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Fruit juice, of course.

I've been smashing 5000+ calories a day lately, 3000+ coming from fruits. I have been high carb for about a year now but lately it has been more like 60-20-20 to help manage eating 5000+ calories. My goal is to stop being called skinny not because I care about people's opinions, but because I want to show people that you can succeed on a high carb low fat vegan lifestyle and to lead by example. It is weird that as soon as you tell them you are vegan they tell you that you are too skinny. It is some sort of phenomenon where people believe that if you are not massively SWOLE like a bodybuilder than veganism doesn't work. It's not ok to be skinny if you are vegan but if you eat meat then that same person isn't skinny.

Me: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130367959@N02/21907844331/in/datepost...

My goal is strength and size. Any advice on building with 80-10-10 despite its reputation for weight loss?

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I'd do 3-6 different lifts per muscle group.  If by muscle group you mean upper/lower body.  I usually will do bench, curl, pull ups in a cycle for 2 sets. Then switch to incline/decline/shoulder press, row, and dips or something similar for 2+ sets for upper body.

How about chest press/dumbell press, weighted pullups 5 reps x 3 sets then rows dips and shoulder press 5 reps x 3 sets for example? Also do you do isolation or just compound exercises and would you do isolated before or after compound?

Get a copy of Robert Cheeke's book. It has a good lifting program in it.

Reality is though, you will never get the gains you want unless you are on the gear.

Get back to me in 10 years and let me know how you went doing it natty and holding gains.

It doesnt matter if you do isolated or compound or what ratio or drop sets etc. All that matters is if you are lifting heavy, eat enough carbs and taking enough gear to meet your needs.

When I was doing roids I was just doing arm curls infront of the mirror with the heaviest weight I could rep for 10 reps with good form. Then putting it down for 1min and doing it over and over. I was experience gains in just 2 weeks. Enough gains that friends I saw regularly were pointing out. They also didnt know I was on the juice.

I'm doing my best without using supplements and powders or drugs. I'm reading through Roberts book right now and am unsure whether you actually need 1-2g protein per lb of bodyweight. Maybe I'm too focused on fruit that I overlook other sources of food that I might need? He said there was a time he had 18 tofurkeys I think just to gain weight. Not that tofurkeys should be a staple. Also maybe I need to workout less often because I'm not eating lots of amjno acids or bcaas so my body might take a little longer to fully recover and make any gains?

Beans and mushrooms are your friend.  1-2g per pound of body weight is a bit excessive, but you should be getting at least 0.5g per pound of weight.  Fruit is the best recovery food so you don't need to worry about not recovering fast enough eating fruit.  In my experience though, eating only fruit and tender leafy vegetables I can eat 1000+ more calories than I usually would and still lose weight.  Whereas if I'm eating a denser high protein meal (rice, beans, potatoes, quinoa, cooked veg) for dinner I can consistently see strength gains. 

I don't like that stereotyping and branding body types based on diet. Also as soon as they find I'm vegetarian, they see me in different category, like minority with fussy demand, not mainstream easy going hangout mate.  It doesn't bother me now, I just stopped telling them.  You look nice and fit, not skin and bones. I hope you keep up your good work.

Yeah I just tend to not tell people. It's just asking for people to look down on you when you mention you're vegan. Yes, people CAN and DO look down on others who refuse to support animal abuse. For a moment I got to 170 lbs stuffing my face but it literally takes a day of eating like a normal person and a good day on my bike and I'm touching the bottom of 160 lbs. I feel like I'm trying the impossible trying to work out (anabolic) and bike a lot (catabolic). Sometimes I feel like I barely break even.
I feel a little frustated. I was looking back at old food logs and after weeks of eating 5,000-6,000 calories a day I went from 162 lbs to 160 lbs weighed in empty stomach in the morning. I bike everywhere but I don't cycle as much as most cyclists. It just seems to take incredible effort and lifting to barely break even with my weight. The lifting barely seems to counteract the cycling. I'm really trying to gain weight.

I've given up mostly. My body will just have to be however it ends up. I stuff myself meal after meal, day after day and I am the same weight as several years ago. Nothing matters.

If you are still interested in gaining muscle mass I might have help. 

About five months ago I started talking to a guy who is a LFHC vegan who is heavy into fitness and is very muscular.  He loves weightlifting.  He does a lot of advising and coaching to help people build muscle.  

If you’re still interested in gaining muscle mass and staying LFHC let me know and I will give you his name and how to connect with him.



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