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Hi all,

I needed to share this with any of you who are fed up of trying everything under the sun with no results for acne scarring.

Also need to say I've suffered from varying levels acne for 15 years (incredibly bad in recent years, which has mostly subsided since going Rt4, but my scarring was so bad it still looked like I had a face full of acne). I thought Rt4 was clearing it quickly but recently got fed up and just wanted it GONE! So I've been on the hunt for cures - and I found one.

Epsom Salts.

Note: I personally have combination skin, with some areas being very dry and some on the oilier side.

Wash your face with a soap-free wash - I use QV but most people like Cetaphyl. Get any oils off your skin so it has a clean base.

For the face, mix a tablespoon or two of Epsom Salts into warm/hot water so it melts (you can melt it completely or partially to leave a 'scrub' consistency). And gently apply it to the skin - I put it everywhere, I even put it on acne-affected areas on my chest and back (which are clearing after 3 days of application - I've struggled with that for about a year). I usually end up mixing about 4 to 6 tablespoons of Epsom Salts and just put it everywhere I want to (often just do it in the shower, once or twice a day).

On my face I've also mixed it into a paste and used it as a mask for as long as I wanted (think it came to about 20 mintues) - it goes stiff like a clay mask but doesn't leave any residue or contain any nasties.

So once I've applied it I leave it on for anywhere from 20 seconds to 20 minutes (depending on what time or patience I have).

I use Epsom Salts twice daily on my face, chest, back, shoulders, even legs (which reduced my dry skin).

I then pat the area dry and apply the second step. This step is for anyone with oily skin/over-production of sebum. Anyone with dry skin I don't recommend this for you.

Sea Salt in water inside a spray bottle.

My spray bottle holds about 2 cups of water, I put in around 2-3 teaspoons of Sea Salt and shook it up (I initially used slightly warm water so it would melt).

Any areas I'm still lightly breaking out or have over-production of sebum (which can lead to breakouts) I just spray a light coating over the area. This bottle method is awesome for anyone with acne on the back, as you can just reach behind and actually hit the affected area all you like. It's also good for applying evenly without abrasive contact on the skin. (On the face, I often spray it then use a clean towel to 'pat off' the water - I find this doesn't dry out the skin too much, as the evaporation of water with the salt can lead to the skin really drying out and feeling itchy). 

So applying the Sea Salt via spray bottle will leave a light dusting of salt on the skin, which usually comes off during the day. But it just stops the skin pumping out anymore of that thin layer of acne-causing oil (annoys me so much!). Anywhere that you don't want salt sitting for too long, just pat with a clean, dry towel. It has the same affect without being too harsh/drying on the skin.

As I said it's been 3 days -- The process so far has actually been really enjoyable. Epsom Salts are also well-known as a miracle treatment for muscle relaxation. If you put 2 -3 tablespoons into a bath it draws out all your stress and can also soak your acne affected areas (haven't tried this yet but probably will tonight because it sounds incredible). I've also done a warm foot-bath with Epsom Salts which is something I'll probably treat myself to weekly forever. It was so relaxing.

I woke up this morning and checked out my skin... There's areas on my face I haven't seen as a normal skin colour in years, and years. It just looks like normal healthy skin... It's drawn out all the redness and cleaned out my pores so it just looks calm and clean. This just doesn't happen in my world! So I really had to share this with you.

Please, try it. I bought a 1 Kilogram box of Epsom Satls for $3.50 from the supermarket. It has other uses as well which are mentioned on the box, but you can also Google it's uses. It's very awesome stuff.

One side note - it is known to draw out toxins, so you may initially experience a light breakout in any areas that have needed clearing. My breakout consisted of one small spot on my chin below my lip, it's the type that will be gone in a couple of days, I'm really not upset about it whatsoever.

The affect it's had on my stubborn acne I've struggled with for months, and in some places years, it has just calmed it and reduced it, and I can tell it's slowly breaking it down and will clear in time. I'm guessing here but it kind of feels like give this a couple of weeks and my skin will be clear.

I am going to update here when it does fully clear, or if anything changes. I'll also post before and after pics if the magic continues.

If you try it let me know how you go! Thanks guys :)

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Thank you so much for sharing! My boyfriend has been dealing with acne scarring for a long time but never knew there was anything he could do about it. 

I will definitely try this out with him, thank you again for sharing your remedy! 

Thanks, that's pretty cool.  I bought some epsom salt last week for baths but haven't used any yet.  I never thought to apply it in the way you described.  I will definitely be experimenting!  I love homemade concoctions like this.

Oh, cool! Do you if there are any negative side effects or health related "raw" issues that are due to using epsom salts? Like are they recommended or recommended to avoid? Just wondering :)

I couldn't tell you Wildchild, I'd have to research that but very good question! I'll have a look today and I'll let you know if I find anything :)

As an update I have seen considerable improvements with my skin. I now alternate epsom salt "masks" and sea salt "masks".

The sea salt masks I make in the same way - melt half a tsp in half a cup of warm water and apply it to the face, let it dry, wash it off and kind of rub it in as I wash it. I cuts through the extra sebum production and just dries it out enough for your skin to be "normal" rather than "oily". My scarring is still there but nothing like it was. It's nearly gone! :)

Hi Dusty :) would love to see before after pics if you'd feel comfortable sharing. I spent 3 months in southeast asia this year and my skin went crazy! I've been using the epsom salts and have seen some improvements but you know how it is...I wanted perfect skin yesterday! Thanks :)

Epsom salt baths are great. I have about 90kg of the stuff in my bathroom! You'll want to use more than a few tablespoons though, more like 3-4cups per bath. I've never tried applying it like a mask, sounds like an idea!

That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing :) I've recently been reading a lot about magnesium (epsom salts are magnesium sulfate) and it seems there are a lot of different health benefits there. I wonder if you were a tad deficient in magnesium, and by applying epsom salts to your skin, it helped raise your levels and boosted your skin's ability to recover? Normally I'm all about getting my nutrients through the foods we eat. But it seems most commercially-farmed soils nowadays are depleted in magnesium, so in turn it makes it tough to get magnesium through our food, even if we're eating heaps of fruits and veges. I don't have too many issues with acne or scarring. But I've been applying a concentrated magnesium salt to my skin for the past two months to see if it would help with my heart palpitations. It seems to have worked quite well. Here's a link to the magnesium I used (it's magnesium chloride, which is one of the best forms to use): http://www.echolife.com.au/products/ancient-minerals-magnesium-oil....

Perhaps you could also experiment with that and see if it has a similar effect on healing your skin? If you do, let me know how it goes, and if you experience any other health benefits like better sleep or better athletic performance :)



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