30 Bananas a Day!

Cooked food as in warm, hearty food. 

I came home from work today. Sat down with an avocado.. needed more so I sprinkled salt on it (ugh.) and then I just really needed to fill that hole in my belly so I warmed up a bowl of mac and cheese (UGH!). I've been pretty good lately, I'd say 95% raw vegan, with some steamed veggies here and there. But I really hate falling off the wagon.

What do you do when you have/had those cravings? Also know that I am somewhat lazy when it comes to food.

Do you have any go to foods? Quick filling recipes?

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Thank you!

I try to understand why I have those cravings for ex if i know I have low bloodsugar ,  then it is easier to control the cravings.

datorade will fill you up fast and takes no time to do it.

How do you make dateorade?

put 300 grams of dates with 1 literof water in a mixer a letit run a minute or so.

you could add more water if you like , i wouldn't recommend less.


Just have a @#$% ton of fruit laying around.Make your apartment/house/whatever abundant with fruit!

Can be hard to have o box or two of dates and some 10's kg's of bananas in a special place but Then you have the whooole fridge and cupboards FILLED with 'non-811' friendly foods. 

Anyway, take it easy. You had some mach and cheese, so what? Do you think you should beat yourself up about it? :P Maybe say, "Today I had mac and cheese! Fruit yeah! Tomorrow I*m gonna have so many bananas and think so much water I'm going to laugh at the idea of Mac'n cheese =D !

One step at the time, 95% vegan today is better than 20% (or whatever you were) vegan you were before.

Summation: Have Overkill of fruit around(makes it EASY), eat whenever, gulge water!

P.s binge on cooked potatoes (srrsly, no salt no oil potatoes, they are fruiting delicious!)

Thanks, I live with my parents still so It's kinda hard to have a good abundance of fruit, but I know, each mistake I make makes me stronger, and more determined to be 100%!! I'll have to just stuff my face with good food so I don't binge on the bad. :)



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