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How often do you have B12 injections?


 Also which do you use?       I have access to Hydroxocobalamin injections.  

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I inject once a month, also hydroxocobalamin, intromuscularly, deeper than fat, so long needle needed.
Last time I tested the blood, I was 250 range, so that is when I decided to do some protocol: a week once a day, then once a week for 2 months, and there after once a month. I will be testing again in a month, which is a year later, after my first test.

I will bookmark this page and post my results here. I feel better, less tired or foggy during the days, so I am guessing the b12 levels must be higher.

Cheers Yogaranka :0)


I've just started B12 Injections. I did one a day for three days now I'm onto one every second day for a week then I'm going to do one a week for two months(same as you are) Then once a month there after.


Prior to this I have been taking a sub lingual daily for a period of time (methycobalamin). I had a Blood test a while back not long after I started taking this, probably about a month-ish to two months and I was 480 range. The GP was happy with this ( Because NZ standards are like 180 range if I recall ) I difinately believe the Sub Lingual has helped.


I look forward to see the long term results of the injections :0)

I already feel like I'm noticing a difference.


I've got my brother onto them and he had his first last night and today when I saw him he automaticly commented on how good he felt when he woke and for the rest of the day. He's never taken a b12 supplement prior to this. :0)

A better way of wording this is -  Hydroxocobalamin injections are available over the counter at the local pharmacy :0)

Yeap, Australia

I'm from Christchurch,NZ. You need a prescription aswell for the injections there, I'm unsure which one you received thou. You could get sub linguals and tablets over the counter at the pharmacy. 

I guess it varies between pharmacy. I went into one and they said it was prescription only then went into another and it was over the counter, thou on any given day in that particular pharmacy there might be an attendent who is under the impression that it is by prescription and then is corrected.


Once a month?

Depends on the person and what sort of stress levels they live. Lots of body builders do em everyday but I don't recommend that. Standard medical protocol is 1x1000mcg intramuscular shot 3x a week for 1 week then once weekly for a month and then once a month or so as needed.

Read 'Could it be B12?' if you want to learn more on the subject. Its amazing how divided doctors are about the subject of b12.

I always have a giggle when my meat eater mates show me their blood tests and they are low in b12 after telling me 'ONLY vegans can have b12 issues man!'. They all respond well to shots though.

Cheers Bro!

I can agree with you mark in that most MDs are baffons :0) I recall when I went in asking for a B12 test the doctor was stupefied that I would want one and even attempted to talk me out of it?

I seem to always here how unsupportive or how much lack of foresight the medical practitioners have in this day and age!

It's disheartening to hear of your struggle and the lack of support from a sector that is supposedly there to help and even a relative.

I'm glad a light bulb has come on for you with you situation :0)

Many years did I struggle with depression and through putting in self-work I was noticing progress yet not until I started taking sublingual did I feel like real tangible progess was made and now after only a short period on injections, it feels like depression never existed in my life :0)



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