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How far are you willing to go in your choice of partner?

Could you see yourself with (or are you with):

A raw gourmet superfoodist?
A raw non-vegan?
A cooked vegan?
A vegetarian?
An organic meat-eater?
A SADist?
A smoker?
A recreational drug taker?
A drinker?

Do you have a limit to what you think would work for you?
To what extent do discordant food and lifestyle choices affect relationships? Any experiences you are willing to share?

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Thanks guys, I like easy questions ;D
good for you for walking away, I know that could be hard for some people. I wholeheartedly agree with you, I would have had to walk away as well.

Basically people who constantly harm themselves are not committed to changing their health, so how can I expect them to commit to me??>>

This is so true, and it makes sense to me as well. I have been to a new level of higher consciousness, that I reached through raw foods, a place I arrived by my own volition. I feel like anyone who wants to go raw for THEMSELVES will also reach this place of peace.

I have been on a journey towards my LFRV 811 diet, I started just raw vegan, higher fat, and more gourmet. The more I learned, the more I transitioned towards where I am now. So having said that, I would be open to a gourmet raw vegan. Mainly because I know that it was an avenue I traveled upon before I got here.

Although it would be best and a dream to find someone 100% LFRV, I am not at a place of desperation where I would be taking any smokers, drinkers, meat eaters, etc. But I do know that if someone is ambitious to transition, I would be a wonderfully supportive and patient partner.
Fezzo, I have to agree that my choice of partner is based on the same criteria as yours; lifestyle choices and commitment to them are important in any relationship which is to be meaningful. David
I dont know I have not thought about it much lately. Once you see you are more than your animal body things change. LOL
the only time free and i fight, its over fruit for sure. being with a 100% raw vegan fruit lover is the ulimate. you get to share food you both really love.

having to cook animal carcass and then wash the death grease off the dishes, oven etc. and then smelling that death breathe when you got intimate..no thanks.

people are attracted to people with big hearts. big heart automatically means your a vegan. otherwise we just hide behind skepticism which really is just another word for being gutless.

stand up and commit and avoid settling for second best and a life of quiet desperation. we can fulfill ourselves or anyone when we dream of being somewhere with someone else. write down a list of what you MUST have in a partner and then write down a list of what you must be in order to obtain and sustain it.
you fight about who get the yummy fruit?
Oh, this is a hard one for sure. I haven't given this much thought to be honest. These answers reflect my thoughts at the time being. The answers might change, though.

A raw gourmet superfoodist? Yes.
A raw non-vegan? Yes.
A cooked vegan? Yes.
A vegetarian? I'm undecided...
An organic meat-eater? I doubt it.
A SADist? No.
A smoker? No.
A recreational drug taker? No.
A drinker? No.

Preferably, he'd be a raw vegan or at least a vegan OR willing to change his diet after being informed of the ethical, health and envirronmental implications of not eating a plant based diet. I don't think I could be with someone that chose to participate in animal cruelty after watching Earthlings: No, that would def be a deal breaker for me. I think I could be with a junk food vegan, though... I came to this lifestyle for health reasons, but these days the ethical aspect matters more to me to be frank.
I would not want to kiss someone who has meat, alcohol, or cigarettes on their breath.
No, EWWW! He would have to ve vegan for sure.
My honey is typical SAD-ist and I love him in every version! I dont care about it (of course I talk with him about better diet but I dont want force him!).If he only dont take druges I everything is ok for me.
I was with a drinking and smoking SADist, who turned into a non-drinking and non-smoking 90% raw vegan (i would not be surprised if he would soon give up his last bit of cooked food as well). I tried to convince him and gave him food to taste all the time, and we even argued about eating behaviours. No way this had any positive impact on him. Even the contrary. But then i stopped, completely ignored what he was eating, and suddenly he began to read the China Study and asked for trying my food. Harhar.

I think i could be with a cooked vegan for the long term, but that is as far as i would go. Non-vegans just smell bad (also in the bathroom) and don't seem very compassionate to me. That freaks me out.
I was married to a smoking, meat eating sedentary man(who I had my 2 children to) for 7 years and it ended badly with him an alcoholic and me a nervous wreck. I now have a fit, non smoking omnivour who I cherish every moment with (4 years). He is very supportive of my diet and eats what I do only with a side of meat. I do think it is important to choose a partner with similar values to yourself for both your sanity and happiness. There are enough stressors in life without having to live with one every day. An energy giver or sharer is great compared to an energy leach..... so exhausting.



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