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How do you push through symptoms that are negatively affecting you?

Hi so as of this month I have been HCLF vegan for 4 months and 80% - 100% raw most days and so far I feel as though I am only getting worse, not better. I know many experience transition differently, some don’t experience any physical problems, others do… some battle more emotional problems like attachments to food, and others just fly through with no doubt.

When I say I am only getting worse, I truly mean it. I posted a few months ago about experiencing back pains after eating, dry throats, tiredness and brain fog. The back pains have settled, but I still feel some when exercising. I still wake up sleepy (usually get 8 – 10 hours of sleep) and my head is so clouded I lose interest in things easily.

I have now gained 7kg and have a ballooned belly 24/7, and due to this, I feel weighed down and my ability to exercise is being affected by this. I’m not sure what is happening, but my stomach region has been feeling tighter and my desire to eat is fading, but I continue to eat anyhow, even when I feel I can’t (2300 – 3000 + calories).

My confidence has dropped and I feel so lost. I don’t want you to think I am just another whiner who blames this diet…. Because I don’t, I only have myself to look out for. Yes I know cooked food isn’t optimal, but it is when you’re not as rich and a 5kg bag of organic potatoes is $5… and also when you’re trying to push through your first raw winter.

All I want is to be able to go for a run, do a workout or even just walk around with my friends without getting drained within the first 10 minutes. Please give me some inspiring words to help me push through this. I love this community because there is such an amazing vibe from everyone. And I love this lifestyle because it’s refreshing and motivating, and I want to continue it... I’ve made the commitment to it; I just need some words to get me past what I am experiencing.

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Hi Juliana,

I'm sorry to here that you're experiencing such symptoms. :(

What do you typically eat in a day? Do you eat mono or do you combine?  I definitely am convinced that at least 3000 calories is the way to go. Though I never eat anything cooked or with overt fats (those can definitely hinder and cause symptoms).

Have you ever considered going on Banana Island or Date Island? That should help overcome some symptoms.

If keeping warm is an issue for you, I highly recommend watching Rawfruitygoddess's video on overt-fats.

I hope I could help you at least somewhat.

Stay strong and don't give up! :)

hi athena thanks for the reply =) I always eat 10 bananas for breakfast (sometimes 15), for lunch I will have oranges and mandarins (whole or juiced) plus dates with celery and for dinner more bananas and some raw veggies after or raw veggies and cooked veggies afterwards (potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, brussel sprouts and peas) ... on the occassion I will make sushi with just veggies wrapped in nori or homemade corn tortillas filled with salad... i try my best not to combine foods during the day.

i've tried banana island for a week but I didn't feel any better, rather nautious and eventually the banana smell became too much and I couldnt eat them.

thanks very much for replying... I won't give up.. never!

do you mean you mix bananas and potatoes in the same meal? Hope that is not the case.Even when i was on SAD if i eated just 1 banana after meal with potatoes i would feel so bloated and awfull.That must be the worst combinations one can do.

no never! if i eat fruit at night time i never follow it with cooked vegetables... only raw vegetables, but i wait at least 20 - 30 minutes beforehand... i did state OR =)

"but i wait at least 20 - 30 minutes beforehand"

After 30 minutes of a meal of bananas i still have them in my stomach.maybe i could only digest 1 or 2 in 30 min.

How many bananas are you eating before having raw vegetables meal in 20-30min. What vegetables are you eating?

Are you drinking enough water?

only a few bananas, and i very rarely do this... the typical raw veggies are cucumbers, lettuce, celery and carrots....

í drink 3- 4 litres of water a day too... 1 - 2 litres upon waking up and then i wait half an hour before eating, or i will do my work out before eating and i will drink my water during exercise...

Some of the symptoms you mention sound like dehydration...how much water do you drink?  Are you consuming salt?  What kind of lifestyle did you live before you started this lifestyle? 

Have you had any blood tests recently?

as i just mentioned i drink 3 -4 litres. no salt. i have had it on the occassion but it was my decission too (just recently my grandfather died and i had some bread, then on the day of his funeral we went back to my grandmothers house to share a meal of homemade soup (vegan), it was not the right to not eat a meal with the family) .. but I won't blame that for what I have experienced because the symptoms have been persistent...

I come from an eating disordered history, but have been weight restored for at least 3 years. i haven't had my period for 6 years... i had gallstones when I was 16, i used to be lactose intollerant, and before my eating disorder I was obese... i guess i have a lot of history but surely it can't be the reason as to why my symptoms are effecting my mobility, comfort and overall mental clarity?

and no i havent had any blood tests as of recent.... maybe i shoudln't have started this forum post, i think now it may have been useless... i should just suck it up and try to push through....

hey thanks for the advice, sounds like you did very well... thats such an amazing price for coconuts! right now its winter where i am so high water fruits aren't available (except oranges)... i don't think i can do the coconut water feast simply because they're not as cheap... and enjoying them in the sunshine is a bit hard when there is very little sun and its windy with chances of rain ;)

im trying to simplify my meals a bit more now... i was thinking of just having oranges for a few days (juiced) but first i need to do some mail dropping around the neighbourhood and find some orange trees in abundance =) do you think an orange juice fast would be okay since i can't do coconut? i know its alot of acid....

will try my best... but i dont think im eating too much, and i worry that if i dont eat the calories i will be more energy drained, is there ever such a thing as too many calories making you sleepy?

Hey Juliana, so sorry to hear you are having a hard time! I think we all defintely have our ups and downs in general and sometimes they may become more intensified when we go on this lifestyle just because we are really cleansing out. I went through exactly what you are going through a few months ago and actually fell off the wagon so I'm so proud of you for staying on. I will have to agree with cloudyknight. I think that what I was doing was forcing down 10 bananas at a time and it was making me really sick and downright repulsed by bananas after it and I dont thin that this is what we are trying to acheive here. What we are looking for is to feel energized, joyful and excited about our fruit. Not to dread eating it. I think its important to get enough calories but even Dr.Graham said in 80/10/10 that we shouldnt be eating more calories than we are burning. What I have found works for me lately is eating smaller meals often. I still get around 2500 calories but its just more spread out so I dont get sick of the fruit. In fact, I crave it more when the next meal rolls around. I think its important to eat enough calories but I think its important also not to overeat calories because it will weigh you down and perhaps even create a lot of other negative symptoms. The tricky thing is that this requires you to listen to your body and as someone who has personally suffered with a eating disorder too I can say that that is very difficult. Eat as much as you like but stop eating when you are starting to feel that yucky feeling from eating too many bananas. I have maybe 4 bananas at a time. Any more than that makes me feel sick. However, if you were to do 4 bananas at a time you have to make sure you are doing more than just 3 meals. Sometimes Ill also add berries or figs with my bananas. For example, the other day I had 4 bananas and a pound of strawberries and it was very refreshing! What a day of eating looks like for me is the following:


Breakfast: 2 lbs of cherries

Lunch: 4 bananas and a lb of strawberries

2nd Lunch: 8 orange juice

Pre dinner: Cantaloupe

DInner: salad with zucchini, squash, carrots and avocado

I snack on dates throughout the day. Might have like 5-10 or something like that. I have huge ones too so those make up for the calories because of how dense they are


This may not seem ideal for some but it seems to be working for me right now. I found that eating large quantities of food at a time is really unpleasant and unenjoyable for me. I dont want to work hard to eat. I just want to eat and be done and then eat again when I'm hungry. Hope some of this helps! Stay strong and email me whenever you want to talk :) Hugs!


thank-you cloudy night and viktoriya =) starting today i'm going to try and stay raw for a week - while listening to my body - and see how that goes. I will try the smaller meals too (that being said, I just had my 10 banana smoothie >.<)... hopefully i find some improvement.... may cut back on the smoothies just so I can really listen, its easier to overeat when the fruit is blended....



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