30 Bananas a Day!

Hey beautiful fruities.

Do you wear perfume/ aftershave?



Do you dye your hair?

Use toothpaste?

Hair styling products, shampoo, do you go the hairdressers?

Do you blowdry or straighten your hair?

How about nail varnish?

Do you shave/wax/pluck... anywhere?

This is for both men and women :)

If your partner does any of the above, what are your thoughts on it?

I'm just curious really, the longer I've been on this site, the more I seem to see comments/ discussions here and there regarding using products and staying natural.

I would be interested to see how far people go when it comes to staying natural.

I look forward to hearing any responses.

love & light x

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Also, do you take any medications or painkillers?

High five :)

I wear deodorant probably 2 days a week, still use toothpaste but it's some tea tree oil stuff - seems better than the normal fluoride laden toothpaste. Still use regular soap and shampoo but I've been limiting my showers to every other day or 3 days a week or so. Blow dry my hair sometimes since it's getting pretty long. That's about it, I try my best to stay as natural as possible :) No medications or painkillers - haven't had the need for them.

That is fantastic that you have not needed any meds :)

Yes it is! :) I used to always get bad headaches after eating fast food and such, and now I hardly ever get them, maybe 3 to 4 a year - usually when I spend long hours at my retail job and wasn't able to get water or fruit. Thanks for posting this topic, it was a great reminder to keep working towards being more natural! :)

You know what, come to think of it, I've not had a headache in ... a couple of months!

I use a homemade deodorant of arrowroot powder and baking soda, brush my teeth with a tooth powder my mom makes, wash my hair with Bronner's soap (and use it for any other soapy need), condition it with vinegar (homemade). I never wear makeup, dry my hair, pluck, wax, and I've never died my hair, paint my nails, nothing icky like that :/

Oh, and I no longer take aspirin or any meds. If I have a headache (which is much less frequent these days) I use herbal means (my mom is an home herbalist, so I just ask her for help!)

Oh, how interesting, what is arrowroot?

WOW, thank you for all the information, that is great :)

Why apple cider vinegar on your hair hon? Does it not make it smell afterwards?

Oh awesome, does it smell strong in your hair though?

2-5 showers a day! That is mad, yet again, you have the heat in spain so it makes sense :)



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