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how to convince someone with type 1 diabetes to start this diet?

My mother has type 1 diabetes and i would like some good proof that you can cure it our at least get it a lot more balanced with this diet.

because she is diabetic she is scared of carbs!

any tips will do.

i have tried to explain that get is not good for you're body and that is what causes dibetes

 but she is suspicious to this diet.

although she said if i found proof that someone has been cured with this diet she agrees to try for at least a week.

please help me?

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buy the dr neil benards program for reversing diabetes and have your mom read it if you can. im sure it would help and give her  a lot of scientific information about high carb, low fat cures to diabetes

thanks Jacob 

I will check it out.

Sergei Boutenko was diagnosed with type 1 and he switched his diet to raw and cured himself before he started taking insulin but that was shortly after diagnosis. One of Dr. Barnards patients also had as much luck early after diagnosis as well I believe. As for some type 1 diabetics on this site there is Robby Barbaro and Tasha who are doing very well on this diet. I myself am type 1 diabetic and although I still haven't gone 100% raw I have decreased my insulin dramatically as well as lost some of my excess weight. I used to eat only about 30-40% of my calories from carbs and now that I am eating 80% or more from carbs I only need about half the insulin (even less when I go a stretch fully raw). Myth busted!

there are some studies that I've recently come across that basically concluded it's the fats in the diet and not the carbs that have negative effects on blood glucose levels.. If she's into the science part of it (as I am!) these might be of some help...:

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22669333  small study (only 9 people) but concluded that a low-carb, high fat diet (this was 69% fat) resulted in significantly higher blood glucose levels when measured after the meal (when compared to the "normal diet", which still had about 22% fat)


there are a couple more that I came across but that was the most relevant.

Also - if she does just want to try it for a week, she could just monitor her blood glucose levels really closely, right?  I've always thought that in and of itself would ease my mind if I had diabetes and wanted to try this out.  I've actually even thought of getting a blood glucose monitor myself just out of curiosity. 

thank you everyone for your answers 

I'm 21 years old and I have been type 1 diabetic for 7 years, I'm one month and a half into my raw food journey...

I first started with Dr. Gabriel Cousens approach and due to a huge lack of energy I just switched to the 80/10/10 diet 1 week and a half ago.

I would say that I have ups and downs and it's not that easy for me to adjust my insulin quantities. But I can say the 10-12 bananas I eat in the morning are not worst on the blood sugar level than the big bowl of pastas or sweet cereals I use to eat.

Being honest my ultimate goal is to cure my type 1 diabetes cause this disease is just awful !

I tell myself that if people can cure terminal cancer, ms and other kinds of auto immune diseases why couldn't I cure my diabetes !

I also tell myself that the disease might have taken years to implant itself, so I don't expect to cure it in couples weeks or months. I think in my case it will take years of sticking 110% to the 80/10/10 diet and taking good care of body ( exercise, stretching, yoga, meditation...) to reverse the disease.

My disease's value for pharmaceutical corporation in Canada is 325$ per months, us type 1 diabetes are gold mine for the corporation especially because we are suppose to be on their medication for the rest of our life. ( Do you really think they would tell us if there was a natural cure or a natural way to prevent type 1 diabetes, and bizarrely type 1 cases increase from 3% per years and they will tell you that this is a unknown cause. Yeahh... bullshit)

It has been proved that's cow's milk can increase newborn's chances to develop  a type 1 diabetes by 13%. ( read The China Study).  Strangely the countries that drink the more cow's milk have the highest rate of type 1 diabetes cases. BUT THEY WON'T TELL YOU THAT, BUT IT'S OUR RIGHT TO KNOW !

( I say in Canada because it may varies from country to country)

It's such a shame that our medical system don't gives us the opportunity to reverse the disease by changing our diet when we are diagnose at the beginning. I mean must of the new diabetics won't have the chance that Sergei Boutenko had. Maybe I would have avoided 7 years of suffering if I had been told to change my diet drastically 7 years ago.

I mean it's so sad that they don't even let the change to your body to heal itself by giving it the right tools.

I suggest your mother to go slowly or step by step because changing your diet completely when your have been eating the same way for decade is not a easy thing, it's very stressful especially when your type ones diabetics.

Good luck and peace

thanks for your answer

 I'm sure you're going to heal you're diabetes, but as you say it might take a while.

keep up the good work

i will show her some of the science and not push her too much.

because then she will never try it.

she will get it, the problem is she is just misinform about nutrition as most people.

so its better that she's dedicated and i give it a real shot instead of doing it like 50% 

because i heard mixing fruit and fat will really make you're body suffer

Yes it's possible for fat and fruit but I'm not an expert.

And yes it's a good thing that's she reads a couples of books before starting. I think Dr. Graham 811 book is a must and maybe The China Study, Dr. Bernard...

yes i will find as much information i can so she can succeed with the diet, do i now it is real tricky with food and bloodsugar if you have diabetes.

I would show them a lot of articals, videos, etc, all sorts of studies.  I convinced my grandmother to try it.  She's starting 50%.



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