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 Sometimes I just want to distance myself from the rest of the world. I am just fed up with how apathetic, ego driven, brainwashed, uncaring this world is. Everyday I think about the suffering on this planet. How do you deal with it? We have no vegan friends outside of the internet, I think it is time to move...

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I ask myself this all the time. I think I need to have faith in people that they can change for the better, after all, I did. and in the mean time try not to become bitter and hate people. find a way to laugh while also making changes. fighting for the good side is already making a great change. its still the hardest thing I face every day. I feel for you. it is not easy. at least I know it can get really rough 4 me

The only inner peace comes in "forgive them for they know not what they do".   We are all at different levels of consciousness.  Sometimes it takes a lifetime or several to really achieve a higher level of thinking.  If you don't believe me just look at how many people scoff at the evidence toward our cause.  So find your own inner peace, and by all means do whatever you feel is necessary to surround yourself with other people.  


Yeah, I was thinking that last night, "forgive them for they know not what they do".  I usually take this approach and feel mostly accepting of the differences in people.

I just had a terrible day/night of deep sadness. I cant get images out of my head of animals and people suffering. When I first went vegan I had this experience often. But this is the first time in so long. And there is this feeling of urgency like if a loved one or if your own child was in trouble but you could not get to them. And a feeling of hopelessness.

Even what we perceive the most cruelly we must look at as necessary.  It's like when I burned the shit out of my hand as a kid which led me to never doing that again.  That intense pain was necessary for me.  In my opinion the collective human consciousness of the world hasn't burned their hand enough metaphorically yet.  We still live in the dark ages, so we do the best we can.  You and I are already ahead of the curve so be happy about that.

It's a weird feeling sometimes. I feel probably how an enlightened person surrounded a Nazis would feel.
I dunno, it's ok to be upset and pissed off. But I try to look at the progress we've made and look to the future.
I do have this weird vision of me talking to an animal in a CAFO and feeling like a failure and that I've let the animals down.
When this happens, I remind myself I'm only one person, though I should try to make a difference. If I sell myself out and just try to go with the flow I won't like myself very much, and people respect/like you more if you stick to your guns rather than just agree with them.
I hope that wasn't too much of a ramble:)


sound undercarbed, or is it me?  HA

what you think about you attract... find something you appreciate in your here and now... and practice as often as you can

I totally feel ya on this topic.  It is definitely a daily struggle for every free thinker.  What allows me to be at peace with a world so brainwashed is knowing that I am following my heart.  Knowing that every day I do what I can to help the environment/animals/other people etc. warms my heart and helps me stay happy while thinking for myself amongst a crowd of people who do not think for themselves.

look at that 26% 24 and under! fantastic

I'm in one of the 1% group at the top...

damn I'm blessed!


know who you are and let the rest go.  

and find a nice vegan group, or start one.  



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