30 Bananas a Day!

How much do you weigh? & How tall are you? & How many Calories a day?

3000-6000 calories

134 pounds





Just curious guys, lets see your stats!


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Everyone here is so tall!


2,000 - 3,500 Calories

114 - 117 lbs




1500-3500 calories a day, it depends on my stress level, my work out, and how many dates I eat.  I have hard time getting enough calories if I don't eat some dried dates.

weight: 106 lbs

height: 5'3

age: 32


I was between 100-102 lbs for a long time while I was living in China, that was 10 years ago.  I gained some weight and went up to 112 at one time after I moved to US.  However, my weight always goes back to 104-106 in recent years.


My workout: 

Mon: run 3 miles and a pilate reformer class

Tue and Thur:  running stairs with my friends at a statdium

Wed: 45-minute spin class and 30-minute ab class or weights

Fri: run 4-6 miles

Sat: jog 2 miles and 90-minutes vinyasa yoga

3400 calories

Around 152 pounds, 25% body fat




Workout: 6x per week (A mix of Body Rock 4x, running 40 minutes, cycling 1 hour, sometimes 40 minutes of yoga)


Desperately wanting to decrease my body fat and weight.

2500 - 3500 depending on activity level

43ish k/95ish pounds

158 cm/5'2"



1000- 2000 cals

115 lbs



22 yrs
im not active or athletic to be honest
that's his point. if you're not athletic, you need 2,000 calories minimum, not trying to bother you about it but REALLY you gotta eat more..
i'm half a foot shorter than you (5'3") and eat double what you do just to maintain my weight, fyi..



gal - feeling her age a bit and wanting not to!

10mths lfrv, 18mths transition before at around 80% raw

Gymstudio classes: spin 5 x wk, hi-impact aerobics/step 3-4 x week, weights 2 x wk, yoga/pilates 2-4 x wk.

Very little other exercise tho

2500-3000 cals

6-7L water/day; working successfully so far on reducing :-)

Fat 28% :-(, found out recently I was confusing BMI reading for fat - no, BMI is much lower.

No change to stats since going raw; slight energy increase I think...

I'm impressed with how much training some folks here do, but some of you are half my age or less!  I too could do double what I do now, in my 30s on cooked cal restriction.  So you longterm raw athletes out there must be thro the roof, look at DR.  I look at Doug who is only a little older, and hope to be fit as he one day.  I think the Superman pushup is perhaps a little ambitious tho!




3000-5000 calories (depending on daily activity)

3-4 litres of water (sometimes more because it has been hot!)

118 pounds (started at 125)

5' 1 1/2" (have to add that 1/2")




I have only been on this diet for 3 months and have not looked back.  I did have a bit of a weight gain in the first month and I know it was me trying to get used to eating so much food and doing some major healing.  When the second month rolled around it was like a light switch was turned on and my body was ready to drop some fat. I have to say once I was able to increase the calories that made a huge difference.

I am now training for a half marathon in december and the whole deal in march.  I run 6 days a week between 3-6 miles with a variation of sprints, hills, or tempo workouts during the week.  I weight train 3 days a week.

My last race was a 10k two years ago and did that in one hour(10 minute miles).  I ran the same distance yesterday averaging 8.5 minute miles.  I am so amazed at how fast I am improving and recovering on this diet.  It will be interesting to see what I can run the half in December.  The last one I averaged 11.5 minute miles and that was three years ago. 

So here is to being fruit powered.


Age: 22

Height: 5'3

Weight: 100lbs

Exercise: Getting back into it slowly!, walking or going to the gym every 2nd day, at the gym I usually do a bit of weights & running intervals. Otherwise I walk in the mornings. ( cant wait to get lean and fit again!)

I dont count calories just eat when im hungry, im not 100% yet, cant wait till I am! Im pretty close apart from coffee and alcohol about once a week...

same exact size hahaha :)

about 100 pounds, some days over, some days under
exercise: i run cross country & track for my school year round so i run about 5 days a week and cross train (like elliptical) 1-2 days a week
calories: under 2,000 on my off days, 2000-3000 when i'm training
only about 70-90% raw, still eat cooked low fat vegan dinners once a week ): wouldn't if it was up to me though.
loving it either way :) 



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