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How Does No Caloric Restriction Result in Weight Loss?

I will start on this +90% fruit lifestyle soon. My main confusion is how is it possible to not get fat on +3000 kcal per day? I understand that DurianRider is lean as hell! This flies in the face of everything I've ever heard about calorie consumption. I'm curious what the mechanism behind all this is?

My guesses are:

  1. The calories in fruits are vastly overestimated. There was an article I read awhile ago that said this was due to incorrect caloric measurement methods that did not fully appreciate the effects of indigestibles.
  2. High fiber content means the body expends much more energy processing the foods.
  3. Due to the high density of nutrients in addition to energy, the brain and body can massively ramp up their energy usage, allowing them to work harder and better.
  4. The high consumption of water recommended for this lifestyle limits the digestion of calories by diluting the digestive juices in the body. (I don't think this is true---I've heard the body benefits from the added water during meals and, furthermore, compensates easily to adjust the levels of enzymes, pH, etc.)

Thank you. :D

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There are a few ways.

1) High fiber burns fat (google "fiber fat burning").  Most recommendations are 30-35 grams per day to burn fat.

Bananas, Apples, and Oranges each have about 3-4 grams each, so if you eat 10 pieces you get there.  If you eat 20-30 pieces of fruit you go into extreme fatburning zone.

2) "Clean" calories (fruits, berries, vegetables) clean out the liver, which allows the liver to go burn fat (has nothing to do with how many calories you eat or don't eat).  The liver's job is to burn fat, which it will do if people don't load it with crap dirty calories (processed fatty foods).  90% of your metabolism is in the liver, it controls fat gain and loss, and controls heart disease and diabetes.  Learn everything you can about the liver.

It is a fat burning organ, that is what it is designed to do.

3)  Get out of starvation zone.  Theoretically if you restrict calories you liver wants to create more fat if it can.  Eating high calories clean gets you out.

4) Higher potassium levels prevents fat storage in the liver.

Thanks, Jeff. I noticed you copy/pasted from an earlier thread, so I'm sorry for making you do that. I am currently reading about those topics you mentioned because of their appearance in the other thread.

I hope others will chime in as well.

  1. Fiber: Could you provide sources? I couldn't find anything that strongly supports your comment. Below are my results:
    • Satiety and Lower Caloric Intake: I googled [fiber fat burning] as well as [fiber "fat burning"]. Most of the information I found related fiber to higher levels of satiety, which leads to a consumption of less calories. This is irrelevant when the starting point is, "Two people eat 3000 calories---one eats high fiber, one eats low fiber. What's the difference?"
    • Exercise After Fiber: One article mentioned a study where those who exercised after eating fiber burned more calories, however it was still less than people who exercised while fasting, i.e., before breakfast. (8 women.)
    • Psyllium Fiber in Mice: Lastly, there was one study in mice concerning Psyllium Fiber that showed this type of fiber activates fat burning genes. (10-week study.)

Again, thank you for indulging me.

To be continued . . .

I do not know what you would accept as supporting evidence, peer reviewed science or webmd.com type articles, or youtube videos.

For me, the fact that almost all non-white nations eat fruits, veggies and basic starches (non-processed foods) without any regard to calorie counting outside of hunger while experiencing very low rates of obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease is the clincher.

The technical whys and what fors are more academic.

Peer-reviewed science is great. In the absence of that, a biochemical hypothesis would be helpful. 

YouTube is fine as well, but I'm sure you know that if it's not backed up by some kind of science---peer reviewed or well-grounded hypothesis---such a video will only be so persuasive.

The statistic you provided about "all non-white nations" is, in my opinion, a very good point. There is the issue, however, that in some non-white nations, it's arguable that many people are below or close to the poverty line. Their calories may be restricted by their budget. It may also be true that their level of activity is far and away much higher than ours. For example, Harley often mentions Chinese rice farmers, but that's a little complicated because Chinese rice farmers are doing physically demanding work all day and require many more calories than most "very active" people in the west.

Without actually counting the calories consumed and burned in these populations, your statement is not as clearly true, even if I personally suspect that it is true.

Thanks for Freelee's video:

  1. "Banana's prevent you from overeating & stop you bingeing on junkfood."
    • If we're assuming unlimited calories, overeating is irrelevant.
    • Bingeing on junk food is important to avoid if the type of calories matter more than the calories themselves. However, we cannot state that as an assumption because that is the hypothesis we're trying to examine---why do 3000 calories of fruits result in massive weight loss when 3000 calories of junk don't?
    • Of course, Freelee wasn't making her video with our discussion in mind, so this is not criticism on the video! :D
    • The point about having carbohydrate receptors on our tongues, not protein or fat receptors, is really interesting and a very strong logical point.
  2. Dietary Thermogenesis (TEF or the Thermic Effect of Foods)
    • This is a good point. The metabolism speeds up to burn off excess calories, which is a function of:
      • Meal frequency.
      • Meal size.
      • Meal composition.
      • How insulin-sensitive an individual is. (Healthy people are generally very sensitive to insulin.)
      • Chili peppers and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) increase TEF. MCTs are abundant in coconut oil (as are ketones, which may or may not be helpful in brain health).
    • Conclusion: This diet promotes TEF via volume of food, volume of meals, and improving insulin sensitivity.
  3. Low Fat, Make You Want to Move
    • Calorie type is the hypothesis we're trying to assess, so this doesn't support our discussion.
    • Making you want to move:
      • The large influx of sugar might be a good mechanism for "making you want to move".
      • Bananas are said to increase serotonin levels, however this article on NCBI says that is a myth as the serotonin from bananas does not "cross the blood-brain barrier".
      • However, the same article also states that meals high in protein antagonize the carrying of tryptophan to the brain, so this diet is beneficial in that it's low protein content may improve mood.
    • Potassium
      • I'll have to spend more time researching this, but after combing through several pieces of research on NCBI, I found one that showed that administration of a calcium/potassium salt had a greater effect on weight loss than the diet of the control group. Both groups ate 2000 calories and exercised the same amount.
      • Size: 90 obese patients over 8 weeks.
      • http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16366421

I think there's some evidence here that this diet helps burn extra calories, especially the Diet-induced Thermogenesis and potassium content of bananas. :)

Here is a freelee video on the subject.


You may want to watch this, Joel Furman is a vegetable centric "vegan" (he actually eats small amounts of meat) who is also of the "calories don't matter" camp.


I will say that freelee and harley less so do occasionally contradict themselves or appear to, but that's ok they are human beings.

I think when they say speak of satiety they mean that if you fill up on fruit then you won't be tempted to eat other stuff.  The philosophy here is clearly that of of clean makes you lean, as opposed to calorie input output.

For me after 5 weeks I've lost 8 lbs easting 2500-3000 calories a day.  I'm sick of eating, and I have made basically no changes to my exercise regiment, which produce zero lbs of weight loss over the previous 4 months, so obviously I'm sticking with it.

James here are a couple of videos on liver and fat burning.  They are not fruitarian oriented but they do cover some of the fat burning issues.



Some information on fiber



i currently do not know of a resource that directly answers your questions, I can only cull some from here and there.

For me after 5 weeks I've lost 8 lbs easting 2500-3000 calories a day.

Your personal testimony is very reassuring. Also, after one and a half days on the diet, the poops are too good to give up, so there's that. :D

Thanks. Finals are soon, so I'll go through the information you provided afterwards. ;) 



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