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Hi everyone I am new to 30BAD and this is my first post!
I have been vegan for a while, and high carb low fat raw only since this year and am LOVING everything about it so far. Weight loss, skin and hair improvement and obviously the best part is the happiness and ABUNDANCE of energy! You just can't stop me, I am jumping off the walls, doing more exercise than I have ever before.. 
BUT.. today I had a personal training session. I do these every now and then just to get a good boxing session is as you can't really box on your own.. the guy I was training with said I was looking great and asked how my diet was. I was hesitant but told him I was now part of this lifestyle. I got the reaction I had expected. He said 
"you may be losing weight but it would be all fluid and muscle"
"you're going to get depressed after a couple months of this"
"your exercises are pointless because you can't expect your body to build muscle without 'ANY' protein" (I then had to explain that fruit and vegetables to have protein to which he replied that it was practically none and nowhere near enough). 
Then he took me over to another client of his, a really buff fit chick, and told her what I was eating and she scoffed at it and said that's way too much sugar and that's going to mean weight gain and that her diet is 50% protein.
Im so frustrated. I didnt ask for him to agree with what I am doing, I am not pushing my 'diet' on him so why does everyone you tell need to push theirs on you so bad?! We're not out there telling everyone they're wrong so why do we need to cop that we're wrong so much???!! I am angry and confused of how to react and.. how do you deal with this? Do I just keep my mouth shut in future and pretend I am a 'normal' eater?
Thanks all!
I am Brittany btw excited to have finally joined the community, nice to meet you :)

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Omg. I cant even believe that!! That would make me SO MAD. I have never gotten that reaction from someone. But I would still never succumb to calling yourself an omnivore, be proud of your diet. let those maniacs think what they want. they're the ones that are wrong. 

Welcome btw :) I hope you are loving the community so far!

Easiest way is to try and educate them. I get the "You shouldn't eat like that. You need to eat a balanced diet", to which I reply "Ok, what is a balanced diet?" No one has yet answered me with a response that makes any sense. Usually it is something like "Enough of everything." Since I know what is in what I eat, I can objectively share with them what I have consumed in the day so far and what my goals are for the day. Then I always ask how they can tell me what I am doing is wrong if I know more about what I eat than they do.

I also like the "Carbs make you fat" comment. I always reply to them that it is called being fat for a reason, its fat. No one has ever looked at a fat person and called them carbed.

I also only give my dickish answers to people I know well, not to total strangers. With strangers who ask about my diet I am much nicer and give them scientific studies to go look at and suggest books to read. Usually ends up with me telling them to do their own research and to come to their own conclusion about what they feel is best for them, but for me, this is the best.

Wow, that's tough, having them gang up on you like that.  Most people have no idea about this diet, or about how much protein is healthy.  I try to think of all the comments I get as people just being concerned, if uneducated, and not get too upset, this is hard, I admit.  Also, I try to keep my reactions relevant to how I 'feel' by saying things like, "I've never had this much energy"  or "eating this way makes me feel better than I ever have", keeping it positive.  Simple statements like, "I prefer plant protein" or "50% protein is setting yourself up for autoimmune disease" may help as well.

And welcome, Brittany!

Brittany, summon the courage to stand your ground. Don't let anybody step on your integrity like that.

That's awesome to know you've put on muscle, for a second there I was almost believing them.. well not really but I was doubting myself for a bit :( it is hard not to be persuaded when it's you quoting 'the internet' and a book which nobody knows about to them who have 'qualifications'.. 
Anyway we took my body fat % and muscle % and will measure again in a month.. I know it will improve and can't wait to prove him wrong!

id ask each of them: " how sure are you about this? " and leave at that   then let them see you as time goes by and see the amazing that happen to you on many many many levels

Yeah this is why we need more HCRV athletes so we can just say k go tell that to HCRV version of Mike Tyson.  Maybe Tim Bradley is a good name drop.

They are reacting so strong because their own beliefs are being put to the maximum test. When you enter a meathead (pardon my french) gym you've got to know that most of the people in there, especially the PT's, have been brainwashed by the fitness industry. Like DR would say, it does not make them bad ppl but what they are practicing will destroy them in the long run. 

When ppl react like this you just got to step back, think for yourself, why are they reaction like this? Are they confused? Maybe scared? Are they really trying to help you? Are they defending themselves? How can they say that you are looking great and then tell you that what you are doing is making you sick? 

How is GOING BACK TO NATURE going to kill you?

I mean gosh, this whole fanaticism about protein... It's just all about the benjamins. Here in Sweden, when I walk past a TV or a advertisement on the streets, it's protein this and protein that. $$$

Think for yourself and keep educating yourself =D PEACE

Any time you challenge someone's previously held beliefs or oppose their constructed paradigms about how they thought something was, you tend to get considerable resistance. Just ignore those people and realize they're just trying to relate to you in the only way they know how. As long as you know what you're doing is right for you then that's all that matters :)

I also wanted to mention that this is a scenario that is going to repeat itself often and finding a few good 'lines' that work for you and getting comfortable with them will help.  

it's about your tone when you talk about it. when speak about it with confidence and conviction without hesitation, people will get the impression that you know what you are talking about, and they may question you and even get aggressive, but they're not going to try to tell you what to do differently so long as you exude a knowingness in your voice.

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