30 Bananas a Day!

My new identity should be:


A thriving happy superfit/superhealthy superripped triathlete that

is eating 5000-10.000 calories from fruit a day. (5000 if i have a recovery day in bed^^)

I am inspiring thousands of people over youtube with high quality entertaining educational videos on how to get fit and healthy. I am coaching people that really want to help themselfes. I am running my website that reaches more and more people in germany. I am one of the first leaders for LFRV in germany. I am traveling the world, meeting like minded people. I am a educational entertaining public speaker, that gives talks everywhere.


Thats just a little bit of the identity i want to create. How do i transform my old identity into the new one?


Old identity: fat, unfit, drugaddicted, unconfident schizophrenic. LOL^^


I am getting 7000 high carb calories a day, peeing clear, sleeping early 10 hours, i am training smart, i get b12 shots...


i think i am have the physical requirements. I think i have all that it takes to be my new identity.


But how do i create it?


Durianriders says its 80/20 when it comes to cycling success.

80% believe, 20 % action.


I think its the same with other kinds of success.


I could start right away. But what will happen if i havent already changed my identity?


How can i create if i am still my old identity?


But i feel like i am not doing anything when i only focus on creating my new identity, understanding my old believes and transform it.


What are your thoughts about achieving your dreamlife?

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the you is still you, but I got what you are saying... how to change, - study NLP and use the tools that it offers - Meditate - smile


And don't wait or do it later but do it now, do it now, do it now. (to quote I think Brian Tracy)


But your `new identity` needs to incorporate the old you, as you are already complete and whole and always have been.


much love,

I think I get what you mean by new identity, you mean you are ready to start living as that person. bmoojeni is right, no need for shame, that's great advice! :)


But how to get started? Just start doing it, there's no line of demarkation where suddenly you're "good enough". I mean I've seen some raw coaches post about things and then others jump on them because they don't know this or that (on other forums) but I personally don't buy into a raw mentor or coach knowing everything and making decisions for me. In fact, I've been led forward by people with far less knowledge than I but more than enough enthusiasm for both of us!


It's all about everyone using their own noggin. That way they safeguard themselves (which they should anyway) and there is no need for a person willing to lead the way to be perfect. Look at DR, he is quite the leader on here, and he is sure of what he's talking about. But I suspect that if he were wrong about something and called on it, he'd deal and move on. In fact, he's spoken about that in some of his videos. You get into more of a problem with people who feel as if they have transcended and then when they are wrong, they are afraid to admit it for fear of loosing their transcendent status. That's sad, it traps them and the people looking to them (especially if not using their own noggins) are in danger of being bamboozled.


The thing is no one is perfect! But are you living the LFRV lifestyle and buzzing and blissing on it? Just share that with people, I bet you'll have people respond to it. Not everyone will like it/you, that's OK, it's normal. Be yourself, and if the "yourself" you want to be is a person who live so full of joy and excitement that it overflows into other people's lives and makes then happier and healthier? Do it! Do it! Do it! :)

I have a question about your schizophrenia, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to!  Have you literally been diagnosed with schizophrenia?  And does that mean you're a highly functional schizophrenic?  I know someone who is schizophrenic and they aren't really able to function in society...I would love for him to get better but...I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing.  I know you can be temporarily schizophrenic from drugs or certain deficiencies and then when you stop using drugs or make up those deficiencies it's possible to get better.  Is that what you have or have you had schizophrenia your whole life?  I know it's not specifically related to the 80/10/10 diet I was just wondering if you feel that eating this way is helping you to get better?

Hi Mandy,


Don't want to hijack this thread but schizophrenia is the one mental condition besides autism that seems to respond the best to changes in diet (although depression and anxiety respond really well too). It has been well know for quite some time that grains (and dairy) are a huge culprit in both autism and schizophrenia. There are published studies detailing how much better people with schizphrenia do when they remove all grains from their diet. Maybe your friend could at least drop the grains? Of course all vegan, low fat and raw is ideal, but eliminating grains may very well help them considerably.





yes i ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia, I dont know what you meann with highly  functional?

I am notr eating 801010, i am eating high carb high fruit vegan,

okay cool, thanks Stefan!  By highly functional I mean able to hold down a job or go to school and all that stuff.  I hope this doesn't sound rude, I don't mean to be.  I just mean my friend has schizophrenia and he is also an alcoholic and drug addict (he just checked into detox again last week) and is really depressed and basically sits at home all day and he still hears voices and has episodes every so often.  His diet is probably the worst out of anyone I know and he smokes like a chimney...lol I know it sounds bad and this isn't how any of my other friends are but...gah...okay he's my brother lol.  I was trying not to mention that.  Anyway.  Stephen it sounds like you're doing pretty good and I was wondering if your diet change helped any of your symptoms is you have positive symptoms like hearing voices, paranoia etc.  Audrey, that's interesting to hear about the effect of grains.  I would like to be able to convince my brother to clean up his diet, I think it would help a lot, but for now I'm mostly just learning about it.



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