30 Bananas a Day!

i'm in thailand for more than two monthes and due to high temperature (i tought) i was more attracted by very high water content products like watermelon , orange , some sapotilla in the night but not "heavy" fruits.....

and still doing bodyweight strength exercice daily and barefoot running (the less i can cause i want to put on weight , put without running i become mad!!) .....


i must write a tribute to DR cause he worn me in private message about how dangerous it was (in fact put in cron o meter my daily intake were around 2500/2700 max i 'm very lightweight-recovering- 110lbs for 175 cm....) to deal such a way

but really i swear him that banana i was fed of , that it was enough for my body and so on....and after one month and a half weight myself , minus 2kg......

so at the same time i realised that i must change definitively something and follow harley speech , i discover a blender in my guesthouse

and i start blending...

always monomeal but instead of being able to eat with difficulties 4 babanas for a meal , the fact of adding water (sometimes with a bit of ice) inable me to higher my food intake capacity like never

where before i failed eating more than 4 bananas , i know swallow banana drink made of 10 banana and my daily overall intake jumps from 2500 cal to 4000+ without any problem , only pleasure , i feel my body was allowed to express it's needs!!

and consequencaly my energy while training and overall power increased

have a look of my "typical day" intake now........

4267 cal overall , 1095g of carb means 10g per pound , 62g prot...awesome!!!

and so pleasant and easy !!!


so the purpose of this post is triple:

-first warmly thanks DR to gently kick my ass and keep on kicking everywhere needed!!!

-second , telling people that failed increasing cal that blender is definitively a huge help (specially if done monomeal)

-third that even if you think your caloric intake is "enough" i encourage you to try highering and see.....if it was needed you will experiment higher energy and power , if not needed the load will decrease your energy....

easy to check, sorry if it seems evident for most of you , but for me (after 12 years strictly raw food......but really many different approach) it's just new :=)


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and the more i get  , the more energy , just keep runnin' and runnin'....just perfect!
cool. What is your bodyfat % ?

not perfectly shure but really low , around 4%......

so much people are afraid of fruits , afraid of cal......they are just cheating with themselves

i see it clearly on french forum , people filled themselves with green juices that are quite no need but overload their stomach , and then in the night have cravings....of course !!

these are not cravings , these are normal reaction of a starving body...all thi is only intellectual non sense!!


i push people to experiment (just ten days if they are afraid to "gain weight") their fruitcaloric intake by 25% and see what's going on

if more is better they will experiment a higher energy level , positive thinking and so on

ifmore is worse , they will experiment fatigue and so on...


easy toi see and no dogma

fed up with green juices dogma , silly thing!!

Hehe ive been on that green road for a long time, and i can assure everyone that you dont get stronger, faster etc you just get weak and tired.


Do they loose fat as fast when they increase the calories from fruits only and only eat fruits? say you will loose the fat as fast with 4000 calories from fruit instead of 500. Just to make it a bit extreme.


Thanx for the answear

also sick with 4% that is just lovely :D


how long have you been on this road and results from starting if you havent already wrote it somewhere :)

see here for full story , but briefly , go 8 years raw vegan green (and fat indeed) , felt deadly weak after a three weeks stay at Hippocrate's institut Florida (!!) and then start after some different raw experience (always strictly raw but try animal products) low fat raw vegan (even without knowing doug's work , discover later) that works amazingly! but .... still too thin , train a lot and struggle to put on weight...and "because" of many DR warnings i realise some weeks ago my mistake and make a big increase in caloric intake , so it's quiet new , will tell you first results in a month or two
thanx :D

"sugar!". Haha. Love that feeling. Like you've been brought back to life!

Awwww, DR really loves us. That's great to hear. ;P CONGRATS!
Awesome, thank you for sharing.  I think it's the number one most common mistake people make when following the low-fat raw vegan diet.  I have done it accidentally when I wasn't tracking my calories for a while and dramatically increased my exercise when working on a garden project.  I didn't increase my calories to match my activity level for several days in a row and I hit a wall so to speak, one morning I woke up and felt so heavy I could hardly move, it took me a week or more to recover.  Fortunately I knew right away what happened thanks to Durian Rider and others talking about their experiences here.  So I had to fight the urge to eat cooked carbs and fill up on more fruit and rest, rest, rest.  I became much more careful after that, it was very unpleasant to go through that.  Without this kind of helpful information to increase the fruit calories/carbs many people would think there was something wrong with the diet.  So again, thank you for sharing your story! :)

one interesting experiment....

even after twelve years raw, if i'm a bit undercarb , when i cross the market at the end of my "Soi" (thaï name for little street) steam rice smells good........even after having not eaten any cooked food for 12 years!!

if i'm carb enough , just smell nothing at best or discussing.....


craving is starving , i'm more and more convinced , don't blame ourselves because we crave , just feed ourselves...a so long way to "unlearn" and just connect with our needs

have had the same experience of "hitting the wall" ednshell and i agree , takes time after to recover ..... the longest the mistake , the longest the recovery...


what's frustrating is that in france "green juice and wheatgrass combo" associated with sprouted fan are so many!

they think if they are weak that they lack chlorophyl....they take themselves for begonia!!!

they lack sugar , sugar , sugar

i'm making some striking video for them......

Great to hear Thierry.


Hey, ever wondered why all those sprout crew look like HIV patients infected with tapeworm and they perform like they look? 


We need carbohydrates for daily glycogen storage. LOTS OF CARBS!


Bananas and dates are the kings and queens of a royally good energetic life. We went to an organic shop today and bought them out of dates. Its one of the biggest organic shops in Australia. Thats almost sad that only 2 811 crew can buy the whole shop out of dates!



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