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Hi guys,

Just made a video about my life before 801010 and how it has changed me! 


How has 801010 changed you and your life?

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I went back to eating meat after 11 years vegeterian. That lasted 1 year. About 4-5 months into the meat eating faze I started getting horrible digestion and shitting blood. 2 months after that started I noticed my face looked like it aged over 5 years. And then a month later I started sleeping 12 hours a day. I never sleep that long and usually get 6 hours a night (+ the 2 naps I would take on the bus would equal around 8 hours) and be fine, hyper, and full of energy. Then I discovered Freelea's video when I was researching how to overcome IBS. I was skeptical but then took a plunge into it and never looked back.

I have way better digestion.

My PMS symptoms are not as horrible as they were starting to get.

I feel more energized again.

I can think more clearly.

I can eat more food and not worry about hitting a calorie limit.

I dont' hear this mentioned often here but I think many people agree...


Plus I will probably live at least an extra 5 or 10 years. 

Impossible to put a price on good health...

I dont' hear this mentioned often here but I think many people agree...


Yeah the problem is the baseline for how good I should feel is so much higher eating this way. At first it was such a shock ya know oh wow who new you could have so much energy and feel so great. Then in my case I grew into it got used to it and its my new normal at this point. It would probably be a shocker if i went back to a SAD diet and saw how i felt. 

Yeah same here. You still doing 4500+ calories a day? I been having a few days a week where i dont feel hungry and i do lots of water and lettuce...some fruit...maybe 2000 calories. I am prone to overreating on the fruit (i could eat 5k calories per day easily),unlike other people who undereat so maybe it makes sense...i feel lighter.

Moved from Div III to Div I in swimming and am competing for CalBerkeley at the moment. Athletic performance goes on par with the others that are shooting down more training than me in the weight room especially.

Mental clarity. Can focus for longer periods of time (studying cognitive science), and remained honor roll in university as of far. Along with meditation, am always in a calm and energized state of mind.

Confidence. Have much more energy to put myself out there amongst my campus and speak. When I'm low on energy and fatigued, in brain fog.. words don't come out so smoothly with intuition. Am a lot more gregarious and extroverted now, and improved my relationships with the people that I love.

Hygeine. I think it's pretty freaking awesome that you don't smell or hardly sweat in comparison to most others, or inflated with mucus anymore on raw.

Focus. Brought an obsession with food and weight to a halt, and more on the world and my future career.

What distance do you swim? What sort of time do you shoot for? I have done open water swim events of up to 5 miles, but the weird thing is, i am extremely SLOW... like back of the pack, i just love being in the water...which has almost worked against me because im not very competitive

100/200 yd butterfly, 100/200 freestyle, and 200/400 IM. At times 100 backstroke, and usually get picked for butterfly in relays. I've reached two of the "A" standards for the 100 fly and 200 IM so far in the NCAA system. My goal by the end of university in two years time is to reach A standards in all of my event specialities.

Wow thats awesome congrats. I'm from LA so I know a fair amount of people who went to Berkeley, great school.

I love talking to swimmers. I did a bunch of competitive sports that weren't swimming growing up, then got into swimming as a hobby in college. So I love chatting with swimmers (I swim in "Masters" clubs and stuff when I can).

Its funny because I love swimming and will be doing it for the rest of my life, but I know very little about the competitive scene. 

On a society proven "normal" diet I always got munchy half an hour after my meal (which was something like bread with meat and dairy toppings and noodles with veggies or just a bunch of yoghurt) even when I got vegan I had to eat so much until i felt sick to be anyhow satisfied. My tummy was often bloated and hurt a lot.

Now I'm raw till 4 (in the beginning strict hrcv), eat when I'm hungy, never feel guilty about my massive carb consumption and all I eat keeps me satisfied for hours ! YAY !



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