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Hello everyone! I miss you all! I had a few months where I went a bit off track, (was still vegan but was hanging out with my party friends too much after a bad break-up), completely stopped working out, and I can definitely feel it! I let it get me down really bad for a few weeks but I'm NOT going to let it get me down anymore! Whats the point, right?! Gained 12 pounds...that's what got me down the most. BUT I learned something about myself! The beginning of the year I ate very little calories and exercised too much. So when I stopped exercising my body's metabolism went down, and then I started drinking a bit with my friends and eating more junky vegan, so I think my body decided to hold on to some weight. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how much exercise is a good amount. I WAS working out 6 days a week doing high intensity cardio pretty much everyday. I think it blew my adrenals. I now have an amazing rebounder and I really enjoy doing high knee jogging on it. Its low impact, and it gets me sweating but not too much. Afterwards I'll do 100 squats, and some ab exercises. Would it be too much if I rebounded 30 minutes a day 5 days a week? And is 100 squats a day too much? I wouldn't do ab exercises everyday. I just don't want to stress out my body like I did before. Orrr, does this seem like enough? I'm back to eating high carb low fat vegan, lots of fruit during day then huge salad and cooked carbs at night. That's what makes me feel best! Any and all feedback is GREATLY appreciated!! MUCH LOVE


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A workout that gets you sweating but isn't too much with a few exercises such as squats here and there seems like a great way to get back into things. If it makes you feel good then that what you should do :) I think it sounds like a balanced routine. If you think your body needs to rest more, then let it rest!



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