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Hey everyone! :)

I'm only on Day 1 of my LFRV diet, and so far today I have eaten 2 apples, a banana, and a Strawberry-Pineapple-Banana smoothie. I plan to eat alot more today as well.

Anyways, I felt energetic right after eating, but I am now starting to feel a little foggy/tired. I know that making major dietary changes causes a MAJOR detox, so I am just wondering how long the initial detox period is going to last, and what symptoms I can expect.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!! :)

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try eating mono meals of bananas that detox's you really well and go for mono meals

but its just advice you can do whatever you want to do :D

Thanks. :)

Hopefully it doesn't affect me too badly, I hate turning back to cooked food! Lol.

It (detox) varies from person to person actually. Forint is usually dependent on te lifestyle prior to 811 :)

If you led a relatively healthy lifestyle before, detox symptoms might be a little faint than most people. If you led a lifestyle of really unhealthy habits, you can expect to go through a harsher detox period that is usually a pain in the arse. Afterall, like you said, you are going through a major change. 811rv is so cleansing that it's cleaning your system like a brush - it scrubs away the unhealthiest and things that aren't meant to be in your body. If your system is "dirty", your body is gonna make more effort and take more work to cleanse it, thus explains the nasty detox experience. On the other hand, if your system is not so "dirty", detox will be much less intense. 

For me, when I first started out 811 two years ago (not 100%, but high raw because I was still living with my parents), my detox was so bad. I had to call in sick for work many times and it was just horrible. All the bloating and whatnot. However when I move out a few months later, which is when I started going 811rv 100%, I realized the detox symptoms were much lesser and much less intense. It was just 7 days of mild constipation and gas. After the 7 days, I started losing weight (which was a good thing for me), eliminate at least twice daily, and much better skin even without makeup. 

I do wish you best in this lifestyle :) anyway, I'm being random, you are starting this lifestyle on my dad's birthday, haha. 


I'm still working on the 100% raw part. I love cooked veggies sooo much, Lol. I'm gonna try to go 100% raw tomorrow though. For the past few days, I have been good on the high carb thing (mostly fruit and rice), but I haven't been really eating the right proportions of my food in the 80-10-10 way, and I'd love to go totally raw and start using the 811 ratio for my food to get the full effect. So I'm kinda considering tomorrow my first day. Lol.

I noticed after I eat alot of raw food, I get a mild headache, or I feel a little pain in my shoulders for some reason. I think that kinda makes me turn back to cooked foods. :/ Lol. But hopefully that'll pass. I'm pretty determined to make a good start on this.

Thanks for your help! :)

I never went into detox on day one. I've been in twice. After 48 hours I would get a headache that went from bad to migraine like by day 5. By the end of day 4, I was in bed because my head hurt so bad and I was sensitive to light and sound. By day 5, I had a very thick white grey coating on my tongue and horrible breath. I felt like I had the flu without the fever. Day 6, the headache is less painful, my body less sore. Day 7 energy is coming back. Headache is dull and transient. White coating is coming off of tongue in chunks, starting at the edges first. Smell and taste is improving every day. I had a very bad diet. The headache continued off and on for at least a month after.
I think,the H/A had to do with caffeine.
I love smoothies with banana, pineapple and strawberry.

It seems to absolutely vary between people. I have been hcrv for one year now and did not experience much in the way of detox for the first few months except a bit of constipation in the beginning. However, in the past six months I have had unbelievably bad skin and, to my knowledge, there have been no other significant contributors. I have had skin problems since puberty and am hoping that my body is trying to heal the causes. Don Bennet has told me that for every, I believe, four years of abuse your body has undergone you can expect a year of detox, roughly (not a rule of course....and please correct me, anyone, if I have misremembered the "formula"). Since I am 28 and grew up on a mostly SAD diet and drank and smoked heavily in my twenties, I could expect to undergo some form of detox for another three years if I am living an optimally healthy lifestyle all the while. Of course, I think that genetics, family health and myriad other factors contribute to detox time as well. Surely everyone knows or knows of a very old person in seemingly perfect health who has survived on garbage, alcohol and cigarettes their whole lives. My husband's ancestors have been Yorkshire coalminers as far back as can be remembered, living on lard sandwiches and beer and seeing very little daylight in their lives. I've rarely met a hardier bunch; they think I'm sickly.



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