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How do you explain Questions like "What are all this Fruit for ?"

I bought a a lot of Apple from the farm today, it was Baking apple, this one are cheapest ones are most ripe, but still good looking. There are non organic, but mostly better looking then from the organic supermarket the Baking Apple Sale. I think directly from farm is better tab just than organic. How do you think about this ?

The guy in the farmers shop asked me what I want to do with all this, if I want to make marmalade with it ?

I answered something like, "I eat a fruit based diet and until yet I bought most in Supermarket, but its too expensive for me an I like to buy local" The guy must think I am crazy.

It´s  a bit embarrassing .....

What do you answer to this question ? Saying that you eat a high carb diet, because you do a lot of sports ? I am not sure if anyone this understand.... 

People looking strange when I carried around all this fruit.

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Great answer! When I buy a lot of bananas, the checkout person inevitably asks if I'm making banana pudding and I usually laugh and kind of blow it off and say,"Oh, well, I drink a lot of smoothies!" But the longer I am hcrv and just found myself telling my husband how great I feel these days- haven't been sick since starting hcrv about 5 months ago- I really do feel great and I keep thinking of Freelee's running pants that say  "RAW" and "VEGAN"- a little more every day, I just want to shout it from the rooftops how AWESOME hvrv is, so I really like your answer. I have yet to go to a wholesaler for fruit and have wondered what I would say- instead of just referring to the diet, I like the "And I feel great!!" part!

Back when I first started buying a shopping cart full of nothing but fruits and vegetables as well as the occasional cart of nothing but bananas I would feel VERY awkward about all of the looks, questions, and comments that I would get over it and I was even starting to consider seeing if I could pay my older brother who would go shopping with me to actually go through the checkout with my stuff for me so I didn't have to deal with it anymore, but believe me when I say that I have grown to love the attention and now would and feel kind of disappointed if I went to stores and bought a ton of fruit and nobody even looked or asked me what I was doing...

To me it's a great opportunity to get people interested in eating more fruits and vegetables.  You never know what kind of an impact you can have on people simply by having them see you buying lots of healthy foods or by talking to them about your diet.   If people are looking at you live they've never seen anyone that eats lots of fruits and vegetables before than those people desperately need someone like you to show up in their life and inspire them to eat better.  You might be their only hope!  (Not trying to put pressure on you, just saying that if you are living a healthy lifestyle then simply being yourself can lead to positive changes in the life's of those around you.)

Absolutely! You expressed what I was trying to say in my other reply!! :)

Scenarios that happens when we go out and buy our fruit:

Scenario #1

Cashier: "These are a lot of banana's what are they for?"

Me: "to eat"

Cashier: "WOW you eat all of these?"

Us (me and boyfriend):"Yes."

Scenario #2

Cashier: "Thats a lot of banana's are you making banana Bread?"

Boyfriend: "We need to feed the monkeys"

Cashier: "oh cool you have a monkey?"

Me:"yes two of them and they love fruit"

Who cares what they think have fun with it its amazing how uneducated people are about eating healthy this is a good time to explain certain things or give websites to 30bananasaday.com or tell them about Freelee and Durianrider. Have fun enjoy the questions embrace it and take it as a way to teach another person about health.

Most of the time I just tell people I eat it.  It's true and it's simple.  If it's bananas I sometimes tell them smoothies.  That usually inspires people.  I've had people say "Oh that's such a good idea."  I tell them what other fruit I eat with it and most people nearly salivate over it. :)

dont be embarrassed:P

I usually tell people, "Well, I'm one of those crazy people that lives off of mostly fruit!" and then laugh maniacally while I flap my arms and pretend to fly through the rest of the farmers' market.  

I just say I eat them. Who gives a toss what they think...

Normally they say something like: You must really like bananas/kiwifruit/etc.

And I say: Yes, I do. You should try it sometime.

And then I walk off :-)

I say I'm a raw vegan, aka I eat a lotttt of fruit. Then they ask more, and I tell them more. :) I usually end up writing down Doug Graham's book and 30bad for them. :)
Remember, people will often pick up your feelings and feel the way you're projecting. If you answer embarrassed or ashamed, they'll feel embarrassed for you and like you have something to be ashamed about. But if you answer full of energy, vibrant, healthy, happy, kindly, then they'll more than likely think, "Wow! That's weird! But it's obviously working for him/her, gimme some of that fruit!"
They'll ask you questions about everything from protein to poop. Be prepared. :) Since you're new, just say you're newly into it, but that you feel great already. Be honest. :)

Don't ever be ashamed of your choices. Whether those choices are about your diet, your hobbies, interests, habits, etc. Please be happy to be you, because there is only one of you and only you can do that. There is no shame in being yourself!


I just say the fruit is for me to eat. I mean, that IS what it's there for. I have gotten some strange looks at the grocery store and a few comments about being a monkey for all the bananas I buy, but I just laugh along with it and try not to take it all too seriously. I don't really care what people think and I own my lifestyle. I've noticed that when people see you walking confidently and owning this lifestyle, they tend to not question you as much.

I just say "it's for eating" (I say this in a way as if it was totally natural, because what else should you do with fruit) and then, I enjoy how people react. :) E.g., sometimes they ask questions, and I answer them.

if Im hungry and don't feel like explaining myself Ill say that Im buying fruit for the staffroom at my job...always works ! if I have the energy (which I normally do) Ill simply say that Im gonna eat it all. people just raise their eyebrows in amazement and smile, cause they see me being all happy and energetic. Ive made quite a few grocery market-friends off of these encounters (and they are good to have, when you want to buy in bulk)

if they ask questions, always try to be positive and give them the lighter version of your diet instead of the 'cruelty-heartdisease-approach.' normally ill tell them that I like to run and bike, and this is the way to get the best energy. if they are really curious and ask about heath issues, ill tell them some more personal stuff, but this depends on the person, and their way of approaching me

ONCE I shopped on a friday night and these two semi-drunk girls were standing in line laughing at me really really loudly. they were obviously trying feel superior to me, but I was in such a good state of surplus that I ignored it while paying, and I was smiling and being my happy self. then, I waited for them outside of the super market, and I pulled them aside with a different tone to my voice. I wasn't being feisty or angry, I just needed to tell them how I felt about the situation and make them aware that it is any persons responsibility to take action when people are being cruel to one another, because everyone deserves to feel free in their society and that none should walk around unaware that their behavior is negativity affecting someone else's day.

they took this really well, they apologized and assured me that I had given them something to think about. so in a way, I did something good for both: them - they learned something, that someone probably hasn't had the guts to tell them in a proper way before

and: myself - since I managed to do this in a very mature judicious way

all in all, it ended up as a good experience :) I have to add, that on top of this I had the best run in a very long time. I was high off of taking action in a situation like this, haha. I am definitely ready to do it again if someone forces me to do so

good luck olaf !



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