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Its coming up to 2years for me! Its very liberating as I used to cover my face up all the time with shimmers & shadows.

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my whole life!  benefits of being a tomboy...
Never lol. I want to transition to wearing no make up. At the moment tho I dont like my skin. I have a hormonaly imbalance and due to that my skin is constantly broken out. Also its very red around my chin and nose area and scarred. I hate it. I want to not have to worry about make up but with my skin looking like this its not fun. I always wished if I had clear skin like lots of other girls I would never wear make up xo

I've been make up free for about 4 years now with the exception of a very-very  few occasions and even then I only use mascara. I used to be a heavy make up user. In the 80's-90's Hungary where I grew up women didn't go to the street without make up. I, myself used to spend 20 minutes front of the mirror doing make up and my hair before I went to the farmers market on Saturday morning! (What was I thinking???)


The other day on the subway in the morning on my way to work there was this beautiful woman sitting across of me. I was watching her thinking how beautifully perfect is her skin, not a blemish, no discolored spots, just perfectly smooth healthy skin. And then she started to apply make up...in the next 20 minutes she completely covered her face with all these artificial rubbish. And I was just sitting there, thinking that this poor woman really doesn't know how perfectly beautiful she is a la nature, and she thinks she must follow our stupid Hollywood dictated plastic-loving culture the feel pretty. What a pitty!

Heya! I have a question for everyone. Who is makeup free but suffers from ACNE??? I would love nothing more to be make up free but my skin is sooo gross I cant. Its an aweful feeling have to put make up on and check in the mirror all the time to make sure my skin doesnt look gross that all my spots are covered and I look decent. I hate it. Plus I love being outdoors and want to do lots of camping but I dont because of my skin. Or if I do I have to wear make up cause I am so embarrased about my skin. I would love nothing more then to go make up free but unfortunalty I am too embarrassed. Its my goal tho to get rid of the make up. Once I do it you lovely ladies will be the first to know.

For 10 months now!! 


For anyone suffering from acne check out my post. Hope it helps!

Hey! Cool discussion! I have been make-up free all my life!!! :D I have never owned a single make-up product :)

As a teenager, who had pretty bad acne till about 17 years old, I wanted to use it, but I couldn't. My sister would help me put some foundation on for example, and I would just wash it off like 10 minutes later because it made me feel dirty and like I was suffocating my skin. I could never even tolerate nail polish. Once again, my sister would paint them for a special occasion or something, and soon after it dried I would start scratching it off.

Over the years my skin naturally cleared up and the tone improved greatly (most definitely due to my diet and lifestyle). One wouldn't be able to tell that I had really bad acne previously. These days I may get a pimple or two depending on where I'm at with my menstrual cycle (usually the week I flow), but I just leave it alone.

I simply don't feel the need to use it and don't like the way it feels. I'm not really against it, per se, but I think there is something just awesome about allowing your natural to shine- whatever that may be. 


Btw, for the gals who are challenged with acne... I know that some daily sun exposure can go a long way. Check into that as part of your daily routine. Also, loads of water drinking... and I mean loads. :)

Also, the only thing that I do for my skin care is moisturize with straight up coconut oil every now and then. I rub it into my skin and that feels very nice and nourishing for my skin.

I've never been a big make-up person.  Don't wear anything currently except organic, local-made chapstick :) 

What about hair products, though?  I'm trying to go product-free but my hair gets all dry and frizzy (I have it colored so that probly doesn't help).  Anyone else do color?

I am not a make up - fan, i rarely use make up , since i am born, i never used make up 2 days in a raw. I apply it just on special ocasion like Christmas party  etc. Make up makes me feel fake, so i enjoy more make-up free. My skin loves to breath and to glow naturally. ;)

I never wore lipstick and I gave up foundation about 20 years ago.  But I did not have the courage to ditch the mascara and eye shadow until about eight months ago, when I had a black eye.  I recently put some on to go to a social function and the next day, a coworker complimented me on my eyes (I had not washed it off).  So now I am wobbling again.  I need some encouragement to stay strong!

Im not make-up free, I love the mineral make-up I have found. I don't wear it daily but do enjoy it when I do. It's great for evening out my still uneven complexion. I have very soft features & quite light eyelashes so I like to wear it for photos otherwise I look washed out.
Hair products however are a thing of my past. I now am completely natural, no dye (I was using organic, vegan colour for the last few years of dying, its been over a year now), no shampoo, no conditioner, no products. Just rinse with water 1-2 x per week and its the best condition its ever been. 

I've been makeup free my whole life. I just never felt the urge to plaster chemicals all over my face I guess ;) Also, I'm proud of my natural looks, not cos I'm stunningly beautiful or anything, but just because it's part of who i am.

I've been shampoo free for nearly two years which is great too. It's way better environmentally, as well as health wise, and my hair looks so much better without products on it :)

Take care girls,

Esperanza xxx

Pretty sure I was made to be a naturalist of some sort, I never wore make-up as I was growing up, except when I was in dance shows or any kind of fine arts performance. Even to this day I won't cover up my "blemishes".
I've always had a teenager's skin :( but when I went vegan a year ago it cleared up so much! and i'm more or less raw vegan now (i still share a cooked meal or a PB&J with my 4 year old daughter now and then!) it has cleared up even more.
only stress anmd/or lack of sleep makes me break out...or when i eat something processed (frito chips! yuuck! oops!! )
my boyfriend says its one of the things that attracted him to me, i think everyone is beautiful naturally and a layer of caked on makeup simply is not attractive in my eyes!
i wish some people could open up and see the pure beauty we were born with.



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