30 Bananas a Day!

How much protein do we (men) need for strength training and muscle building?

Can I do whatever workout I want on 50 bananas a day? My expectation is no. I think that I'll have the energy to do lots but not the protein to build and repair the muscle.

A lot of talk comes from people that aren't building muscle. Why are we all so skinny? Could it be because we are low fat and low protein? We are skinny because we don't get the building blocks to get bigger - I think that is flat out the case for most.
This does not mean eat animal products or cooked grains or beans or whatever, but I think it's worth pointing out that if we want to gain muscle mass we need to eat more. I don't see how we're going to build muscle on 33-38 grams of protein per day - even though that can be 3000 calories.
I don't see anyone doing it.
UPDATE March 2013
Recommend checking my youtube page - https://www.youtube.com/fullbellyfitness
It has an interview with Charlie Abel a raw bodybuilder on the topic. And more interviews to come.
I've gained 20 pounds since starting this lifestyle, but definitely eat more than 40 grams of protein per day. I think that 50 grams should be enough for most people to gain significant muscle. 
Check out this article I wrote:
It talks about the fact that a pound of muscle only contains around 115 grams of protein - which means to gain a pound of muscle you might need only eat around 4-5 grams of protein extra per day! 


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Hi, Charlie here -

I stick to 1/2 cup of nuts a day - there was a time I was eating much less, maybe 5 or 6 macadamia nuts a day - and eventually I showed signs of protein deficiency (or deficiency in EFA's) so I craved nuts for a couple weeks and ate about a cup a day of nuts to satisfy my cravings - but then after my stores were replenished - I lost my appetite for all those nuts and really only want 1/2 cup a day - this was only a one time occurance - for 99.9% of my 8 years of a raw vegan, 1/2 cup of nuts a day has been the norm.
I'm here on this website now if anyone has further questions.
Hey Charlie welcome to the community!

Just to clarify did you have a protein deficiency or a deficiency in EFA's? Did you have a test that came back stating this and do you remember the levels? What level of EFA's do you think is optimal in one's diet and do you believe nuts provide the best, most easily absorbed form?
I didn't get tested or anything, but I did get very irritable and had bursts of rage - and amazingly it all went away within a week or two by returning to 1/2 cup of nuts a day - just like Dr. Vetrano said in the article "genuine fruitarianism".
Don't know what leve of efa's are best - but I do know to watch the results - what level of health do I have.
thanks heaps Charlie :-) I find this very interesting so I have a few more questions...

So it wasn't objectively measured but you had a feeling you were deficient in EFA's because of the rage? Not protein deficiency?

Is it possible that you weren't eating sufficient amounts of carb calories from fruit?
Do you remember how much you were eating exactly?
I was eating all fruit and greens and nuts only every other day and then only a few - so I was eating very sufficient amount of carbs from fruits, but very little nuts - like Dr. Vetrano says -people that eat all fruit do good at first - then their reserves are used up and they go into what she called long term protein deficiency - I guess I was seeing the initialy symptoms, which was too much for me - I had to correct it right away.
Impressive. what are you eating?
standard stuff.. a lot of bananas.. for the past 2 wks i've been in florida so it's been a lot of watermelon and mamey, also some sapodilla :-).. only overt for a long while has been durian maybe once every week or 2 wks.. typically some greens/veggies at night (normally a lb or so of greens).. nothing that strays from typical doug/harley recommendations

if you want any more specifics it's no problem, but nothing out of [our] ordinary :-)
Exercise and activity?

I've been averaging an hour+ a day of intense cardio and had a couple strong weight training workouts running with watermelons and walking with filled 5 gallon bottles
good advice Utopia your EPOC will be elevated after that intense cardio also which can hamper your muscle-buidling ability unless you eat bucket loads of fruit a day.

Do HEAVY resistance Dave where you fatigue at 1-4 reps max, maybe a little challenging to replicate in nature.

Haven't read the whole article but some interesting info here..
i do an hour long strength training about 4 days per week devoted to different muscle groups each session

the other days are usually more cardio focused either running, boxing.. lately i've been devoting a day to stretching in the form of an hour and a half of yoga as well.. so it averages about an hour+ per day of pretty intense training

i just finished up the p90x 90-day program so now i'm having a lot of fun getting back into more weights and running out in the sun.. i love switching up my training to keep it enjoyable.. today i played 5 games of 4-on-4 basketball out in the heat which was a great time
Drum roll, please, for the buff 811'ers, some on 30BaD:
John Hinds- personal trainer at Monkey Bar Gym: http://www.30bananasaday.com/profile/jonharringtonhinds

Richard Gambino: http://www.30bananasaday.com/profile/RichardGambino

Bodybuilder Charlie Abel: www.therawdiet.com/meetcharlie.html
Here Charlie explains all about a raw food diet, protein and muscle building:

Australian tough@$$ Neet: http://www.30bananasaday.com/photo/raw-progress-002?context=user

Dude, to paraphrase Dr D: If you believe the protein hype, you have been sold a bill of goods...
Thanks for the link. I'm watching the video and he gets 84 grams of protein for 3589 calories. Now certainly anyone can get 84 grams of protein, but not with 30 bananas a day.



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