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i just started 811rv, and have been inspire to run for the past year. when i start though its not as easy as having the idea of running was of course.
does anyone have tips, advice, inspiration for begginer runners, in my case walker (not for long ;D)

i want to get to the point of running a mile effortlessly and enjoying it finally! always in grade school i was the last kid on the track to finish and because of that i was so unmotivated.

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Look up and complete a couch to 5k program, it's a great way to healthfully ease into running. You can also get couch to 5k and the nike+ apps for free on apple devices.

I've been running for 7+ years so I can share what's kept me going:

1. Stretching before and after.

2. Listening to music while running.

3. Focusing on moving forward instead of bouncing up and down.

4. Taking deep slow breaths. 

DON'T stretch before running unless you've had a good warm up. Stretching 'cold' isn't good for ligaments, joints or muscles.



heed this advice.

+1 to the not bouncing up and down thing..

99% of runners that I see around rural neighborhoods have incredibly poor form. They can really hurt themselves over time.

Also there is much medical science behind even the healthiest dieters having joint problems from frequent running. It has been linked to running on sidewalks/pavement instead of running on soft ground/grass. So I would advise in wearing some water-resistant shoes that don't need to stay pretty, and run only beside the sidewalk in the grass and not on it.  (I've only ever seen one other person actually doing this out in public, and I quietly commended them as I drove past. Knowledge is power, and his joints will thank him one day for it)

Proper form + soft ground will make a big difference. Bouncing up and down on pavement for a while really is brutal to the joints, and you will recover better if you can focus on just your muscles.

Proper running form feels a bit strange at first, somewhat silly. The knees are bent more than usual, and the body is lower to the ground... and you can feel the difference, in your thigh muscles and calves. Running is and really should be... a workout. Focusing the strain on the thighs & calves is important!

As far as motivation goes...  just keep fruiting yourself!  The energy will follow!

go slow   build a nice base   where you could keep a conversation  while running   let others pass you for several months as you slow build a cardio base

Form is everything.  

Look up www.chirunning.com and chirunning on Youtube.

On the latter, you'll find many vids on how to hit the ground running right and safely for the long haul.  

thank you so much everybody! im going to be going on my "first" run on monday! im really excited to see my progress as i get better and more attuned to my body during the journey of running!!


thank you guys!!

so i ran today, walked as well. 

and felt really good! i made sure my hands were loose and my shoulders were down, and due to a new foot problem im running on toe heel. appreciate the tips!

i can run about 5 minutes straight right now :]

i dance so my legs i dont think can be too much stronger we do a lot of squats and lunges haha!

thanks for the tip!!!!

run as slowly as needed . . . have fun and smile . . . learn about good form, I recommend light/minimalist shoes at most and take it slow, you'll need to strengthen your legs properly, but then you'll never have to worry about injury . . . i would run without music until you're aware enough of your body to do it, you really need to pay attention to yourself first and foremost.

i like to listen to nature anyways so no music is no issue for me :] i love being aware of where i am and what is happening in my body. music is for long car rides and dancing and i play music too :]

thank you!



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