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Ever since switching to the raw lifestyle i am constantly struggling to get enough calories in everyday and i know that its taking a tole on me. I have been on this lifestyle for about 20 days and i really dont feel any different and its really disappointing me. I went through really bad detox and still kinda am... But im still getting acne and my energy levels arnt high at all and i every time after i eat i feel like im gonna throw up because of how much i ate and then im on the toilet for 30 minutes after that and just having all types of digestive issues and bloated all day long and self conscious when usually im quiet thin and having pretty high energy levels.  Im a teenager and my previous eating habits was constantly snacking on things through out the day and usually not eating many big meals unless it was for dinner or a burrito at the beach (big tradition to walk from the beach to el co, a Mexican food restaurant, and get burritos lol) but really i literally would just grab something like every hour and thats how i was since ive been a baby. And now no matter how much i try to eat im either crazy bloated and full and all i want to do is sleep and whine or wanting to throw up. My typical menu for my day is wake up at about 4:50 am, drink about a liter of water by 6 then have a 3-4 banana smoothie with spinach then around 7am have another one (never hungry for it or want it and it makes me feel gross and painfully full) then at about 11:30 i have lunch (school schedule) we only have 30 minutes to eat so usually i get to eat about 6-7 oranges and that makes me feel pretty bad again, after that i typically get home from school around 2:30 and i try to have a snack to boost my energy levels so i can go on a run (3 oranges) (also sometimes i go 4-5 days without running if homework gets in the way or other plans) but i like to typically do that and if i dont have a snack before ill have one after. Finally at about 5:30-6:30 ill have dinner and this is when i know i have too get enough calories in because its my last meal and so usually its a piece of fruit or two and a bag of spinach and a carton of tomatoes and by then im stuffed but i try to keep eating whatever i can and then i try and smash in some coconut water to get some carbs in, also need help with more carbs, and thats usually it. And by the time i go to bed (10 ish) im kinda a little hungry again but i typically just drink some coconut water or have some grapes but i try not to because i know its suppose to be the "sunshine diet" or whatever but yeah im just not feeling to good but i dont know what else to do im already so bloated and feel so fat and low energy and still have acne and it just really sucks. (I thought i was following this lifestyle a little before this but i was totally misguided my lack of knowledge and eat "all natural, vegan, blah blah cookies" and what not.

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Please could you edit this with some punctuation and paragraphs it's hard to read.

A small piece of advice I could give is, eat a very large breakfast, then a large lunch, then an average sized dinner. Keep cooked meals till the end of the day. If you need to snack after dinner then snack on fruit.

If your running in the morning, hydrate first and take some dates on your run with you, then have a large lunch and an average dinner.

I would skip the greens for now to make more room for calories.  I would also pick one or two high calorie fruits to eat for each day and mono meal (one food per meal) which sounds like what you are trying to do anyway for easiest and fastest digestion so you can fit more calories in the day.  You are severely under eating and this is why you are feeling poorly.  Oranges are a great calorie source, I would juice them instead and leave the pulp in so you can fit in more calories.

Ya paragraphs make it much easier to read. ;)



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