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How do you manage being 801010/fruitarian/raw vegan around family and coworkers

10 Days raw vegan and loving it, but I have a question, I am sure there are people who still live with family or work with coworkers who are still living a SAD lifestyle, did you tell them about what you were doing. I live on my own so that's not so bad, but I have been hiding my new lifestyle from coworkers, not because I am ashamed of it, but because I have always been a private person in general, and I don't really want to deal with the ignorant comments or concerned but misguided attempts to convince me not to eat the way I do. I just don't like to draw attention to myself unnecessarily. Plus if I mess up, I would have to explain to them all over again that it has nothing to do with raw veganism being unsustainable. Then it is so hard to say no when they offer you things that you do not want to eat. So far I have been accepting items and throwing them away when nobody looks. Believe me, I have said no in the past when I was a vegetarian and people have acted weird around me for a week. I just got invited to a BBQ in June, I am thinking of just saying that I have to work that day or something. In truth, I am in the process of changing my lifestyle to match my vegan mentality, and even that is going to be hard, there is a lot of pressure on me from coworkers not to quit, and I appreciate their love and support, and I do love them very much, I just do not want to be in the current field I am in anymore, so I fully intend to leave when I am in the position to. Anyway, I just wanted to know what you think I should do? Or how did you deal with this while you were transistioning?

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LOL so true, nothing beats saying the doctor said so!

it really is amazing how many people will solicate there opinion on your habits and gladly tell you how your wrong etc.. even tho you never asked for there opinion or advice. I personally find this behavior on there part pretty rude. I grew an obnoxious beard for a while people came out of the wood work to tell me how aweful i looked to my face. I recall gee how would yu guys all feel if i told you you looked awful to your face? I told one person that they where being rather rude that its ok but if i spouted off my opinion of there appearance to them they'd be highly offended etc.. That little stunt of mine taught me a lot!

Now fast forward to this. people see the amt of bananas i eat and i just laugh and get all giddy about it. My dad watched me make a smoothie the other day hucking 8 bananas or so in etc.. and he looked at me like i was an alien from mars i just kept doing it waiting for him to say something inside i was laughing my butt off hahaha.

its comical to me anymore everyones opinion. people think i'm insane but if they could feel how i do eating this way they'd jump in and join me.

It's truly amazing how rude people can be for real, and when it's not to your face, it is to your back! I mean, are their lives not interesting enough that they have to be nose diving into yours? It never fails to amaze me. But if I didn't take myself seriously, I could see how fun it is to eat this way and take in the ignorant feedback LOL

I'm trying to remember back to when I first went raw.  I've been a vegetarian most of my life, and then vegan for a long time, so everyone was used to that.  I think I just said something like: I'm trying a raw diet for a while to see how that goes.  Now everyone is so used to me, it's just a non-issue.  When I visit my family, they are so sweet and supportive, and my coworkers accept me and my ways and don't pressure me or hassle me.  Just recently a young woman who teaches with me this year complimented me and said what an inspiration I was.  She loves how I just eat the diet I want, don't make a big deal about it, everyone is cool about it, and she sees that it's possible for a real person to do this and thrive, and not get isolated from everyone else in our community either.  Yay!

I think the hardest time for me and for most people is right at the beginning.  I second the excellent advice that others have already given - just be honest but low key, eat your food with confidence and good humor, join in the social events if you can do so without feeling pressured to eat unhealthy food or drink alcohol, and keep the focus on other things.  If you feel relaxed and fine with it, most people don't care and will get on to the next topic.  I can bring my salad and dates out at work gatherings easily, and at this point I don't feel weird and my coworkers are fine with it.  For the friends I still have who eat SAD, we just do things like go for a walk or see a movie together instead of going out to dinner.  And really, going out to dinner is fine, just bring some dates or other dried fruit and order a large salad.  It's just that I hate spending tons of money on a tiny salad, so I usually try to plan other things to do.

When I'm in those difficult spots - like parents of my students giving me holiday gifts of food that I can't eat - I handle it by saying thank you, I so appreciate this thoughtful gift.  If I need to elaborate, I say I won't be able to eat it, but I so appreciate the thought and it will be wonderful to have some cookies, candy, wine, fill in the blank, around at the holidays to offer my guests.  Then I just give it away so someone who can eat it and will enjoy it.

Good luck to you!  It definitely gets easier in every way as you go forward. 

I have been transitioning my diet since the beginning of May.  I have already gotten lots of questions, and odd looks, and participated in many an awkward silence.  A couple weeks ago I went to a family BBQ.  My sis-in-law was hosting and hearing about the changes I was making to my eating habits she asked what I could eat.  I told her that fruit was best, but I would definitely be avoiding all animal products.  She sounded cool about it, but I brought some bananas, and a big bowl of strawberries just in case.  When we got there the only thing that she had for me was a plate of orange slices. Even the salad had shrimp in it.

My plan for all such functions in the future:  I am planning to learn to do some raw vegan cooking and take it to share.  Who knows? As my health improves (already is!), and they see that raw vegan food doesn't have to just be a plate of orange wedges I might make a few converts!

I am also planning to "come out" on Facebook this week.  Be consistent, be yourself.  It might take a while, but they will get used to it. 



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