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I just went on an hour run

and I ate 5 persimmons. How long do I have to wait before I can eat rice (not hot)??

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after I run I eat when i am ready. I dont wait any particular amount of time. But I find that I'm generally in no mood for food until 30 minutes to an hour or so after i run. I also wonder if running multiple times a day can contribute to not getting enough calories as they say exercise is an appetite suppressent. While my appetite is still ferocious it clearly does get supressed for a period right after I run. 

No I already ate after I ran. I ate fruit. Now Im wondering if I can eat cool rice now, 30 minutes later? Is it too early to put them together?

I'd say longer. Try to feel it out with your body. You can kind of tell when food is digested or not. Do you still really taste the persimmons? And does your stomach feel hungry like when you have't eaten in a long time? Try to feel it out, because it is different for every food since foods digest at different rate, and depending on meal sizes. After those 5 persimmons, I'd say an hour at least, maybe more

I don't think you should have to wait... Starch after fruit is usually fine. Fruit after starch is a different story

as per guidelines...

Please post all cooked food topics/questions in this group: High Carb Cooked Vegan Discussions.  The main forum is for raw food support.  While we do not promote cooking here, if one is unable to get enough calories from fruit or is transitioning, then eating low fat cooked vegan meals to get calories and carbs in is the second best option.



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