30 Bananas a Day!

How do women look longterm on this lifestyle? NO EXCEPTIONS! :)

This has been my experience observing  people on this lifestyle. People eventually get to a 2,3,4 or 8 no matter where they come from. For a 7 to become a 3 is going to take longer than a 0 to a 3.


2,3,4 or 8. NO EXCEPTIONS to the rule EVER lol! If you want more tone than flop then you just have to become a faster runner and be able to lift heavier objects. Dont worry, your not a man so your not going to become bigger unless your injecting testosterone like those female body buliders HAVE to.


Yeah I know some people will call 2,3 & 4 'FAT!' but they just have some mental issues they need to work out. ;) 


PS: 9 is 1000% on steroids. Just like the body rock chick on youtube.

Here is the scale for the fella's.

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I'm a 3 trying to be a 2 (just starting out)--or even just a more toned 3.

Between 2 and 8, I've lost weight in the right places and gained in the right places, if you know what I mean. ;)

8-1-1 has actually brought me back from the brink of disaster, I was on the brink of being emaciated after 2 years of undereating. It's also saved my kidneys, no joking.

I've been raw for four years and am a 2 or an 8...depending on how often I work out in a given week.  I have found that when you are raw and have gained the muscle mass it only takes a couple days to tone back up.  I personally feel my best when combining a raw diet with dance, yoga, or parkour...mostly because I have so much energy I don't want to stay still!

I'm not a number, I'm a hot ass woman that thrives on fruit and vegetables ;)

Seems like someone should be able to create a formula for exactly how long "long-term" is.  For example, your age times how many years you've eaten meat divided by how long you've been raw minus how many slip ups you've had since you started...etc.  Of course this is COMPLETELY made up and has no possible hope of being anywhere near correct.  Still, it would be nice to have a ball park idea of exactly how many months or years that I have to go before I will be able to achieve the 2, 3 or 8 (I don't really like the 4).

most definitely 1000% agree with you.It'd be nice if someone came up with an equation or something along them lines
I'd consider myself 5(chubby curvy)right now.I hope eventually one day to become a 3

I'm 170 cm tall, at my lowest I weighed 48 (due to illness and stress), at my highest I weighed around 100 kg! - When I started 811 I weighed 52, went to 58, and now I weigh just around 55-56 in the mornings... But I'm also getting pretty muscular on my thighs and OMG MY BOOBS ARE GROWING! 4 kg and I went up one, almost two cup-sizes :O OMG!

How do women look long term on this lifestyle? Like goddesses! ;)

I'm definitely a five plus a little and have been at it for about 3 years but still have setbacks and find it hard to deal with stress and all those foods that still surround me.  But getting better and fitter all the time.  Up to 16 bananas a day on a regular basis, fruit is my staple and now I love to exercise and sweat, whereas before I hated it.  Feeling better all the time, more energy, more positivity, and all these benefits I know will help me seal this deal someday.



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