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How do you manage being 801010/fruitarian/raw vegan around family and coworkers

10 Days raw vegan and loving it, but I have a question, I am sure there are people who still live with family or work with coworkers who are still living a SAD lifestyle, did you tell them about what you were doing. I live on my own so that's not so bad, but I have been hiding my new lifestyle from coworkers, not because I am ashamed of it, but because I have always been a private person in general, and I don't really want to deal with the ignorant comments or concerned but misguided attempts to convince me not to eat the way I do. I just don't like to draw attention to myself unnecessarily. Plus if I mess up, I would have to explain to them all over again that it has nothing to do with raw veganism being unsustainable. Then it is so hard to say no when they offer you things that you do not want to eat. So far I have been accepting items and throwing them away when nobody looks. Believe me, I have said no in the past when I was a vegetarian and people have acted weird around me for a week. I just got invited to a BBQ in June, I am thinking of just saying that I have to work that day or something. In truth, I am in the process of changing my lifestyle to match my vegan mentality, and even that is going to be hard, there is a lot of pressure on me from coworkers not to quit, and I appreciate their love and support, and I do love them very much, I just do not want to be in the current field I am in anymore, so I fully intend to leave when I am in the position to. Anyway, I just wanted to know what you think I should do? Or how did you deal with this while you were transistioning?

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I'm at the spot where you are, I'm not ashamed or anything, I just try to keep it on the down-low that I'm vegan/mostly-raw, because I don't want to bring up any arguments/draw attention to myself as well. I think it would be best if you let your coworkers/friends know that you are vegan, instead of waiting until you're in an awkard position (i.e., out to eat, dinner event, etc) I know this may be hard, because when I went vegan I told my closest friends, then eventually the word got around and I had to deal with questions, rude comments, the whole shebang. But, I'd much rather it be this way than going somewhere awkwardly and having people think you're anorexic when you don't eat anything because there is nothing but pizza/animal products. I hoped this helped in some way; good luck to you! Here's a personal experience of my own:

In class the other day, my teacher and I used to love eating the school's toasted cheese before I went vegan (the only things my school sells for lunches are animal products, which infuriates me) and my teacher called out, "Hey Laura, toasted cheese today!!!" and two of my friends obnoxiously yelled, "SHE CAN'T EAT THAT, SHE'S VEGAN!!!!!" I was so mad! Then the teacher says, "Why?" and "Why would you do that?" Then people pipe in, "Cows need to be milked!" "It isn't cruel to milk cows!" etc. I was pretty upset, but handled it as best as I knew how to.

Yes! You definitely can relate to what I am saying! I wish I didn't come across as fickle or wishywashy or fake, but it really is a lot harder than it seems to tell tell people the truth about your lifestyle, then deal with the intense scrutiny and psychoanalysis that comes with it. I  am glad you figure it finally. I think I am ultimately just going to have to tell people the truth.

You are sooo right, I hate lying anyway, and find it so exhausting to lie and hide all the time. My heart feels so much lighter and free when I can be myself and be open and honest with it. Thanks for your advice! At least I know I can look to this forum for people who are like me, or people I can aspire to. :)

I live with my parents and my cat.  My cat should be the only one eating meat but sadly my parents do too.  If someone offers me something I don't eat, I just say no thank you.  I welcome questions because it might get people thinking more about what they eat.  I dont like to preach to other people what they eat generally.  I just hope people will see how healthy and happy I am and that they will be inspired somehow to change what they eat or ask about it.  I think it's important to get the message out there to people that are curious.

My friend told me today "i think maybe you should have eaten some protein.  It might have helped you get down the mountain faster" when referring to a hike I went on with her bf.  I just said no that's not true at all.  I just could have brought more food with me as I ran out on the hike.  What I forgotto say was that the World Health Organization says we only need to get 3% of our calories from protein and there is 3% or more protein when consuming only fruits and vegetables.

Yes, you make excellent points, and I notice when I go on a day of eating just bananas (I eat about 35-40) and track it in cronometer, I actually exceed my fat and protein requirements, so I actually laugh to myself when I here people with this BS, "Oh, where do you get your protein?" LOL

Thanks for the tip! In that case, I guess I am not getting enough fat or protein :| :DDD LOL

perfect! :)


when you get the protein and or iron question  i say that banana has all nine amino acids

 for iron i say leafy greens get me to -- mg of iron   for me its 25mg     give them an exact number 

if a person is unpleasant you can suggest that  stay away from fruits and veggies because they are toxic (joking)

when a person is open it is wonderful chance to share your experience  

wow i am so grateful my mind was open to try this lifestyle out and know its results   keeping an open mind is one lives greatest treasures 

have fun with it   its weird how fruit phobic the world is   but it is   against any rational thought


For family I haven't had much of an issue as I have gone on and off vegetarian in the past and they came to accept that I wasn't going to always share their values when it comes to food.  I often still have to explain things to them as my parents are getting older and their memory isn't as good but they are mostly concerned and I realize that so its okay.  I wish I could get them to adopt these healthy eating habits.  I'll keep trying and maybe one day =)

Usually when I go to friends places I don't hang out for more than a couple hours so its not really an issue.  About a month ago though I went to visit a buddy who was having some other friends over to watch some UFC and have a BBQ.  It was a bit of a drive so I decided I would stay for the whole thing.  So I packed my cooler with all my fruit and and veges and hung out.  I received a little chirping as I kept downing bananas as they downed beers and burgers.   But even though this was a fairly alpha-male dominated hang out, surprisingly it wasn't that bad.  When I came home I felt proud of myself and relieved.  It was my first time "going public" and even though I did receive some misguided ridicule, I survived.

I own my own business and work from home so I haven't had to deal with co-workers in that regard.  I did have a customer try to get me to come out for a meeting and lunch and I dodged the lunch which was kind of awkward.  I design machines for the automotive industry and my customers tend to be older conservative business men.  I'm not sure how accepting they would be of my raw vegan life style. 

LOL good for you! Is it my imagination or do men tend to be less sensitive when it comes to these matters. You guys just pretty much do your thing. Kudos on that! That would have been interesting to see you in a tie and suit at a restaurant downing 12 bananas and a large green salad with a client, but pretty cool too lol. 

Excellent tips, thank you so much for the insight!



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