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Hi everyone I am new to 30BAD and this is my first post!
I have been vegan for a while, and high carb low fat raw only since this year and am LOVING everything about it so far. Weight loss, skin and hair improvement and obviously the best part is the happiness and ABUNDANCE of energy! You just can't stop me, I am jumping off the walls, doing more exercise than I have ever before.. 
BUT.. today I had a personal training session. I do these every now and then just to get a good boxing session is as you can't really box on your own.. the guy I was training with said I was looking great and asked how my diet was. I was hesitant but told him I was now part of this lifestyle. I got the reaction I had expected. He said 
"you may be losing weight but it would be all fluid and muscle"
"you're going to get depressed after a couple months of this"
"your exercises are pointless because you can't expect your body to build muscle without 'ANY' protein" (I then had to explain that fruit and vegetables to have protein to which he replied that it was practically none and nowhere near enough). 
Then he took me over to another client of his, a really buff fit chick, and told her what I was eating and she scoffed at it and said that's way too much sugar and that's going to mean weight gain and that her diet is 50% protein.
Im so frustrated. I didnt ask for him to agree with what I am doing, I am not pushing my 'diet' on him so why does everyone you tell need to push theirs on you so bad?! We're not out there telling everyone they're wrong so why do we need to cop that we're wrong so much???!! I am angry and confused of how to react and.. how do you deal with this? Do I just keep my mouth shut in future and pretend I am a 'normal' eater?
Thanks all!
I am Brittany btw excited to have finally joined the community, nice to meet you :)

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Hi. Yes I have experience the same kind of thing even while I was eating meat and dairy and just discussing the diet topic with my trainer at the time.  My advice to you and my plan for myself is just to keep my mouth shut and not say too much until I feel more confidant in what I am doing.  I say this because my experience has been that it is extremely emotionally invalidating to go against the grain and stand out like that and if you are like me you don't need to attract that kind of negative energy into your life. I was vegan for 3 to 5 months in 2010 and lost 15 pounds going from 165 to 150.  I started drinking milk when I was at my parents because my mom doesn't know how to cook vegetarian food without cheese.  When I expressed my concerns about my diet and what I need to do to lose the extra body fat the trainer told me to bump up my calories to 3000 and "eat as much protein as possible".  I went back to eating meat again for about another year. I made a new years resolution that I would run down and kill it with my teeth if it would help me achieve my weight-loss/athletic goals but that didn't work and calorie-restriction causes my lifts to go down. so here I am trying this vegan thing again.  It worked before.  HCRV was too restrictive for me at the time and currently it is a target and probably not a reality. I think knowing the truth intellectually and feeling the truth intuitively are two entirely different things. I was just reading something about how the things we 'know' to be true that just ain't so hurt us. We can intellectually discuss theories of the ideal diet from an palo perspective or a HCRV perspective but they are just theories until we become open-minded enough to experiment trying something out to see what works best for us. Just remember you are talking to people who have it all figured out and are no longer open minded to other possiblities and you are challenging their paradigm.  They feel threatened and obligated to minimize and marginalize what you are doing so they can feel better/not threatened.

Wow so many replies! This is awesome haha I love this community already thanks everyone :D
Yeah well I have just signed myself up for TOUGH MUDDER. If anyone doesnt know here is a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh5HdPM_QuE
Basically a military designed 20km marathon through fire, ice, and 10,000 vaults of electricity! Called the toughest event on the planet. 
I am doing it for myself, for a goal to train towards and for self accomplishment and to overcome huge fears I have of heights (and the electric shocks aahh!!) BUT ALSO so that whenever someone tells me my diet is low in protein, or that I am not getting enough vitamins, minerals, whatever I can say yeah well I DID THIS, can you? And I am sure I will never have to deal with this again. Haha. I have until August to train, so determined and can't wait! 

You have a beautiful smile, its the best tool, if you look and feel good people will be attracted to you and ask 

 for more answer on this lifestyle.

A couple more thoughts... The whole thing is kind of like the God/no god argument. There is always going to be some idiot on the other side trying to convince you of why you are wrong and you need to convert to what they believe.  The trick is to avoid those idiots and not get caught up in trying to take them on.  The other thought is if you have a 6 pack to totally rock it and be like 'yeah I'm a protein-deficient  vegan'. Seems like I saw a video a little while back and personally I think it is a totally convincing argument and will at least send the message to shut the f-up.   

I LIVE for these moments. They happen so rarely now though. :(

Just smile, nod and visualise the buff chick becoming a fat sick chick cos she will eventually when she burns out from all the clenbuterol and ECA stacks she is using to stay lean on the atkins diet longterm.

Those morons say 'fruit makes you too skinny!'. Then they say 'it makes you too fat!'. Just point to an obese person and say 'they must be a 30 year fruitarian right?'.

That PT is such a noob he doesnt even know how to treat people he is training. What an undercarbed idiot.

haha :D

Dude was just trying to get you to buy more personal training sessions. Just keep doin you. 

Personally i'd sack the trainer. Unless he's training professional or olympic level athletes, they're a diam a dozen. There are plenty of excellent personal trainers/coaches out their who'll work with you to achieve your goals. 



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