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Hi all,

For years I never knew how many calories a day I was eating. Just ate until I was full. Now after some research, I'm impressed and baffled as to how anyone can eat that much. I struggle to get more than 1000. Interested in hearing other raw vegans' stories. Keep in mind, I'm trying to gain weight (preferably muscle).


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1. Fruitarian is entirely different from traditional raw vegan.  I've done raw vegan in the past...the best way I can describe it is that veggies are more dense.  After about three days on fruit, you'll understand how you can eat 3,000 calories a day because fruit is a pretty efficient food source.  Within a few weeks, even a watermelon isn't a challenge.  I can easily chug 32 ounces of water upon waking, which is something I always struggled with (always felt kinda full when I woke up - 8 ounces would make me feel bloated!), and I can drain 64 ounces if I really want to now.  It's an entirely different mode of operation for your body, that's the best way I can put it.  Give it a week with 100% fruit & see for yourself, that's really the only way to experience it.

2. Protein is protein.  The 80/10/10 diet is 10% protein, which is plenty to build muscle.  I have experienced zero loss of muscle since starting this program this past May.  What kind of physique are you going after?  That will help define what kind of workout program you should be on.  From your profile picture, you look like you have an endomorph body type (tall & skinny), so you're probably a hardgainer.  If you want a pre-made program, Anthony Ellis has a really good one (ignore the scammy-looking website, it's good information).  I started on it about 5 years ago when I got serious about doing bodybuilding as a hobby:


Personally I hate going to the gym & have grown very fond of calisthenics over the past few years (bodyweight-based workouts).  I have a friend who teaches the program & sells training DVD's here: (again, you'll have to get past the webpage design & music - it's high-quality information)


The best example of fruitarian bodybuilding I've ever seen is Chris Califano.  Check out this video:


There's a zillion ways to build muscle - do MMA, kettleballs, 5x5 Stronglifts, it all depends on what you like to do.  Personally I like to roll out of bed, do my workout, and be done - not have to go anywhere but my own bedroom, which is why calisthenics bodybuilding works well for me.  Also, fruit is super-lean (low fat), so you can get visibly shredded a lot easier without having to watch what you eat all the time.  One trainer I know eats 9 meals a day when competing & has to watch his intake of rice & bread, forget that!  Eat all the fruit you can handle & never worry about it, hahaha.

So welcome aboard, and ask away!

Well.. I open my mouth, put food in, chew thoroughly, and swallow. Repeat. :) Usually getting in twice this much by calories to cover for my activity level. Am weighing the edible portion on a digital kitchen scale. Getting in four meals a day, and the bananas/dates in a smoothie.

It's like that old eating an elephant saying (which of course we don't advocate).

Eat as much as you desire, focusing on the higher carb fruits as shown below, then just a few bites more.  Over many meals, these progressively increasing nibbles add up, as will your eating capacity, until 3K is no problem.  It doesn't need to happen over night, just stay the course.  

Keep in mind that once you've achieved this goal, 3K is just what we recommend for gents'  maintenance, and you may find that actually adding bodyweight may require even more cals.  Try adding an extra 200cals each week until you're seeing growth.  

Couple that with intense, equally progressive work in the gym or with calisthenics, and you'll begin to grow into your physique potential.  

High Calorie Fruits

Bored with bananas and dates? Then this great post by Ednshell will get you started with ideas for other calorie and nutrient dense fruits that are available and sometimes very affordable especially in Asian and other ethnic markets.  

Thanks for the link!

Thanks everyone!

I guess its just a matter of eating a little pass full everyday. I'm not use to a fruitarian diet. Usually if I were to eat nothing but fruit I would feel strange. I guess I don't have a sweet tooth. I'm use to a combination of fruits,veggies,nuts,legumes and seeds. I'll try to slowly shift the balance toward more fruits. Of course I could easily get 3000 calories eating mostly nuts and avocados but I feel super sluggish and can barley function doing that!

I'm wondering are there any health issues for an adult male with low calorie intake? I feel fine but I would like to be stronger and more energetic. As far as exercise, I do yoga but I like the idea of calisthenics at home.



 Eating 3000 raw calories is the easy part, the question is how raw vegans acquire 3000 calories every day without resorting to dried fruit =)



By eating fresh fruit? haha. It's not too terribly difficult.

I could easily smash down 3000 kcal from delicious mangoes. Hell, I could even easily get 5000 kcal from mangoes. lol.

IKR?! Haha, I get in half of those 3000 by eating a ex. large watermelon for breakfast. Mangos, bananas, dates, pineapple tops that even higher!

hmmm watermelon has 1500 calories? I can do that.

5kg of edible portion. Feasible to do when it's ripe and crispy. (-:

If you can get good mangoes they make a great meal and high calorie, too.

Honeydews are about 500 cals.

banana smoothies (with whatever, berries, cherries, peaches etc) are helpful if you like smoothies, you can get quite a few bananas in and make a 1000 meal easily.



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