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Hey beautiful fruities.

Do you wear perfume/ aftershave?



Do you dye your hair?

Use toothpaste?

Hair styling products, shampoo, do you go the hairdressers?

Do you blowdry or straighten your hair?

How about nail varnish?

Do you shave/wax/pluck... anywhere?

This is for both men and women :)

If your partner does any of the above, what are your thoughts on it?

I'm just curious really, the longer I've been on this site, the more I seem to see comments/ discussions here and there regarding using products and staying natural.

I would be interested to see how far people go when it comes to staying natural.

I look forward to hearing any responses.

love & light x

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I don't use shampoo/conditioner - trained my hair out of it, just water.

I use bar soap, just something simple, vegan and nice smelling

I shave legs, underarms, trim elsewhere ;)

I use vegan make up (foundation, mascara, eyeliner)

No painkillers  - but not necessarily because I am wholly against them, just no unnecessary use

Make my own deodorant, baking soda and coconut oil and essential oils

Use whatever toothpaste is vegan and fluoride free but have mornings or evenings off sometimes and just use water

How long did it take for you to train your hair?

great :) does the oil not make your hair more greasy?

Do you wear perfume/ aftershave?
Been free of scents for 3 years


A little bit of mascara the odd time...Once every couple of months if I attend a fancy event

When I work I'll use mineral salts on my underarms because even though I don't smell, there is a small amount of human "odour" and it isn't acceptable at work. 

Do you dye your hair?
Never have! The idea of rubbing chemicals into my scalp has always freaked me out...

Use toothpaste?
Only water for brushing my teeth! Rinse with baking soda & water nightly. 

Hair styling products, shampoo, do you go the hairdressers?
Haven't used any products or shampoo on my hair in 19 months! I use some coconut oil daily to stop the frizz on my curls, but that's all. My partner's sister is a hair dresser and cuts my hair without shampoo & products. I used to experience a bit of of a whitish coating on my hair but as soon as I cut all nuts and seeds out it disappeared. Now it's light and feels like it used to when I used shampoo

Do you blowdry or straighten your hair?

How about nail varnish?
Never have. Always thought it was ridiculous to cover nails with chemicals and then have them turn yellow...Gross...

Do you shave/wax/pluck... anywhere?
Shave my underarms and legs once a month or so. Trim elsewhere. 


Haven't taken any pills or medications (even "natural" ones) in almost 5 years

No moisturisers either....Just coconut oil on my tattoos and sometimes on my legs. Although I find when I get new tattoos I have to use a vegan lotion because coconut oil & pure aloe seriously impair the tattoo healing process

I take it that once your tattoos are healed you stop using it then?

Yep. I then use coconut oil 

For perfume I use essential oils, but only for special occasions:)

I wear makeup probably once a week, only eyeliner &mascara (both vegan!)

I don't wear deodorant, nailpolish, don't dye my hair, don't use hairspray or mousse or anything like that!

I shampoo with Lush's shampoo bar & use apple cider vinegar as conditioner :)

I use Lush's tooth tabs for toothpaste:)

I will curl my hair occasionally, maybe once every two months

I don't shave anything, I groom my eyebrows and that's it!

I usually forget to put on perfume but when I remember I spray a little. 

I do wear makeup and am transitioning it all to vegan products: urban decay, and I would like to look into 100% pure makeup.

Yes I wear deodorant and am trying different natural options.

I have always dyed my hair and actually bleach it now which yes it is very damaging so who knows maybe I'll stop one day, but as of right now like it the way it is.

I use earthpaste (:

I don't do much with my hair. I straighten/ curl on rare occasions, but try to keep heat to a minimum. I use conditioner only because of the bleach damage and wash my hair once a weekish. I use batiste dry shampoo for the roots when they look a little greasy. but between bleaching I let the hair oils come back in my hair and then use baking soda for build up and deep condition with coconut oil when I feel like it.

I paint my nails rarely,  but only because I'm lazy

Yes I do shave/ wax/ pluck most everywhere 

-- I'm not the most natural hclf vegan out there, but I do have a lot of natural products. All my cleaning products are natural or I'll mix a cleaning solution with baking soda, vinegar and essential oils. I'm definitely transitioning to a natural way of life but don't see anything wrong with a happy middle as long as no animals are harmed (: I love hearing everyone else's top picks though!

I take zero medications. It has been years since I've even taken as much as an aspirin. No aftershave or cologne. I use a cruelty free, "all-natural" deodorant daily. I do not dye my hair - nothing wrong with sporting a little grey ;). I use a tea tree oil toothpaste by Nature's Gate. I also use a tea tree shampoo and conditioner by Nature's Gate. I trim my facial hair probably once or twice a month. I usually look pretty rugged :) Much love and light to you as well :) 



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