 % is absorbed. Why not take smaller doses more often?

Well, it is easier to make a mark on your calendar every 1st day of a month and don't have to bother about you B12 supplementation the 30 other days.

But I think it is more natural to take it with each meal because it is how we should normally get our B12 if our food was not so clean (B12 is made by bacterias who can't develop on washed, irradiated, cooked,... food).

If supplements were more expensive, more people would bother about getting the maximum absorption but this is not really an issue there.

Ok, thank you and good evening :-).

Nicolas Haguet,

I just wanted to say thank you for recommending me the site vitacost.com. I have ordered some supplements, and this site is so cheap. If I had bought those things in France, it would have cost me so much more. I ordered supplements for $ 35, shipping costs included, and what a good surprise, I had no taxes to pay at the arrival of the parcel :-).

And it only took 10 days to arrive. 

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