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How do you manage being 801010/fruitarian/raw vegan around family and coworkers

10 Days raw vegan and loving it, but I have a question, I am sure there are people who still live with family or work with coworkers who are still living a SAD lifestyle, did you tell them about what you were doing. I live on my own so that's not so bad, but I have been hiding my new lifestyle from coworkers, not because I am ashamed of it, but because I have always been a private person in general, and I don't really want to deal with the ignorant comments or concerned but misguided attempts to convince me not to eat the way I do. I just don't like to draw attention to myself unnecessarily. Plus if I mess up, I would have to explain to them all over again that it has nothing to do with raw veganism being unsustainable. Then it is so hard to say no when they offer you things that you do not want to eat. So far I have been accepting items and throwing them away when nobody looks. Believe me, I have said no in the past when I was a vegetarian and people have acted weird around me for a week. I just got invited to a BBQ in June, I am thinking of just saying that I have to work that day or something. In truth, I am in the process of changing my lifestyle to match my vegan mentality, and even that is going to be hard, there is a lot of pressure on me from coworkers not to quit, and I appreciate their love and support, and I do love them very much, I just do not want to be in the current field I am in anymore, so I fully intend to leave when I am in the position to. Anyway, I just wanted to know what you think I should do? Or how did you deal with this while you were transistioning?

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Funny, I just posted a blog with my current frustrations with this (go take a read!) I work at a SAD restaurant, and have been LFRV way after I began working there. I tend to not even let my customers know I'm LFRV working at this SAD restaurant, and sometimes it's difficult for myself to really explain our items on the menu just because I haven't tried them before. Just recently we had a 'tasting' for new LTO items on the menu, and had to explain to my boss my provisions on my lifestyle since pretty much EVERYTHING was highly processed, high fat, or meat. Quite possibly one of the most difficult things to face, especially when you are ridiculed for your employment at a place that isn't aligned with your lifestyle. 

The best means to deal with this are venting your frustrations and finding support in this lifestyle with people who are on your frequency. Even though I don't have a lot of personal close friends on 30BaD, reading through blogs, watching videos, and browsing throughout the site has saved my determination and sanity during the difficult times. My family is only beginning to understand this lifestyle of mine because I've been showing them positive research on LFRV and they can even see it in myself how vibrantly I've changed health-wise. I have some very understanding friends who are supportive of me and always keep me in mind of getting fresh fruit and veggies when there's a BBQ, lunch, or else wise. There are some people who are going to be respectful and some people who simply don't understand (and who probably come off as mean about it, but it is their mis-education on the subject, not that they're being mean directly toward you). 

Keep strong to your beliefs, you know you're on the right path for yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. :)

Yes yes! I did read your blog and respond! What we are going through is very similar. I feel for you, I guess we are being pushed to find our true life purposes for real. Thank you so much for the encouragement! :)

My mom knows I am doing 801010 right now, she is vegetarian, she isn't really adversed to a raw vegan lifestyle if done properly (in her mind), and she has reservations because has had friends who have gone raw vegan and are still alive but not healthy looking, so she is not happy with the idea of me just eating fruit and vegetables, and think that I am eating way too much fruit and need much more variety in my diet. So I eventually made a deal with her that if I do this for a year and she likes how I'm looking and how I am doing with it, then she can agree that it is an excellent lifestyle to undergo and consider doing it too. She agreed to my deal LOL. So we shall see! :)

I got a lot of comments at work when I started this diet. Usually I got a little aggravated and felt the need to respond and defend the way I was eating. Then I started to care less and now nobody comments it anymore.

I think the key is to try not to care so much of what others say or might think, though it's easier said then done. 

You are so right, I'm getting there, because I am tired of hiding and I believe in this waay too much!

Lucky you indeed! :)

Well done Rashida on making the change. The advice I would have is that it is a change, it is different, and it is a bit odd. But that is to lots of other people. I have found a couple of phrases quite useful.


" I am just trying to eat light and healthy for a while"

"I am eating this way to give it a try; there is some really compelling evidence to suggest it is healthy so I am having a go at it till I don't want to anymore" 

"I can eat whatever I want to, I just don't want to eat that right now"


In all cases above, you are not judging people, which in my experience is when people get the most defensive about their choices, and can create the most friction. Often the second one opens the conversation and it can go interesting places.


You will get used to people judging you from within their paradigm.


vive la différence

I love those responses! Very diplomatic, thank you! :)

Thanks a lot for those excellent tips!

One of the easiest ways to deal with this is to tell people that you have some slight medical issues and this diet has been suggested to you by you doctor/dietician, etc. people tend to think its ok once they hear you are doing it for medical reasons! Once you feel comfortable, you an tell the truth, or not :). I really do have health issues and my dr was one of the people that said "you cant eat this way, its not healthy"! However, it's made me a much healthier person!!!!! I finally feel GREAT! Good luck to you and remember, there's never any harm in being true to yourself :)

not a bad idea. I mentioned my diet to my doctor and he was estatic about it. rambled on about how meat is terrible and this is the way to go etc.. stated he still eats chicken now and then himself but that its just aweful stuff etc.. then i had my blood work done and had great results. so between that and his opinion if people wine i can simply state hey my doctor is happy with my diet etc.. My doctor could be doctor suess for all they know but they will feel better hearing that.

It's pretty cool to find doctors who support this lifestyle lol :)



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