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I'm having trouble eating enough fruit cals. and I was wondering how many calories everyone has a day. Thanks :)

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When I first went raw, I've lost about 18 kg. Then gained 8 back. Still I have the same weight. I'm not losing any. My BMI is 21.2.

I do  not recommend  calorie restriction, I but I can't see the point eating more than you body needs, if I am able to maintain my body on 2000 kcal/d and feel great, why i should stuff myself with additional calories. I also noticed that If i eat too much at once I dont feel that great.

But again if you need more calories I am not saying not to eat,  just eat how much your body needs to.

Around 2.000 - 2.200 . I'm petite so that's more than I need, which is around 1.600

I'd have a hard time eating more than that, not because i can't, but because i'm already spending

a third of my wage on food and i can't do more than this :(



2700-3000 for me..... with plenty of greens (2+ lbs lately).
I eat about 2700 per day. I stand and walk all day (teaching elementary school) and I am active 5-6 days a week for 30-60 minutes per session-HITT and running/biking.

I eat around 1,900-2,500 a day. Sometimes I fall short and only get in 1,500, but that's not my ideal number at all.

I am not an athlete, and still working up motivation to do active exercise regularly, so I don't feel like I need any more than that, as long as I'm not getting serious cravings. If I want more, I eat more, but I have not gone over 2,700 in a day. I waitress 5 days a week, so I'm walking around for several hours most days, and I occasionally run a couple miles and take long walks (kinda sparse lately though...).

I'm 5' 8ish" and currently stuck at 145lbs (was also that much before I was 100% raw, and still stuck after lfrv, but I've only been going strong with this diet since the beginning of the month)

I ruined my metabolism from severe anorexia in my teens (14/15/16), and frequent episodes of calorie restriction and purging since, even as a mostly raw vegan the past 2+ years, so I'm not expecting to lose weight right away... my body wants to hold on to all the nutrition I'm letting it keep now.

I rarely eat more than 2000 kcal/d, though I rather thin (65kg,  182 cm). I do moderate exercise, eg, cycling, runing, plus trampoline, push up, sit ups etc. Runner and war fooder Tim van Orden also claim  eating not that much even  exercising  a lot.
I got food poisoning three times in one year while in India. Hepatitis A was a summer vacation compared to the other two. When I came back home I was 61 kilos and I am 181 cm. I was sick, weak and tired all the time and the digestion was not working. Then I had some advice about what to eat. I took some herbs and vitamins and suddenly I gained weight and it was only when I gained the weight that I felt healthy. I am of course not saying that you are unhealthy. Just from my experience the sense of health came only when my normal weight 72 kilos came back.
180cm, 72.5kg eating any where from a minimum of 3000 calories upto 6000 calories a day. I listen to my body and eat accordingly :0) I endeavour to exercise daily, six days a week for a minimum of 1hr a day most of the time at the mo it is low intensity - Walking, body weight exercises, yoga, jogging, swimming. Also I'm on my feet for work moving about for 8hrs, five days a week.
On a normal day, I would eat between 2,500 and 4,000 calories. My average for the past two weeks has been about 3,450 each day. I don't have an active job, so most of my time is spent sitting, working on my computer, but I do work out (step aerobics, weight lifting, elliptical, kayaking, biking) about 7 or 8 hours a week.
I finally reached 3,000 today :D very proud of myself. At first, I had a hard time getting to 2,000 since I'm low on funds and am always on the go. Now I average at about 2,300-2,600. Today was a first, mostly due to the fact that I had the day off so I've been able to get the fruits in and an enormous salad.
No need for that stuff, I'm just an average size girl and I can eat 4 x 11 banana smoothies in a day + a salad. It took me about 3 months to work up to be able to eat that much. Just eat as much fruit as u can until one day ur eating 16 banana smoothies :D



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