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How do you push through symptoms that are negatively affecting you?

Hi so as of this month I have been HCLF vegan for 4 months and 80% - 100% raw most days and so far I feel as though I am only getting worse, not better. I know many experience transition differently, some don’t experience any physical problems, others do… some battle more emotional problems like attachments to food, and others just fly through with no doubt.

When I say I am only getting worse, I truly mean it. I posted a few months ago about experiencing back pains after eating, dry throats, tiredness and brain fog. The back pains have settled, but I still feel some when exercising. I still wake up sleepy (usually get 8 – 10 hours of sleep) and my head is so clouded I lose interest in things easily.

I have now gained 7kg and have a ballooned belly 24/7, and due to this, I feel weighed down and my ability to exercise is being affected by this. I’m not sure what is happening, but my stomach region has been feeling tighter and my desire to eat is fading, but I continue to eat anyhow, even when I feel I can’t (2300 – 3000 + calories).

My confidence has dropped and I feel so lost. I don’t want you to think I am just another whiner who blames this diet…. Because I don’t, I only have myself to look out for. Yes I know cooked food isn’t optimal, but it is when you’re not as rich and a 5kg bag of organic potatoes is $5… and also when you’re trying to push through your first raw winter.

All I want is to be able to go for a run, do a workout or even just walk around with my friends without getting drained within the first 10 minutes. Please give me some inspiring words to help me push through this. I love this community because there is such an amazing vibe from everyone. And I love this lifestyle because it’s refreshing and motivating, and I want to continue it... I’ve made the commitment to it; I just need some words to get me past what I am experiencing.

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strange to me is that if you drink 3 liters a day you are still deydrated to the point of having those symptoms? 

I know... my mum thinks I have diabetes due to the amount of sugar I eat, constant trips to the bathroom, tiredness and of course the thirst... but when you take into account that bananas are my staple food, as well as dates it kinda makes sense... but when I drink water I don't include the 500ml I use for my smoothies or the 500 - 1 litre of orange juice I might have.... I assume its the cooked food which is the culprit aswell. I have just had 2 litres of water... and i'm still thirsty!

tried it this morning during my workout and as soon as i felt the tingle in my shoulder i reached for the water and bam! it was gone....


Wow, that is so cool! :)  I remember reading similar stories in a great book, Your Body's Many Cries For Water.

awesome juliana ! Its the biggest relief in the world to figure out was is causing these horrible (!) symptoms. I remember once I was at work, this burning pain happened to me after having lunch, and it hurt so friggin bad that I needed to go lie down on the table in the staff room, my coworkers all thought that I was dying, and that kinda ruins the credibility of the lifestyle (they all know that Im doing it) haha. but now I will be a much better fruity example to everyone 

a few months ago I was experiencing awful back pains after eating high water fruits... it could last for hours =/ It got to a point where it would be painful to stand or sit... I ended up going to the chiropractor once a week, took out the high water fruits from my diet and got myself a new mattress... the good thing from that is my new mattress =)

Dr. Doug often puts people starting out on 811 on banana island, this might do you some good in this instance.    Banana Islanders

again thankyou for all the replies everyone, it feels wonderful knowing there is so much goodness in this community. I just had a semi breakdown a few hours ago because my favourite jeans were tighter than i liked.. but i'm recovering... i think i might need to do a bit of mono eating just to sort things out... here goes!

Hey Juliana

If you are going to eat cooked food, try swapping the white organic potatoes for sweet potatoes. They are a little more expensive but much easier to digest. The ballooned belly is not real weight gain (ie. it isn't likely to be fat, it is bloating). When this is present 24/7 and you don't wake up with a flat belly, this likely means you are eating foods that you are not eliminating (ie. more is coming into your mouth than is leaving the other end). White potatoes are very difficult to digest as they are higher in starch. Sweet potatoes have more sugars and less starch, which makes them much easier to digest.

Also consider swapping the variety of cooked crucifers you are eating (eg brussel sprouts), for more greens across the day (eg. put some spinach in your banana smoothie, your lunch time smoothie, and consume some other green with your evening meal). You need pretty good digestion to do well on a variety of crucifers. Avoid consuming juice for lunch, eat whole fruits instead. Try to consume the more watery fruits earlier in the day and the more dense fruits later. Eg. have the citrus for breakfast, rather than lunch. Also, unless you are blending the citrus into a smoothie made with the dates, it is probably not a good idea to consume citrus at the same meal as dates. They digest at different rates. You are much more likely to get the burning sensation in your stomach that you described when this happens. And the bloated stomach.

Make sure you squat on the toilet, rather than sit on it in the conventional way (ie. get your feet up onto the seat so you can squat like you would in nature). Keep your spine up straight when you do this. You will find your bowel movements are much more complete when you do this and this will flatten your stomach faster. You will notice your appetite increase as your eliminate more. You are struggling to eat more food simply because you don't have enough coming out so there is more pressure on your stomach.

Take care

Adam x

oh wow thanks! I do eat sweet potato and pumpkin as well as the potatoes... just picked a large pumpkin from my garden the other day =) and on the occassion I will make corn tortillas because I think they digest better. I know its bloating... but its just hard to deal with because it makes me self conscious...

I have started putting cos lettuce and bok-choy in my smoothies. I'll try juice for breakfast tomorrow and see how I feel. The burning sensation actually does occur after eating dates... even if I haven't eaten oranges.

I'm too afraid to squat on toilets, the concept makes sense but the fear of hurting myself is something holding me back from attempting such a positon. I have been squatting as I sit on the computer... which can be a long time... I don't why, I just find it comfortable.... would that make a difference without actually having to squat on the toilet?

thanks again... alot of great points there =) 

You should also consider getting your thyroid and pituitary glands checked out as eating disorders can extensively damage both and with enough damage they can cause amenorrhea (no period) and in some cases insulin resistance (which might explain some of your problems and would be exasperated by this lifestyle)  



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