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How long does it take to "load" carbs until the body starts losing fat?

Hi there,

I wanted to share my personal experiences as well as go into discussion with you about similar experiences. I started out with 80-10-10 on February this year, but WITH calorie restrictions. This worked fine in the beginning and brought me down to ~ 9% bodyfat. Then I wanted to go even lower by lowering my calorie intake... and my mind just sent me from one cheat meal to another. So I ended with a little eating disorder because I always wanted to control calories, and then cheated and then tried to go back and so on.

After I gained back every fat that I initially lost, I decided to go for 80-10-10 unrestricted. I made that switch 18 days ago. With muscle gain as my workout focus, I consume about 4000 to 5000 calories each day. I make Datorade for breakfast with 1500 to 2000 cals depending on the timeframe when I'll be able to eat again. 

Last weekend, my body requested for a huge amount of carbs. I drank Datorade for breakfast (1500 cals), 2 hours later I was hungry and my brother cooked some spaghetti with tomato sauce without any oil. Although cooked, I ate like 300 grams spaghetti. Still hungry. So I ate half of a vegan bread (made with 2 table-spoons of oil). In the evening hunger hit me again.  Now I ate 500 grams of pure spaghetti - no sauce, nothing, just the pasta. I think I ended up around 6000 or 7000 cals this day. It felt like my body needed the assurance that the "starvation period" is over. Once and forever. I would have gone for bananas and apples instead of bread and spaghetti but I had no ripe bananas and i was running out of dates.

Trying to fall asleep that night I noticed that my body was producing massive amounts of heat. I literally had to remove all blankets in order to rest and sleep. So I was very happy because I thought that this is proof that excess calories are burned off as heat.

The funny thing is, although I consume that much calories, at least I don't gain in body fat percentages. My caliper still shows 13-14% bodyfat. 

I workout 4 times a week by weight lifting in order to gain muscle mass. I plan to include endurance training during the 3 other days in the week. With that in mind, I really like the "no calorie restriction" mode because that ensures, I get enough calories in order to build up muscles. By the way - I will proof to you that getting huge on 80-10-10 is just a matter of intense weight training. And I work together with my friend Karl Ess, who really knows how to build muscle www.KARL-ESS.com.

My questions:

However, I wonder how long will it take for my body to switch over to fat loss. Basically I am waiting for the first drop that I can measure with my skinfold body fat caliper.

Is there any logical explanation that can detail the process of the body losing fat?

Being an athlete I know how fat loss works in the calorie restriction mode from a biological standpoint. However, I am interested in the "no calorie restriction" mode for fat loss.

I'll keep you posted,


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I'm no expert but from what I understand, the body burns fat constantly. At rest for example, about half if not more of calories burned is fat. The ratios change depending on different intensities and lengths of exercise. A high carb intake will generally mean that less fat is oxidized for energy but not zero. If carbs aren't being turned to fat and our fat intake is low, in theory, adipose tissue (or body fat) will be used for energy. Basically, fat is constantly being used up and then replaced by dietary fat. I'm not sure why fat loss is so slow/ insignificant at first but there is science to suggest that it does eventually occur (and a lot of anecdotal evidence as you'll find on this site.) HIIT would speed up fat loss, I plan to start some when the weather picks up.




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