30 Bananas a Day!

For a while I was horribly afraid that this diet had one negative effect on my health: the dental. For months I got these grey stains that looks like dripping vertical streaks across my front teeth.

But now my teeth are as white and polished as ever. All I did was disregard what I'd heard about not brushing directly after eating--now I brush three times a day, after the most stick-to-your-teeth meals--and my evening brush is with a natural tooth paste (neem-containing). I think the tooth soap shreds I used weren't abrasive enough (I've read Mimi Kirk saying that, and that she uses a neem-containing toothpaste every other day--and her smile is beautiful).

So now I scrape my tongue first thing in the morning and brush with water, mid-day I brush with tooth soap shreds, and after last meal I floss and then brush with neem-containing natural toothpaste. I can't believe it was that easy! I hope I can start to reverse the cavity that started forming...

By the way, I started seeing big improvements from the toothpaste after just 3 days, and after 1 week ALL the staining was gone. 

If you've had similar troubles, just experiment with small and obvious changes! I fixed my teeth just in time for a much-needed dentist appointment. 

**************************UPDATE 09.04.12********************************

Just had that dreaded dental appointment and I have NO CAVITIES, NO TOOTH DECAY! That spot I thought was a cavity must have been a weird shadow. Dentist says they've never been better; he didn't even have any idea of how bad my teeth were stained just last month. And for the first time he told me I had a beautiful set of teeth.

I can confidently say that my body, mind and soul have no problem with any aspect of this lifestyle.

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Sounds like some great stuff! How about some links to the products you are using? Have you checked out oramedia.com? They recommend oral irrigation with a salt water solution to reverse periodontal disease. I think it is a great site. Let us know how that cavity does! Good luck!

I'm trying to find time to read all of the Dr. Nara e-writings I bought in one package, but I was frustrated that the program didn't give recommendations for brands or anything. But yeah, I'll have to check out oramedia--Thanks!



http://www.amazon.com/Tooth-Soap%C2%AE-Cinnamon-Shreds/dp/B004A6LTZ... (will have lasted me a whole year now, used mostly twice a day, only half a shred at a time. So worth it!)

The neem toothpaste is Dessert Essence (Wintergreen). The one questionable ingredient they've used in it is Sodium Laurel Sulfate (spl?), but since receiving complaints they switched that to Sodium Coco-Sulfate--basically a super diluted form of SLS. Longterm I might switch to something else--everyone can make a personal decision on this one--but right now I don't mind something that small when overall it works fantastic. Especially compared to conventional toothpastes!


Currently looking for a wide-taped floss, which Dr. Nara suggests. He also suggests super soft toothbrushes, but I'm still experimenting because I've tried different kinds of "super soft" labelled toothbrushes that feel completely different.


In between brushes, I'll usually just rinse with water, but if I ever want something a little extra I use this little mix I've made of salt and baking soda, and swish that with the water.

Ha Ha! I just saw this picture and so decided to share! :

Has anyone tried this?

It kind of confused me because I've heard a lot of people here say that bananas create a yellow or brown film on their teeth and require rinsing/brushing right away. I would imagine that the bananana's minerals of potassium, magnesium, and manganese are great for your teeth from the inside out though!

My girlfriend & I gave it a try yesterday, and yep, it works! Not quite as well as the picture suggests, but our teeth definitely looked whiter. 

You may need to do it over a period of time.   I'd wash the banana on the outside first, though, just to be sure.


I'm going to try this :)

glad to hear that you got rid of your stains! i'd like to add that brushing with turmeric powder and water works great for whitening teeth.

btw, i keep hearing that an ingredient commonly found in most toothpastes (even natural) called glycerin leaves a coating on the surface of teeth and that this coating prevents teeth from being properly re mineralized. i can definitely feel this coating, but am just not exactly sure how much of a concern it really is.

Turmeric? It seems like that's made my teeth look yellow when used in recipes! Or maybe I'm thinking of curry powder. Anyway, that sounds interesting. 

I thought about the glycerin thing. But I think it might make the difference that I'm only using a toothpaste once a day, and about to experiment with every-other-day. All I really know is that I tried to follow the advice of people and threads talking about re-mineralization, and my teeth suffered. 

Not sure if I notice a coating! I think I might with Tooth Soap shreds, but that would be the oils it's made of. Do you think oils would have any negative effect on this theory of re-mineralization? 

Thanks, Kevin

no....actually the turmeric powder rinses right off of teeth just fine, no staining. it will however, stain just about everything else! so if you do try it, use an extra toothbrush and be careful not to make a mess. i even use my kitchen sink because it's stainless. personally, i was quite impressed with how well the turmeric worked.

the whole re-mineralization idea is new to me, i really don't know anything about it.

I've used turmeric powder as well and it worked great for me. I noticed a huge difference after just one brushing. I'm wondering if this would be bad to use everyday...do you know of any potential harm in everyday use?



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