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How normal is it (for women) to have a FLAT BELLY ? Let' s have an honest look...

I am tired of worrying about my belly, wondering whether it's bloated, whether it's fat, whether i'm eating too many calories or too many bananas, whether it's candida etc..

And I noticed it' s a lot of women on this forum (and everywhere!!!) who face this issue..


Before we start restricting calories and feeling bad all the time, hiding our curves..

maybe  we need to clarify one point:

how healthy and NORMAL is it for women to have a flat belly, and have it flat all the time too?

i had a flat belly, most of my life...

Was I healthy? Not really!!! 

Was it flat all the time? No, I looked pregnant right after a meal, and then it'd go away..

Now it's a different matter.
My belly looks pretty round all the time.

it's a bit better in the morning, but it hasn't been flat in 2 months now.. 

I'm not gaining weight. I'm still thin (normal, not skinny).
I'm not getting FAT.  My belly doesn't hurt.  
Whatever it is (fat, yeast, candida, bacteria, IBV), it is not painful.

I'm not bloated anywhere else except for my belly.

And then, is it really bloated?  Or is it just chubbier and a bit more plump ?

Are we meant to have muscles there, as lots of men can?

Should I keep doing more crunches?

What is WRONG really?  Should we even try and fix this?

So  i  had a look around..

*  Old  paintings of Eve all show her to have a curve there.


 It's not fat. It's not a pregnant-belly. but she's definitely round there and all paintings show her that way so it must be what the norm was, when thinking of a perfect creature, she was God's most perfect creation after all, before she sinned, or wasn't she?

** Tribal women... young ones:  no flat belly there again..


***  Old paintings of beautiful thin women, all with a  round belly..




... We know from this forum wisdom that bodybuilding women can only keep a super flat belly for only so long, cause it's not healthy to have all those muscles there on a regular basis and such little fat.

We need a bit of fat there..

It's how we store it for a rainy day (or for a baby!)

So.. I think it's safe to say that a flat belly is probably not the healthiest thing on the planet or something we should pursue as a symptom of being healthy.

i've never felt this good and energetic and yet i've never had such a "bloated", "chubby", bigger than I used to belly...

Should I now try to restrict calories, eat less fruit, go back to beans and low energy so I can have my flat tummy back?  (and all the many health issues i also had back then) ?

or should we  make peace with a rounded belly?


Any added fact/opinion on this would be very welcome...

cause i'm going a bit nuts trying to figure out what could be "wrong" with me...

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Posts like this annoy me on here. Why is it that having a meaty butt is "hott" but not a meaty gut? Give you a clue, societal programming. I've heard women store fat in arms and thighs too, but who cares?

Just live a healthy life (sleep, water, sugar, exercise, stress management-as in not stressing about your image, etc.) and let your body look however it ends up looking as a result - both short and long term. Better to feel good than look good in my experience. I'm NOT trying to single you out. Like you said, a lot of other people on here raise weight questions, so this goes out to them too. Plus, you're raising health concerns, so your intent isn't solely about vanity.

I'm no doctor, but I think you're fine. It's probably just all the water and food matter in your digestive tract. I know you said this used to go away in the past on a different diet, but perhaps the food you were eating then was dehydrating and sucked in your extra water weight around your belly as a result (like a sponge absorbing water). I really don't know, I'm just spit-ballin.

For me, the bottom line is I'd rather associate with people who care about themselves, not about their reflection.


My pet peeve is also that a woman with pudge is called fat, and a guy is called built:(

The creatures who should probably carry a little extra pudge, especially during child bearing, are held to almost impossible standards, and standards that are not healthy long term.

Peace, PK

Mathyou, you are correct!  We should just stick to our guns and see how we turn out!  Well said! however, I hope you can go there with me for a minute and consider the pyschological (not even to mention emotional and physical) pain women go through by being judged and trying to measure up! Men have this issue too, but their virility is not on display like our beauty!  We're on display and constantly being judged.

I am an empath and I can literally feel the disapproval, jealousy and whatever else is being sent my way in energy.  I used to use heavy vegan foods to numb myself from that pain!  I am learning to deal with that.  It's very painful.  Please add this information to your understanding.  If you have a person in your life that seems oversensitive about body image, please try to consider that there may be more to it than just a dress size and advertising.  Please respond if you care to.


I have read that raw fruits and veg hydrate old matter in the intestines from all the food residue (except fruit & veg as that is the only food that leaves the body completely) that you have eaten over your whole life. So, however many years-worth of grains, beans, animal products, junk, whatever, leave a residue in your intestines which dries and solidifies and eating a fruit diet hydrates this, giving it more bulk and then allowing it to be crapped out. I don't know if this is true but it certainly seems to fit how people can be slimmer elsewhere but bulkier in the lower (and not upper) abdomen, perhaps until they have been 100% 811 for a couple of years or so. Obviously, all the years of eating stuff other than fruit leaves considerable residue takes more than a few months to clear, it's a gradual process. The only way I can see of speeding it up is to eat heaps of juicy fruit so you crap more!

Does anyone know if this is true? Although I don't see it happening to guys and surely it would, if it were true? Unless guys just generally have stronger digestive systems or something. Thoughts?

Bingo!  I think this is spot-on insight.

And i have your SAME question. If what you argued is true, and I'm sure it is,

WHY Doesn't it happen to men too?????  
My partner eats WAY more cooked food than me and though he's been vegan and on 811 for a year now, he never gets a bloated belly !!!!

So what's the deal? Is it a woman/man issue?  That's what i'm trying to understand with this post too..


"gah this would be great to work out!"

Indeed!!!!!  And by the way,  I have been going more to the toilet myself lately. And maybe it's because i've been eating tons of oranges, which have a lot of water, so  they can clean us more from the waste in our gut,  so maybe that's why i've been more bloated lately...


Women are more generally more emotionally sensitive than men, sometimes.  Please try to look at other reasons beyond purely physical ones.  Sometimes old hurts and regrets are stored there, too.

Jon Fergus I TOTALLY agree. :)

they also don't eat much...

my friend's sister works as a model on occasion and when she has photo shoots she sometimes can't even drink water until after the shoot, simply for the belly to be flat...




Not to mention the air brushing before and after the shoot!

Peace, PK


IMO, it is a resounding NO, NO, NO! Even for men flat bellies are probably not a sign of good internal long term health. 

IMO, we need to throw away the scales, the tvs, the model pictures, and most of modern SAD conventional medicine.  We need to throw away weight charts, and bmi charts. 

Forgive me if I get long winded here, but I will try to explain my rational. 

I had a grandfather who had a belly that looked like a beer belly.  But it was hard as rock and all muscle for he was a hard working man who worked in a factory all of his life, and built several of the homes he lived in.  He was always active in outdoor pursuits.  He would probably fail most weight chart tests done today. 

The modern female and male model look was probably influenced in the 1960s by the renown figgy.  That set off a trend of starvation diet plans and people trying to look like tooth picks. 

In medical science, there are studies that say calorie restriction may decrease ones risk of degenerative diseases like heart disease.  But, where they may be mistaken is that the problem of obesity, cholesterol, and other issues are not based in the calories alone, but in what kind of diet is taken.  So it is possible to be hefty, and yet strong, and have a little emergency pudge.

As early as the 1920s,  and before that evil invention of the TV, doctors recognized that people needed to eat a minimum of 3,000 calories a day from raw and or minimally cooked foods or they would have problems with degenerative diseases, tooth decay, and osteoporosis.  The less good nutrition a mother ate, the worse her baby would do.  Her daughter would be born with under devloped bones, and may grow up unable to carry children of her own.

The modern skinny look of women today is not healthy, neither the kidney bean shaped pelvis.  Pelvises and hips should be round like a circle.  In the old times, when tribal women ate healthy, they had fully developed pelvises that were round.  Childbirth might only take an hour or two, and there was little pain.  Extra fat on the bones gave mom and baby energy during breastfeeding and childrearing.

Now days, women are taught from a young age to starve and calorie restrict to fit a beautiful model look.  Fat women may actually be malnourished because food is coming from dead and cooked food sources, and they may still have undeveloped bones.  How many fat women have told me, well, look at least I have a small frame:(

C sections in child birth are sky rocketing at record breaking rates. 

For more information on this topic, you might like the book:

Weston PRice's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration


This was a study done around the 1930s of primitive and tribal peoples who were just being introduced to cooked and processed and flour based products.  Within a generation of two, some girls could not even give birth!

So long story short...males and females probably need a minimum of 3,000 calories of raw fruits and leafy greens a day, and in their raw form, and with enzymes that assist in the body's utilization of the nutrients.

Many people will end up weighing more than their weight chart tells them, or at least, their raw vegan children will because they will develop dense bones and teeth, and healthy muscle, and yes, females may naturally store extra body fat during the child bearing years. 

Once cooked food and or calorie restriction starts, so to do the health issues no only of the restrictor, but their children and grandchildren. 

So, that is my rant.

Peace, PK


I am one of those hefty individuals and at about 5'7" hoover around 160.  I have made my peace with it, and I am not trying to restrict or loose.  It will happen in time, I am sure, but I am not forcing it, and I feel better than I ever have in my life. 

I am naturally muscular, and if I walk one mile a day, I start building bricks on my legs. I also have big bones which I hope are dense and healthy.

I have belly pudge, and some saggy underarms, but then again, I am probably old enough to be the parent of many 30BaD members:D

Well, I love all of you like you were my own anyways:D

Hope that makes you feel better. 

Peace, PK



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