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How long does it take for water retention from salt to go away?

I haven't had salt (not even a touch) in over a year.  It seems like before that when I would occasionally have it, it took forever to feel unbloated again, even though I've heard it should only be 10 days to get it out of your system.  And could it be that the longer you are used to not having it the worse the bloating is?

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i know Dougie said about 2 weeks, so yea, 10 days sounds about right. not sure about your last question but makes sense. it's like your tolerance for it has gone way down, so going back would be like POOF.

such as?


How long to flush out unwanted water retention? Thats like saying 'how long is a snake?'


Depends on how fit you are, what you eat, what time you go to bed, your past health history etc.


I know the fitter one is, the less it takes. I had a salty raw salad on Saturday afternoon and did a 12k race at midnight in Bangkok and couldnt even taste salt on my lips I sweated so hard just warming up for the race.

so fitter=less water retention

hotter climate=more?

that's what I want to know is what affects it, thanks.

how often do you have a salty salad?

obviously results will vary, just want to hear people's experiences!


I had a salty tamari salad at the airport the other week and a few nights ago. Im so fit, a bit of salt doesnt stick on me but if I were wanting to drop fluid retention, Id pass lol! Thats why guys like me and Mike Arnstein can have salt on occasion and not be affected cosmetically by it as we are pumping our lymph systems so much. Its like throwing sand on a crab. If the crab is in the water (fit) it wont stick, but if the crab is sitting on the beach (sedentary) its gonna stick and show.


Most non fit people have 10-50lbs of salt retention IMHO. Even 811 crew that dont add salt typically can still have LOADS of salt retention as they are so out of shape that they lymph system is sluggish. All they have to do is shake some booty at the local running loop or ride up them big hills. Bikram Yoga doesnt do much. Its like drawing a butterfly on a piece of paper and throwing it into the air. Its sort of a butterfly I guess.


PUMP IT if you want to tone it. Simple as. 


Train smart though. Increase your training no more than 10% each week if your a newbie or had a long break.


What was the reason for eating salty tamari salad though?
Mike Arneinsten takes salt as a pill to avoid passing out during a race AFAIK.
Tamari is soy sauce? I mean, are you just dropping the ball occasionally here and there :) LOL?
Or you have decided that you need salt too?
i have water retention even tho im very very fit and im still struggling with how i can get ridd of it

Maybe drink more water?  I seem to get extra lean when I mainly eat all bananas, but like 4 liters of water, that's just me. Maybe because bananas are the easiest to get properly ripe.

I don't have any problems with water retention, except obviously the couple times i had salt after not having it for a while during first year of 80-10-10, but I am fitter now, so maybe in the future it won't be such a big deal.  Not in a hurry to mess with it though...and don't have any interest in salt these days, but getting your running up to the point where you actually need salt isn't a bad goal though anyway...

i have done that aswell and it actually resulted in me retaining more water. When i drank more water that is. I drank 3-6 liters every day for 4 months and clean 811rv nothing happend
do you drink tap water that has gone through a water softener? i just found out that i had been drinking 1-3 gallons a day of essentially salt water, and i couldn't figure out why the heck i was retaining so much water, i switched to fresh spring water 3 days ago and i've flushed out tons of fluid alreafy
ive tried water from a water cleaner and also distilled water, no difference on any of them.



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