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PS: the video was not AGAINST someone it was to inform someone and i did it in the nicest way

you can check the video out for your self n let me know --->https://youtu.be/qOWI0aRrjgQ

lol but all i know is i feel i did it respectfully but how do you reply to that in a non-ass way because i can be.



Just an update on the SuperWomen video i did seems like she watched the video

unfortunately was hoping she turn around and say "IM VEGAN!" but planted a seed. and i did reply to her Tweet as well. but thanks for all yall that shared my video with her.

she has not blocked me YET! but will see after that tweet i send her if things change.

and the Red head chick who told me to shut up looks like she shut her self up as someone replied to her believe i know i did as well but meh.

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Eating plants may support indirect death to animals, eating animal products assures it. Even "sustainably grown" animals are far more harmful to the environment and lives of existing species due to the sheer amount of land required.

Thats tru!

I wouldn't reply at all, it's a ridiculous claim. If someone is that unreasonable I wouldn't think that reasoning with them would make a difference.  I mean come ON, the cruelty of vegetable plantations?! It just sounds like a anti-vegan soundbyte regurgitated.

yeah it is very anti.

I hate that argument. First of all going vegan will slowly lead to a better world with better farming practices and eventually more people will grow their own food. We should really grow food using permaculture methods. Which leads to healthier plants and healthier food that those plants produce. Also that method supports biodiversity and helps the environment. Again the more we go in a vegan direction the more humans will be interested in producing food that supports the ecosystem etc. second of all we already grow enough plants to feed the worlds population but we feed it to livestock. Clearing fields for animal agricultural kills more plant and animal species than any other cause. Animal agriculture is the largest cause of species extinction and environmental destruction. The amount of loss from growing crops is a minute fraction of the destruction animal agriculture causes. We are looking to do the least harm possible. Unfortunately at this point it isn't possible to do no harm. Her argument is dumb anyway who is she to say shut up until you grow your own stuff. I am sure she doesn't grow her stuff so what is her point exactly. We were handed down this inefficient food production system so all we can do is move toward a better way and a better world and that starts with veganism.

i know right! i think someone already commented her back from me XP

There is some truth in it. Cereal harvesting kills many rodents. So, don't just refute it.

You can say you agree that it would be great if you could grow organically your own food but as you can't, you only buy vegan food. Of course it is not perfect but it is probably the second most ethical way to eat. Factory farmed animals are fed so much cereals that if eating cereals is bad, eating animals fed cereals is many times worst.

Just refuting that it's worse than factory farms:)

does she mean Cereals as in Cornflakes? cos i don't even eat that


i don't think you should worry about whether you did things in the nicest way or not. what's important is that you did it in the truthful way.

as for this ferrari person, the first thing to recognize is that she's pulling the usual tu quoque fallacy:


this is really foolish because even if you were eating corpse, your argument in the video still remains true. in other words, your personal actions don't alter the morality of the situation you are talking about. this sort of attack is made because people like ferrari really don't have an argument, so they resort to impotent rationalizations and do a lot of screeching.

now as for the eating plants kills more nonsense, danieltheotter answers it quite correctly here:

Eating plants may support indirect death to animals, eating animal products assures it.


furthermore, since between 60-80% (depending on the country) of the grains grown are fed to fatten up animals, you kill not only the animals habitating the agriarea, but also animals that you slaughter after they get fat.

you'll probably come up against the grassfed beef because that's often a sequel to the tu quoque, so look at these posts:

the mass murdering plant industry rationalization

here is a series of ideas on how to handle some of these absurd situations on or off forums:

30badigo HQ - discuss strategy here!

remember when engaging in such sport, you shouldn't expect to 'convince' your opponent. as the saying goes, "you can't win an argument with an ignorant person." especially when that ignorance is deliberate. however, you can utilize their comments to make your sensible, factual replies ... there are always people watching! ;)

speaking of watching, take a look at our list:

youtubers: HOT and NOT

and here's another useful resource:

animal rights on 30bad

here's a great speech that i think you'll like:


if you want to investigate further, you can watch the entire debate:


you'll be amazed how the badguys, supposedly educated, resort to the same ridiculous arguments we encounter from the typical wackos on youtube and other forums.

there is a very good reason for this behavior. there is no suitable answer in existence to counter veganism.

in friendship,


Thank you Prad! much appreciated all those links! :)

you are very welcome, martin!

have fun in cyberspace!

in friendship,




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