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not so new to this diet (i started in November) but new to all the help of this forum and i thanks you all. I cheated a lot those past month thinking it was not a problem but i think my digestive issue were linked to those cheating.

So what are the consequences of cheating? is it better to purge after a binge?

I binged on pizzas after rice then chocolate two days ago, purged myself after one hour (feeling all evil i was doing to my body) and then two days later i am still bloated like a pregnant woman, i noticed in my poo that i am throwing out the melon of sunday lunch only. I don't want to eat less, afraid that it will lead to another binge later....but not sure it is a good thing to add all those fruits since my intestin are congested? So what is your tricks after a cheat? juices? fast?

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I'm not really sure what would be the best route. I mess up usually 1-3 times a week so far. I try my hardest to just accept it and move on and start the next day anew, as if the episode never happened. I come from an ed background so I have to fight the urge to purge when I mess up. I keep trying to remind myself that if I overeat my body sends out hormones and insulin and what have you (not really a science person) to deal with the situation. If I purge, my body is thrown even further off course. I think the purging will also keep my body in that survival mode, ie desperate to hold onto fat. I'm trying to transition into a thriving mode so the purging really will not do. This is my rational. I'm a newbie though and would love to hear what other people think.

Oh, also, my digestion is often messed up after a binge, though on occasion a binge actually gets things moving more than usual, which I don't mind.

I've been there.  Drink A LOT of water.  Ideally with lemon, it's really cleansing.  Start chugging, drink at least 3L over the next couple hours.  Then as soon as you're hungry again, eat something calorie-dense like bananas.  Just get right back on track!  NEVER purge if you can help it- if you can't help it I'd definitely recommend finding a professional to talk to.

Only way out is through.  Eat lots of bananas.  Aim for 3000 calories a day and you won't want to cheat!  No way to escape feeling crappy and bloated.

yes thanks,In fact i am not worried about my mistakes but about the consequences: feeling bad, poor digestion, heavy, no sport possible during three day long and to find the best way to deal with that.

Concerning my purging,, I will have no difficulties to not purge if you tell me it is better for my body.

I don't know if it was kind of an eating disorder but I had difficulties finding food that i was confident to eat in l in large quantities except fruit , was quite a huge eater but always felt bad after eating a lot of traditionnal food and did not like eating a lot of rice/pasta potatoes, In fact i had some intolerence and allergies (i discovered it) and i was hungry, always afraid of not eating enough, bringing fruit everywhere and finishing all my meal just wanting fruits but having to wait a couple of hours to be able to digest them. So yes i was during those years undercarbed and with this continious dilemma you should eat more of what you don't want, that is how i fell in the binging/purging  but i did not want to restrict my calories just wanted to feel fine after eating and that my food were giving me energy not taking it; So now i discovered that i can eat all the fruit that i want and i am so happy like a dream come true, just a little afraid of how to deal with that with others. and i did make the mistake of not eating enough, because my body might need to recover and might have been undercarbed during those years and when i had to travel those past month i did not tell anybody that i eat only fruits, try to eat with them but was not giving my body enough in those moments because not feeling to eat that a lot like what happen those long years.....

Ok thanks, it seems that the purging is not a great idea, I  will stop then it helps. It is true that i think it is a vicious circule. for the moment i can feel what it is being pregnant ;)

Try eating some trail mix or nuts in the morning so you don't binge because you might be hungry.  The nuts keep me full all day.

Ok Jennifer but is it good then for the digestion of the fruits later on?

I would stay away from nuts and focus on fruit. Nuts are mostly fat and lack the fuel our body needs as well as fiber. Fruit is the way to go!

yes thanks everybody for your help and advice, i noticed that the learning is more efficient whithout purging, (three long day to leave with your cheating in your stomach;)). good luck too Sarah.  I am eating around 3500kcal a day but it happens some day that i can't eat that much (social reasons) and i think a few days later that might be the cause of the binge. I guess if we eat less one day then our body will have to eat more the next day, no??

I have still doubt concerning the need of fat, i thought we should  eat overfat or else we will have to eat a lot in order that our bodies find those fatty nutrients it need in fruits or veggies...no? i open a new discussion on that subject....

Wildy, my "sister"...I know the guilt and shame that comes with a binge. It sounds like a disordered eating pattern developing. Please trust me when I say now is the time to stop that in its tracks. Please feel free to message me !

Peace love unity and respect,
Stephanie sunshine

Thank you very much Stephanie, that is so nice to not feel alone...yes i decided to stop!! but not so easy... i had many things to correct, like neglecting my needs because of work, sport or collegues.. doing too much sport or not respecting rest..... so in fact i am learning a new way of eating but also to respect more myself and i am  happy to have discovered this  way of eating that i feel good with like today but once i am undercarbed i guess all the doubt just jump on me, re....The social aspect is not easy as well to deal with but i suppose that it will get better once i will accept more myself in this life style.

Wildy, I am proud of you and happy for you that you are ready to leave the shed the chains of ed behaviours.I can tell you are very thoughtful and you will succeed getting through this. There will be bumps in the road, and you can expect them, thus making it easier to plan for what you'll do when they occur. Most of all, love and respect your body, build confidence in yourself that you know how to feed yourself and that this way (when done correctly) will nurture your body and allow it to heal, thus learning to trust you again.

And yes, the social aspect can be challenging. I know this too well. I have found that by reading 80-10-10 and using science to back me up, I am no longer uncertain of myself when people question me. I tell them "I have no judgement on you for the way you choose to eat, all I ask is that you do me the same respect and not fuss over how I eat." In situations where I trust the people I am talking to, I have told them that I come from a history of bulimia, and for me, this lifestyle is the ultimate freedom from the pain of disordered eating.

My other tip to you is, don't worry about how many calories you get at first (as long as its 2500+ more if you are exercising), focus on enjoying the foods and acquainting yourself with the lifestyle. And as Freelee said in her great video, if you do eat cooked once in a blue moon, that's okay! Just eat near 80-10-10 and you'll be excellent. Sometimes we can't stick to 100% raw but that isn't a problem. This is life after all, it's the progress and the direction we are headed, not the speed you head in!

Peace love unity and respect,

Stephanie Sunshine



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