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Hey guys! So I just got an indoor trainer and a m getting a bike soon, I want to pick up cycling for my cardio and to get lean, but I'm not sure how much I should do, maybe an hour a day? With a few HIIT workouts during the week? I also plan to do some weight lifting as well to keep the strength and muscle tone. Any tips and advice will do :)

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1 hour uphill. 

At least 1 hour per day with one time trial weekly. 

Take it easy when you first start with weight lifting and make sure you use proper form. There is lots of bodybuilding channels on YT showing proper form for exercises. That is about the only thing those channels are good for.

Make sure you eat enough cals. When you increase the amount of exercise you do you have to increase your caloric intake as well. 

You should read Durianriders lean body bible and get a bike fit. His book also has good bike recommendations so that you don't get a piece of junk





Get a copy of my cycling ebook. All your cycling and weight loss questions will be answered there.


Start with at least 20-30mins a day at talking pace.



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