30 Bananas a Day!

How far are you willing to go in your choice of partner?

Could you see yourself with (or are you with):

A raw gourmet superfoodist?
A raw non-vegan?
A cooked vegan?
A vegetarian?
An organic meat-eater?
A SADist?
A smoker?
A recreational drug taker?
A drinker?

Do you have a limit to what you think would work for you?
To what extent do discordant food and lifestyle choices affect relationships? Any experiences you are willing to share?

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to each, their own; but i've learned to steer clear of any nut job that thinks a relationship with me is a good idea!
it has been said (though never proven) that "it is better to have love and lost that to never have loved." whatevs.. i've loved a number of times, i'm done. i'm fortunate enough to receive all of the nurturing that i require from my few friends, my dogs and an occasional booty-call. holla!

i have a difficult enough time sharing space with someone who puts the toilet paper roll on backwards.
Everyone who i have been with has been a SAD eater... but it never really works out in the end, partly because of my diet / lifestyle.

If it were my choice, I would be with a 811er. BUT even a raw foodist would be amazing. Even a vegan would be amazing. Especially if they have an open mind.

But I dont know about a meat eater... or a SAD eater... these relationships never truly work out for me.

THen again, if the SAD or MEAT EATER or ALCOHOLIC or whatever simply had an OPEN MIND, then YES, i'd be with them. People can change! People can be inspired! Not everyone has learned about the raw food lifestyle yet, you know???
I don't know i will ever meet a raw vegan boy for me!!!!! maybe someday!
I do feel like there is some elitism in the raw food world(and any type of lifestyle choice). maybe I'm projecting it and it's not really there. But I feel sometimes that people may think I'm looking down on them...and I feel the pressure to find a partner that is 811RV to fit the standards but also feel like it's almost unrealistic to hope for that....

it's a struggle, for sure
Yes, like any movement people believe strongly in it tends to reach religious heights at times. It does feel like a religion in a way, and it is extremely hard not to want to convert others and make them see the light. But as we know when Jehovah's witnesses come knocking the converting technique is highly likely to fail! So I agree that no pressure should be excerpted, and people will find their own path.

As we have seen above, lots of amazing and loving relationships exist here between people who are 811RV and non-raw. We just have to remain open and honest to ourselves. Maybe not a struggle, but an exciting challenge?
I agree with your search for the perfect partner, for me my lifestyle choice is something I will not compromise and I set the same standards for a partner that I set for myself.
Ive been only with SAD organic athlete eaters and being raw has no negative influence in my relationships. I let them know of my eating habits but i never talk about my eating ideas or ideals because that puts pressure and tension since obiously we will have diferent perspectives. I let my partner do his thing and vice-versa BUT! at the end they always end up very interested because they see that the diet actualy works wonders for athletes, start making questions, seeing results for themselves when making little changes and end up eating more greens and fruits :D.
So i guess i dont bother being with people with diferent eating choices as long as they respect my choices too and it feels great when you actualy make a raw positive change on others.
I am with someone who qualifys somewhere within the latter four options and i am HAPPY!
I'm not with anyone at the moment, but being a mother definitely influences who I would get involved with in the future. I wouldn't knowingly get involved with a smoker, drinker or recreational drug user. As for diet, I'm not quite sure. Ideally I would get involved with a man who ate as I do, but I'm open to the possibility of getting involved with someone who ate other diets, so long as he was athletic and had a lean, toned, sexy body like many of the men on this board have, not to mention a man who was intelligent, kind, affectionate and who loves children.
my family is sad. my bro's do drugs etc. i still love em. they say accept your family and choose your peers! lol!

i wrote down a list of what i needed in a partner. then, i wrote down a list of what i must be in order to obtain and sustain that sort of person in my life.

i committed and got the reward.
my friends and family said i was crazy. even my gran laughed at me! lol! but if in our hearts we know what is right for us, we must forge on, despite what others may say. and i just looked around at all the people i know, people choosing to be stuck in the rut of a relationship where the common values are totally misaligned..where one partner is spiritually stagnant whilst the other is spiritually aware and growing..where one partner cares about mineral content in organic navels and the other partner has meat pie crumbs stuck in their navel! lol!

all my partners in the past have been 'interested' in living their life purpose, but none of them were COMMITTED to it..personally for me, there is a profound difference between being interested and being committed..

today at the organic shop, freelea and i split a 10kg melon for breakfast and one person commented, 'that melon looks so good! is it a special day or something?' we laughed and said 'every day is special! every meal is special! why settle for less when you can have the best!?"

for me, my life is too short, fleeting and precious to waste my time, tormenting, manipulating someone else into my ideals when they would be just as happy getting fat eating pizza and icecream etc. for me nothing beats sharing the magic of life with someone that shares the same magical visions..

if you love someone, set them free.
have the courage to admit you aint where you wanna be.
its time to live life, and live it freely..
Well said, Harley! 10 kg can be pretty hard to finish yourself even when hungry, and sharing is so much more rewarding :-)

The power of conscious manifestation is truly mind blowing. Something I am doing more and more. Our minds and the universe are incredible forces which will provide if we just ask, providing we are truly mindful of what we are asking of ourselves and others.

Before my last relationship I asked for very specific things I thought I wanted in a partner, all of which I received. I just forgot to mention a few important factors, which ultimately were the downfall. I now know to include those in my list :-)
Here's that melon! ...Its the Best breakfast....but sometimes it can be a fight over who gets the bigger half....I always win "-D



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