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When you are talking with a meat eater and asking them, "could you kill an animal with your bare hands AND eat it raw?" --- and they say "man can make tools to kill and man can cook the meat w/ fire" --- what is a good response to debunk it?

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How often do they actually think they'd be catching and eating dead animals? And with no spices, sauces or anything.. I don't see them enjoying it either.

If they want to make spears out of sharpened rocks and sticks, run and sneak by to catch and kill a struggling animal that clearly doesn't want to die.. only then to sit and have the human body struggle to digest foreign body parts.. all for the sake of consuming calories for energy.. How does that make sense?
Wasting more than consuming.. I'd definitely be eating the easy stuff

And why do they want to go back in time where you eat dead bodies to survive another day while you watch your back for mountain lions or whatever?
The future is here, grocery stores stocked with all kinds of plants from around the world..
I prefer to live in the future of health and wellbeing not the dark past of humanity

Ask them if humans are amphibians. Any time someone says "we are meat eaters because we evolved to use tools" you can say we are amphibians because we evolved to use scuba diving gear. ;-D We even have tiny webs between our fingers and toes, just like those tiny pointless canine teeth that omnivores love to bang on about... Tool use proves nothing...unless we really are amphibians!

I heard that Amphibians thing before from my bro's mate who watched a TED talk about a woman speaking about it. Doesn't matter if we are Reptiles, Mammals, Amphibians, Insects or a combination of them, our Anatomy & Physiology dictates what we should consume to survive but more-so thrive.

There are only plant eating microorganism/insects that I bet you they have a smaller version of our own digestive system to suit their anatomy and physiology.

Eating meat isn't natural just like leaving your natural habit. You have to adapt in-order to survive right and macro-evolution takes millions/billions of years, while micro-evolution is a lot sooner (think of it as a general adaption to one's habitat like increased RBC in high altitude, but kinda more permanent). So perhaps it was like a lottery and we got the jackpot of 'Increase awareness of Self', instead of something else. Its funny though in all those years humans have been around we can just speculate that our teeth still haven't changed lol. Not specifically speaking about the picture below anesthetically.

Its funny though in all those years humans have been around we can just speculate that our teeth still haven't changed lol.

That's a great point! :-)

Well, You can pour bleach in Your car, but if You have place where to pour the liquid, doesn't mean that the car gonna work on every liquid. You have to know which stuff belongs to what. I can drink cow's blood, but it's obvious I'm won't metabolize it. We can kill & cook every creature on the planet ['cuz we're so "smart" and "superior", and blah blah], but we can't ignore our genetics, our anatomy.
[I really can't make great analogies, but it's just how I see it. And if I'm capable of shooting a cat, doesn't mean I'm here on this planet to do those dreadful things.]

Show this pic to those "born to eat meat" guys, and let them make their conclusions ;;}

nice chart, very succinct

"Then I guess eating meat isn't natural then, is it?" which they will probably say it's "natural" for humans to make tools and fire. 

ask them if they salivate at a slaughter house or  at a strawberry field    

if its so natural we should arrange field trips for 3rd graders to go to slaughterhouses instead of strawberry fields

a carnivore would be delighted at a slaughter house 

Thank you to everyone so far for your wonderful replies!!!! What a great help, and I learned some new things! :-)

You guys rock.



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